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posted by Mp4girl
I was stoked for TDA, I really was. (Hehe. STOKED.) Lub Stoked T3T

Okay, back to the topic. So, I was surprised, but then it turns out that it was obvious. They didn't دکھائیں the TDDDDI until the season (TDI!) was way over, so it was unexpected. But when Chris introduced the دکھائیں at the beginning of TDI, he qualified that this was Season ONE. This was the first hint that there was gonna be a season 2.

But they did make things weird on here. First of all, they made it seem like Duncan and Gwen were starting to like eachother, but آپ never know. Duncan might be flirting with Gwen to make Trent jealous,...
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The 9 remaning castmates participate in another challenge. The contestants are forced into obstacle courses with natural disasters within them such as earthquakes, "volcano lava", and floods.
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posted by Courtneyfan6
(inside the girls trailer, Courtney wakes up immediately; she inhales deeply, then sighs and opens her window curtains)
Courtney: Good morning, day! (she begins to walk, but accidently steps on the سب, سب سے اوپر of her big toe) Oww! (falls over, but gets back up with her toe sore) I stubbed my toe! (Courtney cries profusely like a fountain, leaving a puddle surrounding her) I was walking around and I stubbed my toe! (later, Courtney walks into the شوچالی, واشروم and searches though her شرٹ, قمیض while humming; she picks one, but the wire hanger rips through the side) D'oh, that was my پسندیدہ shirt. (cries; later,...
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This might not be true, but most sites I see says this is.

Please don't get me wrong, I didn't see this episode yet.

And... the winner of Total Drama Action is...


And here's to prove it.

1. Beth isn't on TDM, not in the trailer at least, and if she already won, she wouldn't be competing for another million.

2. Beth doesn't look یا seem like the winning type, well, did Owen? No. So, I'm guessing that she wins.

3. Last time on TDI, a guy won, Owen. I think the producers would choose a girl to win this time.

4. Look at the campers who are left!
Courtney, Duncan, Lindsay, Harold. Courtney doesn't...
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(Audience Cheering)
soxfan89:And We're Back Here At Radio City موسیقی Hall. And Now Our اگلے Guest, Is A Girl Who آپ Know As Geoff's Girlfriend And The Surfer Chick. It's Bridgette!
(Audience Cheering And Clapping)
Bridgette:Hello, Radio City موسیقی Hall!
soxfan89:Hey Bridgette, Welcome To Our 1200 پرستار Special! How's Everything Going?
Bridgette:Very Well! I Can See Myself Being A Good Surfer. Kelly Slater, Eat Your دل Out!
(Audience Cheering)
soxfan89:Well Bridgette, How Was Your Short-Lived Experience On TDA?
Bridgette:Short-Lived Is A Good Way To Put It. I Felt Sorry For Myself About Being Eliminated...
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(Audience Cheering)
soxfan89:We're So Delighted That آپ Are Back Here At Radio City موسیقی Hall For Our Total Drama Action پرستار Club 1200 پرستار Special. And Now Let Us Welcome The Voice Of Gwen On TDA, Megan Fahlenbock!
(Audience Cheering And Guys Whistling And Hooting)
soxfan89:Hello, Megan.
Megan:Hi, soxfan89! How's It Going?
soxfan89:It Keeps Getting Better Because Of You!
Megan:You're So Sweet آپ Know That? (Places Lips On soxfan89)
soxfan89:Did I Enjoy That?
Megan:Yes. Yes آپ Did!
jaywiz45:soxfan's got a girlfriend, soxfan's got a girlfriend.
soxfan89:Shut It!
Megan:Leave Him Alone....
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posted by iloveduncan6
chris *has megaphone* campers come outside now!
everybody uhhhhhhhhhh
chris we have some packegas for you
everybody *opens there up but not chey*
chey ارے were is mine
chris yours will be at the lame o sine so go wait over there
chey ok
*3 min later*
chey ارے i know that sound it's my mototrcycle
chris yup but look who is on it
chey ok *looks up* jonsey!
jonsey ارے chey missed me
chey of course come on let me introudouce آپ to everybody
jonsey ok come on *pats front seat* آپ can still ride right
chey of course *gets on* this brings back memories
jonsey ok come on lets go
chey ok
everybody *stops looking at...
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posted by MidnightAngel45
The Adventure On Set - Part 1 (takes place after Ocean's Eight - یا Nine)

CHRIS. Last time on Total Drama Action the challenge was based on bank heist films! Before they could score some cold hard cash, the teams had to break Leshawna and Owen out of the vaults. Some tasty food smells helped Owen escape on his own, and when the Grips gained the lead, the Gaffers decided to ditch the bootylicious babe and اقدام on to the سیکنڈ part of the challenge. Duncan got the shock of his life when his ladylove, Courtney, showed up at the wicket, but the bigger surprise was when Little Miss C.I.T. landed...
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posted by iloveduncan6
chris: ok now that we are all here lets get started. the teams are chey and jonsey, courtney and duncan,and beth and justin. ok got that
everybody: cool!
chris: ok آپ have 10 منٹ to see what آپ are going to sing and...goooo!
chey: ok i was thinking about it and thought about our پسندیدہ دکھائیں family guy
jonsey: what does that have to do with this?
chey: آپ know when stewie and brian went to all thoes places,then they had went in the future. then they saw meg and she was hot.
jonsey: yes. so where is this going?
chey: ok ill skip to the point. they had sang drop dead legs. so maby آپ can sing...
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posted by CourtneyGirl
(Courtney, Gwen, and Brigette all sit down to gether)

Gwen:Hey Courtney, where were آپ today in first period?

Courtney: Oh well me and Duncan just pulled a prank is all.

Brigette: And آپ of all people skiped class to pull a prank on the FIRST دن OF SCHOOL!!!!

Courtney: Well i tried not to but when he is looking at آپ with thoes big blue eye......

Gwen: OK OK we get it lets change the subject quickly the guys are comeing.

Guys: ارے girls

Geof: Ok school is really a bummer آپ have to like sit down and be quiet and like not even talk at all.

Brigette: (in a playfull way) aawww baby is it that...
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(Audience Cheering)
soxfan89:And We're Back Here At Radio City موسیقی Hall Celebrating 1200 شائقین In The Total Drama Action پرستار Club. Next, We're Interviewing The Voice Of Duncan On TDA. Please Welcome, Drew Nelson!
(Audience Cheering and Clapping)
Drew:Hey, soxfn89! How's It Going?
soxfan89:Drew, My Man! It's So Good To Have آپ Here On This Special Night.
Drew:I Look Really Sharp-Dressed.
soxfan89:Yes, آپ Do!
Drew:Of Course, It's The Same Tuxedo I Wore On Prom Night.
soxfan89:Interesting. Well, Tell Us About How Total Drama Action Really Made آپ Who آپ Are Today!
Drew:Well, I Was Selected As Duncan's...
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