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obssesedTDIgirl posted on Sep 19, 2011 at 03:02AM
An RP with mythical creatures! We go to a normal school, but all need to keep our idenity a secret. When you join, please fill this out for any official characters you use!

Creature: (witch, vampire, angel, human, ect)

1. Don't be a jerk!
2. Don't exclude or ignore people, that's rude
3. Keep it pretty clean, but if you really have the need to swear, star* it out.
4. At most, it can be PG-13
5. Please no Mary-Sues or Ravens please!
6. You don't need ask to join, JUST JOIN!
7. This RP doesn't revolv around you, so dot just barge into conversations, unless you ask.
8. No killing other people's OC unless you ask theyr owner

I'm gonna keep track to the characters in this RP

1. Josh Masters-Human (obssesedTDIgirl)
2. Naomi Fire-(Bad)Vampire (obssesedTDIgirl)
3. Rory Swan-Evil Witch (princess2109)
4. Mitzey-Cater (smartone123)
5. Nina-Shifter (smartone123)
6. Jade-Vampire (smartone123)
7. Riley-Immortal Good Witch (colecutegirl)
8. Alex-Vampire (colecutegirl)
9. Dahvie-Human (colecutegirl)
10. Pixie-Angel/Bender (colecutegirl)
11. Rochelle-Werewolf (Seastar4374)
12. Cole Jericho-Electromancer (dxarmy423)
13. Alice Markhov-Chronomancer (dxarmy423)
14. Kelsey Masters- Mermaid (obssesedTDIgirl)
15. Chris-Tlelmancer (dxarmy423)
16. Katie-Vampire (Strawberry0020)
17. Christian-Human (Strawberry0020)
18. Lance-Human (Strawberry0020)
19. Claire Barreta-Cryomancer (dxarmy423)
20. Evangeline-Vampire (Strawberry0020)
21. Torion-Fire/Water/Earth/Air Bender (obssesedTDIgirl)
22. Scott-Vampire (Strawberry0020)
23. Lust- 1/7 Deadly Beings (dxarmy423)
24. Envy- 1/ Deadly Beings (dxarmy423)
25. Bryan- Wizard (obssesedTDIgirl)
26. Tomoyo- Vampire (Strawberry0020)

You name will be added to the list as you join :)
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
~The Hall~
Scott: Oh well maybe I should go talk to her...
~Katie's room~
Katie: *To Rexie, still mumbling through her pillow* Please don't...
Hazel: *Lets herself in* Katie?
Christian: I am so sorry...
Katie: *Mumbling through pillow* It's fine...
Christian: *Sighs* You know, maybe we can go out or something tomorrow after school, get your mind off of things?
Katie: *Mumbling through pillow* I don't wanna...
Christian: Oh... Well are you gonna be okay?
Hazel: *Sits on the bed cross-legged*
Katie: *Mumbling through pillow* Sure...
Christian: *Sits down besides Rexie and Hazel* Well, It's a movie. It might be fun! What if Dante's a really nice guy? You know, maybe better than Scott?
Katie: *Mumbling through pillow* Usually 'better' guys always come with a catch.
Hazel: Eh, true. But what if he really is?
Katie: *Mumbling through pillow* Well I don't know! It won't last. What's the point in really being so concerned about it if he's just another guy?
Christian: Meaning?
Katie: *Mumbling through pillow* Meaning: He's just like all the other week-long relationships.
Christian: Oh...
Hazel: That's very true, but pretty cold too.
Katie: *Mumbling through pillow* Well the truth hurts. Finding an actual Nice guy is a one in a million thing now of days.
Scott: *Getting ready to knock on the door and overhears what Katie's saying* Is that what she thinks of me? Did I really hurt her that bad? <=(
Katie: *Mumbling through her pillow* In this world you can kiss as many a**es as possible and never get thanked for it. You love someone as much as your heart can stand and never end up with a happy ending. It doesn't matter anymore to me.
Christian: You don't mean that...
Hazel: Aw...
Katie: ...
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*In the Hall*

Dante: *sees Scott* oh hey scott *hears Katie talking*

Dante: *sighs* look scott, its not like I tried to steal her from you

Dante: when I asked her to go to the movies, I didn't even know you liked her

Dante: look if it would make both of you feel better, you can go to the movies with katie

*In the Lounge*

Chris: *playing Xbox* yeah Im so winning

Claire: *playing Xbox* *kills chris's character* nope guess not

Alice and Cole: *laugh*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Scott: It doesn't matter... She hates me anyway. Have fun. *Walks away*
~Katie's room~
Katie: *Sitting at a vanity table*
Christian: Oh My God! You're going to look so cute!
Katie: Sure...
Christian: Aw, don't be so mean!
Katie: I'm not. You're just being excessive.
Hazel: Ah, whatever. Just relax...
Katie: *Sarcastically* Yeah okay, I'll just sit here relaxed when Christian is nearly brushing out half of my hair...
Christian: *Smirks and keeps brushing*
Hazel: I wonder what the guys are doing...
Katie: Can we please not talk about this now?
Hazel: Well are you ever gonna talk to Scott again?
Katie: *Shrugs* I highly doubt he's ever gonna talk to me. I do feel bad though.
Christian: It's not your fault sweetheart. At least you didn't start babbling like an idiot like you usually did when you first started talking to Scott.
Katie: *Sarcastically* Oh teehee. That's hilarious... *Slumps down in the chair*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*In the Hall*

Dante: *hears katie talking* I can't do this *texts Katie saying that he is busy and can't go to the movies*

*In the Lounge*

Cole: *asleep on the couch*

Alice: *watching tv but keeps looking back at cole every few seconds*

Claire: Alice calm down, he's not gonna go into another coma

Alice: *sighs* I'm just worried

Claire: he's a big boy, he can handle stuff by himself

Alice: yeah

Chris: your supposed to be his girlfriend, not his mom *laughs*

Alice: oh your hilarious *sarcastic*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Looks at text* Oh well I'm gonna go take a nap...
Christian: Why?
Katie: Dante's busy, and can't go.
Hazel: Oh well that's disappointing to hear.
Katie: *Shrugs* Well it probably would have been fun, but I'm not in the mood. *Goes to lay down in her bed* Wake me up in about an hour or so, so we can probably talk or something. Now everybody get out, I gotta change.
*They all leave*
~The hall~
Christian: *Bumps into Scott* Hey!
Scott: *Keeps walking*
Hazel: Scott, can you please just give Katie a chance! She thinks you hate her!
Scott: I thought she was the one the hated me!
Christian: You've got it all wrong!
Scott: Should I go talk to her?
Hazel: I guess...
Christian: *Laughing* Run Scottie, Run!
Scott: *Running*
Hazel: Hey isn't Katie changing?
Christian: Yeah. There's locks on the doors right?
Hazel: Not her room... *Trying not to laugh*
Christian: *Running* STOP SCOTTIE, STOP!
Hazel: *Laughing*
~Katie's room~
Katie: *Buttons shirt*
Scott: *Randomly barges in* HEY YOU IN HERE?
Katie: *Startled* ACK! *Throws pillow at Scott's face with all her might*
Scott: *Falls backwards*
Christian: Oh, never mind it's too late! Now I'm gonna have to kill you pervert! >=D
Scott: No, she's clothed!
Katie: Clothed?! ಠ_ಠ
Christian: Oh... *Looks around a bit awkwardly* SEEYA! *Takes off running*
Hazel: Later! *Takes off running* Hey! Wait for me!
Katie: *Face palms and shakes her head*
Scott: Hey...
Katie: *Turns off the lights* Okay, fine I'm sorry. *Lays down* I'm going to bed early tonight...
Scott: Wait...
Katie: What?
Scott: *Kisses Katie*
Katie: Holy...
Christian: Oh hey, I forgot my brush and I- ಠ_ಠ Oh... Oh okay... *Walks back*
Scott: I'm sorry. You shouldn't be... I never knew you were actually that shy!
Katie: *Trying not to babble and stutter like an idiot like what Christian said she always does* Well I-I-I OKAY! It's perfectly fine with me. ^^ I'm just gonna go to sleep now...
Scott: *Talking a bit fast* Are you still afraid? I'm sorry I caught you off guard... I just thought it was now or never you know? *Blushing, A bit embarrassed*
Katie: *Blushing* Oh... It's fine! I swear...
Scott: Goodnight! *Runs out and shuts the door*
~The hall~
Scott: *Still blushing, a bit confused*
Lance: Hey, why are you so red?
Scott: ...
Lance: Ah, whatever. Seeya later, I'm going to bed.
~Katie's room~
Katie: ಠ_ಠ
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*In the Lounge*

Dante: *sits down on the couch next to hazel* this seat taken? *kinda depressed*

Cole: *sleeping on the couch next to alice*

Alice: ugh cole move over *pushes him*

Cole: *asleep, accidently slaps alice in the face*

Alice: ugh! *pouts*

*In the Kitchen*

Chris: *bending spoons with his mind* there that makes 5 spoons

Claire: Impressive
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Evangeline: *Sees that Dante looks sad and gets upset with Katie*
Hazel: Um... no actually. What's wrong with you?
~The hall~
Christian: *Humming walking down the hall*
Scott: *Turns around and sees Christian*
Christian: *Sees Scott and turns around and starts walking faster*
Scott: WAIT!
Christian: I'M TELLING DANTE! *Walk turns into a run*
Scott: DON'T! *Tackles Christian*
Christian: AH!
Scott: Don't! If you do I- I don't what will happen!
Christian: Ugh! Let go of me!
Scott: I don't even know if Katie likes me! I mean, I feel like I stole her first kiss from her, but she wanted to right?
Christian: *Shrugs* Even though you weren't her first...
Scott: What?
Christian: *Getting ready to take off running again*
Scott: *Grabs the hood of his hoodie* What do mean I wasn't her first?
Christian: I didn't say anything!
Evangeline: *Pops in* Of course you did! Scott wasn't Katie's first kiss!
Scott: You knew about this?
Evangeline: Of course!
Scott: Tell me who it was!
Christian: I'd rather not...
Scott: TELL ME!
Christian: *Sighs* I warned you... It was Lance.
Scott: LANCE?!
Evangeline: Hmm. Don't you think Katie doesn't want to kiss you because she's too busy sucking face with Lance?
Christian: Evangeline stop it...
Evangeline: But don't you notice that sometimes it's just Lance and Katie hanging out. You can't say there was never a time when Katie and Lance went somewhere alone...
Christian: ...
Evangeline: Exactly. I bet Lance is sitting in the lounge laughing right now...
Scott: She was lying this whole time! None of that "I'm so shy" crap was true! *Starts walking fast back towards the lounge*
Christian: Scott, it was a long time ago! Evangeline is just kidding around!
Evangeline: *Slyly grinning* That's what you get when you mess with my brother's feelings...
~The lounge~
Scott: *walking really fast towards Lance*
Lance: Oh! Guess what I beat your score, dude!
Scott: *Ignores Lance and punches him in the face*
Lance: AH! *Nose bleeding*
~Katie's room~
Katie: *Asleep*
Christian: *Barges in and turns on the lights* Katie! Scott and Lance are fighting!
Katie: *waking up, rubbing her eyes* What?
Christian: Scott just walked in a punched Lance in the face! Hurry!
Katie: Oh my god... *Gets out of the bed and starts running towards the lounge*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*In the Lounge*

Cole: *sleeping through the fight*

Alice: what the f*** scott!

Dante: *jumps from the couch and tackles Scott* *Puts scott in a full nelson*

Dante: scott! Calm down! what the hell was that for!

*In the Kitchen*

Chris: did you hear that?

Claire: sounds like a fight!

Chris: lets go see!
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
~The lounge~
Katie: *Pulls Dante away* Stop it! All of you!
Lance: *Gets up and punches Scott in the face*
Katie: Lance, CUT IT OUT!
Scott: *pushes Lance and makes him fall through a table*
Katie: *Screams at the top of her lungs* STOP! You are all idiots, stop it right now! Why are you fighting? You guys are supposed to be my friends!
Scott: I'm not...
Katie: What?
Scott: I heard, you're nothing but a heartless wench!
Katie: What are you talking about?
Scott: You know what I'm talking about!
Katie: I-
Scott: So that's the reason why you don't want to kiss me, Huh? You lied! I am not your first kiss!
Katie: Who told you that?
Christian: *Looks away*
Katie: You told him?!
Christian: He forced me to!
Katie: *Face palms*
Lance: You're an a**hole Scott. Get your S*** together! You screwed over many girls and you're judging her! You're an idiot, the biggest hypocrite I've ever met in my whole life you douche!
Scott: Shut the f*** up!
Katie: It was a long time ago!
Scott: I bet you still do, Don't you?!
Katie: I don't!
Scott: Whatever why should I believe you?! You already lied to my face!
Katie: It was in the friggin eighth grade! It was a truth or dare game!
Scott: So you played truth or dare! Who else did you kiss?
Katie: Nobody, and it's none of your damn business if I did!
Scott: Whatever. I'm not gonna waste my time chasing after you anymore. *Walks out*
Katie: *Walks out the other door*
~Sebastian's study~
Katie: You called?
Sebastian: Ah yes... have a seat.
Katie: *Sits down*
Sebastian: I have arranged you with a session for you with highly advanced vampire in Tokyo, Japan... But I still need you and your mother's permission.
Katie: I don't know...
Sebastian: Did I mention, hot springs, barely any villains, and everything is already paid for? It would be a perfect getaway for you don't you think?
Katie: *Thinking about all that's been going on* I guess you're right. But I'll think about it.
~Later on that night~
Katie: *Talking on the phone with her mom* Yeah the flight leaves at 8:00 am tomorrow morning. I should be gone a month or so...
Joetta: *Through the phone* Okay, if it's what you need to do to level up, It's fine with me. Stop by the house and I'll have suit cases full of clothes waiting here for you, okay? Call often and send me letters okay?
Katie: Okay. I love you ma, bye! *Hangs up*
~Four o'clock in the morning outside of the mansion when everyone's asleep~
Katie: Please don't tell anyone I'm gone, okay? They'y worry too much and I don't want to get caught up in drama anymore okay?
Sebastian: I'll keep my lips sealed. *Smiles and waves goodbye to Katie*
Katie: *Waves and gets in a limo, that's escorting her to her house*
~8 o'clock am at the airport~
Katie: *Afraid to get on the plane, but gets on anyway*
Little kid: *Sitting quietly coloring in a coloring book*
Katie: *Clenching the seat's elbow rest*
*Final Destination (the first one with the airplane crash) Comes on*
Katie: Oh boy...
~The mansion, Sebastian's study~
Sebastian: *Writing*
Lance: Where's Katie? I wanna check on her...
Sebastian: You tell me and we'll both know. *Blank expression, assuring Lance he isn't lying*
Lance: Oh...
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*The Next Day* *In the Lounge* *10:30am*

Dante: *to hazel* about yesturday, I was just a little sad cause I cancelled my date with Katie

Dante: then scott went on a rampage and now its like we all hate each other

*In the Kitchen*

Cole and Alice: *kiss*

Cole: well good morning

Alice: yeah you too

Cole: so whats for breakfast?

Alice: what ever you cook

Cole: awww

*In Chris's room*

Chris: *sleeping* *Lifting up stuff with his mind, in his sleep*


Claire: *walking around* *sighs* its way to peaceful out here

*In the desert*

Vampire 3: *returns to the rogues base* I found them!

Rogue Boss: who?

Vampire 3: mystical people for our sacrifice!
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک aprilacne said…
Levi:*doing push ups in the lounge*One thousend five one thousend six one thousend eight one thousend nine, two thousend!*jumps up*A new record!Ha, beat that Jack!
Rexie:*fixing a car that she stole*
Amy:*still in the garden* *sleeping in her viper form*

پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک aprilacne said…
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Name: Tomoyo
Age: 16 (and a half)
Creature: Vampire, advanced and a trainer

~Tokyo, Hot spring's main lobby~
Katie: I'm an accomplice of Sebastian. I'm the one staying here for training...
Owner: Ah, Ms. McDawn? *English isn't really good*
Katie: Yes.
Owner: I show you to your room! *Calls in tourist* Sanae! Show american lady room!
Tourist: Yes sir.
~Top floor~
Katie: Holy crap! this is awesome! =O *Looking out of the window where the water fall is displayed*
Tourist: Yes. *Perfect English* It's very beautiful! I must leave now, but you may also notify me if you need assistance.
Katie: 'Kay. Thanks! ^^
Tourist: *Leaves*
~An hour later~
Katie: *Asleep*
*Someone knocks on the door*
Katie: Ugh. *Gets up and answers the door, rubbing her eyes* Hello? *Yawns*
Tomoyo: *A bit nervous* May I speak with Katherine McDawn?
Katie: This is her.
Tomoyo: Really? I kinda expected you to be a bit older, and scarier. *Laughs a bit*
Katie: Okay... What do you need?
Tomoyo: I'm Tomoya Furukawa. I'll be your trainer...
Katie: ಠ_ಠ You're... My trainer... Exactly how old are you?
Tomoyo: 16... and a half You?
Katie: 15... and a half. Aren't there any older trainers?
Tomoyo: Yeah, but Sebastian thought it would be a better idea if you had a trainer closer to your age group, and I speak english the best.
Katie: Really Sebastian?
Tomoyo: Lets get started shall we?
Katie: This is gonna be too easy...
Katie: *Being pelted with kidney beans* OW!
Tomoyo: 8Throwing dry kidney beans at Katie in super speed* COME ON YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT!
Katie: Ow, Ow, OW!
Tomoyo: *Sighs* Quick break okay? Come here.
Katie: *Walks over, frustrated*
Tomoyo: You need to channel all of your energy into breathing.
Katie: What?
Tomoyo: Breathing. When you inhale slowly time moves slower try it. *Throws another bean at Katie*
Katie: *Inhales slowly and catches it*
Tomoyo: Not bad, but not good either. You're still a bit slow.
Katie: -_-
~The mansion~
Lance: *Walks past Scott acting like he's not there*
Evangeline: Hey everyone! What are we having for breakfast?
Hazel: Aw, don't feel so bad. There's bound to be another chance, she was just stressed out is all.
~Tokyo training area~
Katie: *Speed punching a test dummy*
Tomoyo: Come on! Only fifty more hits!
Katie: *Punches faster*
tomoyo: Ten seconds left, you can do it!
Katie: *Finishes knocking the dummy's head off*
Tomoyo: Yeah! That's what I'm talking about!
Katie: *Out of breath*
Tomoyo: That's it for today.
Katie: Thank god!
 Name: Tomoyo Age: 16 (and a half) Creature: Vampire, advanced and a trainer ~Tokyo, Hot spring's mai
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*In the mansion, In the lounge*

Dante: *to hazel* Actually I was wondering if you wanted to see a movie? I still got the tickets

*In the Kitchen*

Cole: *takes frozen waffles out of the fridge* ehh *hits the waffles with lightning to cook them*

Alice: weirdo


Chris: hey claire did you see katie anywhere today?

Claire: nope, I haven't seen her for like two days

Chris: wonder where she went
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
~Tokyo, Tomoyo's house~
Tomoyo: *Being nice again* Want something to eat?
Katie: ಠ_ಠ Uh sure... *Creeped out* What is this kid... Bi polar?! Just a second ago, he trained me so much I nearly broke my arms and legs...And now he's asking me if I want something to eat with a smile on his face?!
~The diner~
Katie: *Staring out of the window drinking a smoothie*
Tomoyo: So why did you actually want to come here anyway?
Katie: *Shrugs a bit* I just wanted to get away from everything I guess. Too much has been going on and I'm one of the weakest vampires out of everyone I know. I just can't afford to lose a fight or else I'm a goner.
Tomoyo: Well it is kinda nice to get away. It's way peaceful here than it is in America... But we have been spotting a few other immortals too.
Katie: Oh. *A bit worried still*
Tomoyo: But don't worry, when your training is done you'll be able to fight really good!
Katie: *Shrugs* Eh.
Tomoyo: Are you getting a job?
Katie: I don't know. I'm not good with Japanese.
Tomoyo: It'll be fine. All you need to know is how to greet people and understand what they're ordering.
Katie: I'll try.
Tomoyo: And in a lot of people in Tokyo speak English.
Katie: Really?
Tomoyo: Yup! ^^ Some people are either American or mixed between Japanese and American.
Katie: Hmm, I didn't know that. *Less worried*
~The mansion's dining hall~
Hazel: *Sits down* Hmm... Maybe just for fun. I have a boyfriend already. ^^
~Five minutes later~
*Nobody's talking*
Lance: *Eating* ...
Hazel: *Looking around* ...
Christian: *Eating* So... has anyone seen Katie?
Scott: *Ignores Christian*
Lance: *Shakes head*
Hazel: *Shrugs*
Evangeline: Hmm, No idea actually. ^^
Christian: Where could she have went? I stopped by her house and every time she says she's gone, but she never tells me where.
Sebastian: *Eating proper and fancy like, but isn't talking* So... Scott, have you talked to her about becoming partners, you know for training?
Scott: *Shakes head* No. *Serious* And I don't plan on doing so.
Lance: *Getting a bit upset*
Christian: Wow... *Sarcastically*
Scott: Why don't you shut up and eat?
Christian: Why don't you grow up and get over yourself?
Scott: Says the supposed 'best friend' who started this mess.
Christian: Says the douchebag that's crying over a simple mistake that happened two years ago. You're a baby.
Scott: Oh yeah? Well you're a glee princess wanna be.
Christian: *Looks away*
Lance: Shut the F*** up Scott! You had your chance and screwed it up. You cheated on that one chick last year, and you're getting pissed off over one stupid little kiss from a truth or dare game! You're a punk!
Scott: That was a stupid rumor you idiot! I bet you two are always sucking face!
Lance: First off you a**hole, that one chick Rachel took a picture of it... And second you must be the biggest dummy in the world, why would I kiss her if I'm not even dating her! You're to dumb to even realize she liked you! That's probably why she isn't coming outside or to school! You made her seem like she was a cheater.
Scott: You know what?
Sebastian: *Wearing a blank expression, trying not to tell him why she's actually gone* I'll have to come up with a cover-up story right away... Please no more fighting gentlemen, you have already destroyed enough furniture in the estate. Ms. McDawn was not joking when she said there was drama going on. It's probably best I don't tell them until she's comfortable with me doing so...
Lance: *Gets up and leaves*
Scott: *Leaves through another door*
Hazel: Whoa. That harsh what Scott said... He usually isn't that mean...
Christian: *Mad* I'm going for a walk before I go to school... *Gets up and leaves*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*At the mansion, In the dining hall*

Dante: *head desks* she already has a boyfriend

Dante: *to hazel* *sighs* yeah just for fun -_-

Claire: ugh too much stress! I'm out of here *walks outside*

Chris: *to Sebastian* hey next time control your freaks *follows claire*

Cole: woah

Alice: I'm not going to school today

Cole: why?

Alice: I'm taking a little trip

Cole: where?

Alice: you'll see *walks to her room*

Cole: *confused* wait what! *walks out of the room*


Chris: claire are you ok?

Claire: this is way to stressful

Chris: I know but hopefully everything will be back to normal

Claire: It's not gonna, everybody hates each other now

Chris: yeah seems like it

Claire: lets ditch them

Chris: huh?

Claire: I wanna go back to my home town

Chris: you going back to Alaska? Really?

Claire: why not, its better than here *walks to her car*

Chris: wait I wanna go to! *run to the car*

*In the Hall by Alice's room*

Cole: so whats your plan

Alice: gonna go to Stonehenge

Cole: why?

Alice: ok here is your history lesson for the day, Stonehenge was used by the druids as an ancient calender

Cole: ok?

Alice: so If I use my magic there, I can find anybody anywhere

Cole: and your gonna use your magic to find Katie

Alice: you are smart after all aren't you

Cole: yeah....hey!
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
~Tokyo, the hotel~
Katie: *Just getting in from work at the diner* Ugh... *Plops down on the couch on her stomach* I'm exhausted. *The hotel room's phone rings and she answers it* Hello?
Sebastian: *Through the phone* Ms. McDawn how are you liking Tokyo?
Katie: It's nice, besides work and training...
Sebastian: *Through the phone* Splendid! I have spoken to your mother, and she's worried about your education. She wants you to attend school.
Katie: Aw, really?
Sebastian: *Through the phone* Yes. I have no other choice but to send you to school... But you'll like it. You'll be going to the same high school I went to. Mr. Furukawa goes there as well, so he'll show you around. And also... did you look in your closet?
Katie: ಠ_ಠ Look in my closet? I don't think I want to look in my closet... There's no telling what happened in her before I came.
Sebastian: *Through the phone* I assure you there's nothing dreadful in there. Just look.
Katie: O-Okay... *Opens closet door and sees five school uniforms and three kimonos* Whoa.
Sebastian: *Through the phone* Yep. Tomoyo will show you around monday, then you'll start school Tuesday. For now, I'm enrolling you in school.
Katie: *Sighs* Okay... -.-
Sebastian: *Through the phone* I'll stop by and visit somewhere this week to check on your progress... For now, take care!
Katie: Bye... *Hangs up*
~The mansion~
Christian: *Walks back in*
Sebastian: Everyone I'd like to make an announcement!
Lance: What?
Sebastian: I have just called Katherine's mother and she has told me that Ms. McDawn is visiting her father out of town.
Lance: Oh good. now we know where she is! Her father?
Christian: Oh. That's odd...
Hazel: Yay! She's safe! *Not skeptical*
Scott: *Walks out of the door to walk to school*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*At the Mansion*

Dante: wait..whats so weird about her visiting her father?

*On the Highway*

Claire: *driving*

Chris: so do you know how long it will take to get to Alaska

Claire: IDK but on the highway maybe 10 hours, if we take the direct route

Chris: *sighs* what ever, do you think anybody notices we're gone

Claire: nope, I don't even want to hear about the others

Chris: Sebastian proboly knows where we are

Claire: I don't care, if he finds us I'll kick his ass

*At the Airport* *At Security*

Alice: *puts her backpack on the scanner*

Cole: *goes through the metal detector*

Alice: so don't you feel bad for leaving dante with the psychos

Cole: nope, he was greed, one of the baddest people on earth plus if anything goes wrong evangeline is there

Alice: do you realise what you just said

Cole: yeah -_-

Intercom: First flight to england will be boarding in 5 minutes

Cole: lets go

Alice: yeah we shouldn't miss our flight
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک aprilacne said…
*at the airport*

Amy:*still in her viper form* *in rexie's backpack*


Jane:I have a bad thing with hights so you can go...

Levi:*wings spred out* *grabs jane and rexie*

Jane:*grabs alice*

Rexie:Good idea Jane!*grabs cole*First time flyers

Levi:Hold on!*starts flying*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
(@aprilacne: They were at the airport by themselves, sorry but Im gonna ignore that post)
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
big smile
(@Dxarmy423: You can't just ignore someone's post because it's not what you wanted to be posted. I mean come on, do you really expect two people to be at an airport? XD It's like you ignore half of her posts, this is an open RP meaning any problems or suggestions should be discussed in private so it'll work out just fine.
@Aprilcane: Maybe you should introduce yourself to the situation in a less physical way. I bet if you were on a plane and someone popped in out of nowhere and grabbed you, you would probably beat the living crap outta them! XD It's kinda rude to cut someone off- especially when there's something big going on, so just ask what's going on first and then present your character in the proper way, by making an entrance first. =)

...But this in a RP that obssesedTDIgirl made and she wants us to follow the rules and not to let the RP die just because people are annoying each other because nobody's following the rules. I'm just telling you, EVERYONE should be included... as long as they're not douchebags. Lol saying, no hard feelings right? =))
~After school~
Lance: *Spaced out* She went to visit her dad? She hasn't seen him since she was like... I dunno, six?! I know Joey wouldn't let her go to her dad's house after all the crap he put them both through.
Christian: *Spaced out, walking* I know Mrs. Miller would never let Katie visit her dad so easily. And I know Katie would never randomly decide to go see him, I mean... She doesn't talk to him over the phone! Something's going on. *Bumps into Lance* Oh, I'm sorry... *Looks concerned*
Lance: You've been thinking about it too?
Christian: Yeah, it sounds strange doesn't it?
Lance: I know. Maybe we should go see if she's okay...
Christian: I'm worried too. I can borrow my mom's car and drive to Detroit but we can't tell her we're going that far.
Lance: Okay.
Christian: I'll go get Hazel.
Lance: *Nods*
~The mansion~
Sebastian: *Talking to Katie's mom* Yes Mrs. Miller, I told the kids she was visiting her father.
Joetta: *Through the phone* What? I'm not sure that's a good idea...
Sebastian: Why not?
Joetta: *Through the phone* Me and Katie haven't talked to Raymond in ten years. Katie never talks to him.
Sebastian: I am terribly sorry Mrs. Miller...
Joetta: *Through the phone* It's fine. Thank you... *Hangs up*
~Tokyo, The Hotel~
Katie: *Studying trying to catch up to what the new school is learning*
Tomoyo: *Sitting on the floor playing with a pen cap, tutoring Katie*
Katie: Okay, I got it!
Tomoyo: Good. Now you round off that number to the nearest whole number.
Katie: So it would be 328.
Tomoyo: Yup!
Katie: I think I got it now! *Excited*
Tomoyo: Also, don't forget to take a notebook to each class. You need to take a lot of notes.
Katie: Okay. Thanks!
Tomoyo: *Gets up grabs book bag and walks towards the door* Seeya tomorrow at training, so don't stay up too late.
Katie: 'Kay, bye!
Tomoyo: *Leaves*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*On the Highway to Alaska, At a rest stop*

Claire: *sleeping in the passenger seat*

Chris: *outside the car* *calls Dante* hey Dante can you cover for us?

Dante: *on the phone* what did you do now?

Chris: *on the phone* me and claire are going to alaska

Dante: *on the phone* Alaska? WTF?

Chris: *on the phone* claire wanted to go back to her home town

Dante: *on the phone* man you are whipped

Chris: *on the phone* shut up -_- ....Anyway can you cover for us I'm sure if Sebastian found out we ditched training he'd hunt us like animals

Dante: *on the phone* IDK, its pretty chaotic here, Scott and Lance are still ready to kill each other

Chris: *on the phone* yeah I bet, ok I gotta go later *turns off phone*

*On the Plane to England*

Cole: so are you sure about finding Katie?

Alice: the powers of Stonehenge are unlimited, we can find anywhere anytime

Cole: great but does she even want us to find her

Alice: no idea but the faster we find her, the faster we stop scott and lance from killing each other

Cole: Agreed
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
~Detroit MI~
Christian: *Tired, still driving around and stops by a random person* Excuse me... But do you know Raymond Mathews?
???: Raymond Mathews? Him oh you haven't heard?
Lance: Heard what?
???: He's in jail!
Christian: What?
???: Mhmm. Bank robbery...
Lance: Thank you ma'am!
~At the prison~
Christian: *Scared*
Lance: *Walks up to a guard* Excuse me but have you seen Katherine McDawn? She should be on Raymond Matthew's guest list.
Guard: *Checks list* Nope I don't see her.
Christian: Can we hurry up an leave?!
Lance: *Ignores Christian* Are you sure?
Guard: *Shows him the list*
Lance: Oh...
Christian: Oh, thanks anyway! Have a nice day! *Takes off running*
~Lance's house~
Christian: Bye!
Lance: *Waves and goes in his house*
Christian: *Drives away* Katie, where could you be? *Calls Alice to see if she's seen Katie anywhere*
Katie: *Puts math book on the shelf and gets ready for bad* This isn't so bad after all. But they're gonna find out sooner or later... *Turns off lamp and lays down* But what if they do... Will they hate me? *Pulls cover up to her face and goes to sleep*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*In Juno, Alaska*

Chris: *parks the car* finally we're here

Claire: *wakes up* *yawns* its so nice to be back where I grew up

Chris: well what should we do first

Claire: find my house, I still have the key somewhere

Chris: oh thats good -_-

*At Lances house*

Dante: *gets inside through an open window* dude seriously lock your windows!

*On the Plane to England, In the air*

Captain: it is now ok to use cell phones and other electronic devices

Cole: *listening to his Ipod*

Alice: *answers her phone* hello?
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
~Lance's house~
Lance: *Sees Dante* AHH! Dude, what the-? Don't do that!
~Christian's house~
Christian: *On the phone with Alice* Have you seen Katie anywhere? We went to her dad's place and we found out he was in jail. We even went to the prison and she wasn't even on her dad's guest list!
~Tokyo, The hotel~
Katie: *Wakes up at 4:00 in the morning to get ready for training*
~Tomoyo's place~
Katie: *Walks to the backyard* I'm here!
Tomoyo: *Jumps off of the roof towards Katie* AHHHH! *War cry*
Katie: *Gasps, slowing down time and catches his foot*
Tomoyo: *Hanging upside down* Yay, you passed! ^^
Katie: -_- *Drops him on his head*
Tomoyo: Ow! *Gets up and brushes himself off* Now, we're gonna work on her gliding abilities. Stretch first!
Katie: *Sits on the ground and puts her forehead on her knee*
Tomoyo: *Sits on the ground cross legged*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*At Lance's house*

Dante: dude I'm greed, I can do what ever I want *laughs*

Dante: now stay there as I raid your fridge *walks to the kitchen*

*In Alaska*

Claire: here is my house *points to a tiny ice shack*

Chris: wow

Claire: its bigger on the inside

Chris: I hope

*On the Plane to England*

Cole: *listening to his Ipod*

Alice: oh I haven't seen katie but we're gonna start looking for england
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک aprilacne said…

Rexie:WHOO!Oh cra I for got that Amy was in my bookbag...can you go down a little?

Levi:*nods, flys down*

Rexie:*takes amy out of her bookbag and gently taps her*Yo Ames?Ames?

Amy:*turns back* *sees that she's in the air and clings to rexie*


Levi:*egle cry and flys agian*

Levi:*passes the plane*

Rexie:*sees cole*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Lance: HEY! >.<
~Christian's house~
Christian: Oh okay. I'll see you later. *Hangs up* ಠ_ಠ Wait, ENGLAND?
~Tokyo Tomoyo's house~
Tomoyo: *Getting ready to show Katie around the school*
~The Hotel~
Katie: *Sitting on the floor watching tv, wearing school uniform*
someone knocks on the door*
Katie: Oh, that might be him... Here goes nothing. *Opens the door*
Tomoyo: Oh hey! ^^ Ya ready?
Katie: Yup.
~The High School~
Katie: *Not talking as people stare at her*
Tomoyo: This is an average Japanese high school, so we all address each other by our last name. So it would probably sound more normal if you called me Okuzaki for now on, okay?
Katie: Okay.
Tomoyo: Also this is the school's library. Remember it's right down the hall from the cafeteria.
Katie: *Nods*
Tomoyo: *Stops by the principle's office* This is the school's main office... Well of course I would know, I end here a lot. *Chuckles*
Katie: *Laughs a bit* Wow. What do you do?
Tomoyo: I pull a lot of pranks.
Katie: You know you remind of a guy from where I came from. (Lance)
Tomoyo: Ha. We need to have a prank war someday... But any the Nurse's office it right across from here. *Turns around and point to the nurse office's door*
Katie: Okay.
Tomoyo: That's it for now. I'm skipping school today, so we can probably walk around and introduce you to a few of my friends if you want.
Katie: Uh... sure. *Really too shy to greet anyone*
Tomoyo: Yo! Sunoharu!
Yohei: Oh hey buddy! *Walks up to Tomoyo*
Katie: *Looking down at her feet*
Yohei: *Eye motions at Katie, trying not to seem rude*
Tomoyo: Sunoharu, this is Katie McDawn! She's a foreign exchange student from America. Katie, this is Yohei Sunoharu. He's been my best friend since our freshman year.
Katie: *Waves and smiles shyly*
Yohei: Oh, hey there! I'm the charming one in this school...
Tomoyo: -_- *Face palms* No you're not.
Katie: *Laughs a bit*
Yohei: >.< You can't make me seem cool for once?!
Katie: *Laughs* It's fine, you're pretty funny anyways!
Yohei: Ha! She thinks I'm funny!
Tomoyo: Don't get a swollen head, buddy.
Yohei: Whatever.
Tomoyo: Hmm... She should be around here somewhere.
*A girl walks by and stops by Tomoyo*
Kyou: Hey Okuzaki! *Sees Katie* Are you new?
Katie: *Nods*
Sunoharu: *Whispers to Katie* Don't make any sudden movements and she'll go away.
Kyou: *Hears Yohei and punches him*
Yohei: *Practically flying in the air* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Katie: Whoa!
Tomoyo: *Face palms* Must you instigate so much, Sunoharu?
Kyou: Yep, that outta take care of that pervert jerk. *Proud of herself*
Tomoyo: This is Katie McDawn. She's a foreign exchange student from America.
Kyou: I'm Kyou Fujibyashi. It's a pleasure to meet you! *Smiles and holds out hand*
Katie: *Shakes Kyou's hand* Nice to meet you too Kyo- I mean Fujibyashi!
Kyou: *Checks watch* I have to go, I only one minute to get to class. Seeya McDawn! ^^
Katie: Bye! *Waves*
Tomoyo: My other friends are here somewhere but they have to get to class soon anyway. You'll meet them tomorrow!
Katie: Okay. Thanks! They're really cool!
Tomoyo: No problem. Are you always this shy?
Katie: Actually, not really. I'm just shy when it comes to meeting new people. I've been that way since I was really little.
Tomoyo: Oh... I see. It won't be that bad though as long as you're nice to people, which isn't very hard to do.
Katie: Oh, cool. ^^
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک aprilacne said…
-in england-

Charlie:*in Wallmart* *bouncing up and down, trying to reach a WWE Wade Barrett figure*

 -in england- Charlie:*in Wallmart* *bouncing up and down, trying to reach a WWE Wade Barrett figur
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک smartone123 said…
(i need a update)
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
big smile
Ehem... I shall explain.
Katie snuck off to Japan for secret training for a few months,
Sebastian or the specialist in training mythical creatures is covering for her by telling every one she went to visit her father in Detroit but Christian and Lance are the only ones that know Katie hates her dad, so they went to see if she was okay and never found her. So now everyone except for Sebastian (He's the one that sent her out for training) doesn't know that she's in Japan, Sebastian's trying to keep it a secret, and everyone is searching for her in England and some other place that I forgot about. XD SO far the only one who acts like he doesn't care is Scott, (He and Katie are arguing now).

Anything else I need to explain? ^^
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک smartone123 said…
ummm is that everyone?wait is my people with everyone?-storm
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
~Tokyo, After school on the bridge~
Katie: *Walking around with Tomoyo and Yohei eating ice cream*
Youhei: So then I was just like "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ON THE BACK OF YO PANTS?"
Katie: *Burst out laughing*
Tomoyo: Wow! *Trying not to laugh* That must look so awkward...
Sunoharu (Yohei's last name): I mean there was vanilla ice cream on the back of his pants! *Laughing*
Katie: *Laughing* Oh my god, I bet that was a rough day for that dude!
Sunoharu: It was hilarious though!
Katie: So what what other really good pranks have you guys pulled?
Tomoyo: I remember we put butter in the doorway of the gym class! That was classic! *Laughs* The gym teacher suspended me and Sunoharu for two weeks! We recorded him falling and put it on youtube too!
Katie: *Gasp* Really? *Takes out phone and hands it to Tomoyo*
Sunoharu: *Leans in to see*
Tomoyo: *Goes to the video and shows Katie*
Katie: *Burst out laughing* Aha, He must have been pissed! XD
Sunoharu: Luckily you weren't there when we were being lectured and yelled at.
Katie: *Chuckles*
Tomoyo: *Hands Katie her phone, laughing*
Katie: So, when did you guys become friends?
Sunoharu: Principle's office.
Katie: Of course! XD
Sunoharu: You what, you're pretty cool. You're my only lady friend that doesn't want to cause me physical pain... =')
Katie: Uh... Thanks?
Tomoyo: Who ever said they were your friends? *Killing the moment*
Sunoharu: Ay, shut up! You're always so mean to me!
Tomoyo: Wimp. *Laughs*
Sunoharu: So not funny! >.<
Katie: *Smiling really hard, trying not to laugh*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک aprilacne said…
Levi and Rexie:WHOOO!

Amy:*screaming her lungs out*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*In England, At Stonehenge*

Cole: *leans on a pillar* alright work your black magic *laughs*

Alice: shut it! I need to concentrate

Alice: *draws ancient runes on the rocks and chants some celtic words*

*the sky lights up as beams of light hit the pillars*

Alice: *looks into the time stream*

Cole: so see anything yet?

Alice: yes! I found katie!

Cole: where is she?

Alice: well you better order the tickets now cause we're going to Tokyo!

Cole: ah the land of Godzilla and Dragon ball Z

*In Alaska, At Claires house*

Chris: *shivering* start the fire please!

Claire: oh calm down cry baby!

*At the Mansion*

Dante: so sebastian you notice that half the people here are missing!
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک aprilacne said…
-at the mansion-

Jane:I'm still here...*trying to keep a small flame from catching her body on fire*

-in england-

Charlie:*runing with the Wade Barrett figure from the police* *crashs into cole, in a brittish accent*Oh I'm sorry love, I wasn't watching...*sees alice's magic*So you' a witch?I have f'iends that are like you guys but diffrent

Charlie:Oh, where are my manners?*curtsies*Charlie Barrett, at you' service.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
~Tokyo, Tuesday morning at the hotel~
Katie: *Straightens bow, very nervous* Oh geez... *Puts on shoe*
Tomoyo: *Lets himself in* Are you ready yet?
Katie: *Takes other shoes and jumps around, trying to put in on while grabbing her meal ticket off the coffee table*
~The highschool, Tokyo~
Katie: *Walking down the hall with Tomoyo even more afraid than she was the day before*
Sunoharu: Yo, McDawn!
Katie: *Waves and smiles a bit*
Sunoharu: Why so scared?
Tomoyo: Probably because you're here...
Sunoharu: *Looks at Tomoyo then back at Katie* Anyways there's nothing to be afraid of!
Katie: *Keeps staring down at her feet* Oh okay...
Kyou: *Slaps Tomoyo on the back really hard* Hey there buddy!
Tomoyo: Ah! Fujibyashi!
Kyou: ^^ So McDawn, how you liking school so far?
Katie: I haven't really talked to anyone yet...
Kyou: Ah, you'll be fine! Some of the other students here aren't that bad.
Katie: Oh. *Still starring down at her feet* (She did the same thing all the time when she first started kindergarten.)
Tomoyo: It's fine! You'll make a lot of new friends.
Katie: Yeah, I hope.
Kyou: Well, I'm taking her to class... See you stupid boys later! *Grabs Katie's arm and walks away*
Tomoyo: She actually stole McDawn... O.o
Tomoyo: Please, shut up. -_-
Kyou: *Sits down at a desk in the corner, a seat over from the window*
Katie: *Sits down by the window*
Girl 1: Hey Fujibyashi, who's she?
Katie: *gets nervous again*
Girl 2: Are you the new girl everyone's been talking about?
Katie: Everyone?
Kyou: Of course! A lot of the kids in this school haven't seen an American foreign exchange student before.
Girl 3: And you're so cute! That's probably why they talk about you so much...
Katie: Pffft... Naw! XD
Kyou: Yeah. But don't worry I'll be here to kick those boys asses fo ya! *Winks*
Katie: O.o
Girl 1: Are you a vampire?
Katie: *Shocked* I- I um...
Girl 2: Tomoyo told us about you! I'm a half vampire, my name is Fuko, you can call me by my first name if you want! ^^
Katie: Really? That's pretty cool! I'm Katherine McDawn, my friends back home call me Katie.
Fuko: Ooh! Can I call you Katie?
Katie: Uh... Sure! ^^
Girl 3: I'm a mortal of course, and I'm also Kyou's twin sister, Ayumi! ^^
Katie: *Smiles a bit* It's a pleasure! *Notices she's way less aggressive than Kyou*
Girl 1: I'm Nagisa Furukawa. It's such a pleasure meeting you! *holds out hand*
Katie: *Shakes her hand* Ditto! ^^
~The mansion~
Sebastian: Actually, yes Dante.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*At the Mansion*

Dante: well Sebastian, ever think that you might want to find them

*In England*

Cole: *to Charlie* um..ok?

Alice: *to charlie* witch..that is not an accurate term

Cole: Alice lets go we gotta go to the air port!

Alice: right, we'll be in tokyo tonight if we hurry

*At the Airport in England*

Cole: do you think Katie knows we found her

Alice: I'm sure sebastian already knows and has told everyone

Cole: yeah for a 200 year old vampire he can't keep his mouth shut

*In Alaska*

Chris: *shivering* why do you live here?

Claire: I was born here and I didn't just want to come back for no reason

Chris: so why did we drive here?

Claire: well I got a text message from the mayor, they have a problem with the rogue up here

Chris: the rogue! the vamps we fought in the mansion!

Claire: yeah

Chris: f***

*In Tokyo, Japan* *At Katie's school*

*A girl that looks like Lust walks into the room and sits at a desk*

Lust(?) :*takes out her phone and starts texting*
last edited پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
(Sebastian's 900 and something years old.)
Katie: *Listening to the teacher, not paying any attention to Lust (???)*
Teacher: McDawn.
Katie: Huh?
Teacher: Would you care to write the formula out for finding the surface area of a cylinder?
Katie: Oh sure... *Walks up to the chalkboard and starts writing with a piece of chalk* This school must be very old fashioned, we use dry erase boards at my old school... Well if I plan on staying here, then it would be my old school, but someday I'll leave this place. I can't stay here forever.
Teacher: Well done, McDawn. You may go back to your seat. ^^
Katie: *Nods, starts walking and pauses, and nearly stops breathing*
Teacher: Katherine?
Katie: *Starring at Lust* That isn't her, right? It looks at exactly her though! I could have sworn we defeated her! It can't be her, she's dead! *Stuttering* I'm fine, may I please be excused to the bathroom?
Teacher: Make it quick.
Katie: *Takes hall pass* Thank you.*Walks out of the class in a hurry*
~The bathroom~
Katie: *Washes face and leans over the sink, terrified* Am I being haunted? I killed her, she should be dead! Is she dead? I'm not even sure it's her... *Takes a quick glance in the mirror, and takes a pill to keep herself stable* What would everyone else think of some crazy stalker ghost? *Eyes widen, as she remembers killing the "Greed" demon living inside Dante* Oh god... Does she still remember anything? Is she still mean? *Walks back to class*
Tomoyo: *Humming not paying attention*
Katie: *Bumps into Tomoyo, startled* Oh my god, I'm so sorry!
Tomoyo: *Shrugs* It's all good.
Katie: *Notices he doesn't have a hall pass* Hey, what are you up to?
Tomoyo: Not much, cutting class. Why?
Katie: Oh, nothing. Just wondering. I'll see you later! *Starts walking back to class*
~The mansion~
Sebastian: Yeah, I thought about it..., But no. I will not tolerate anymore destroyed furniture. Also, and I'm also hiring a crew to come out and upgrade the security system around the Estate. There has been so many pestilences sneaking around the manor, and I cannot abide.
Scott: *Walks in, trying not to ask if he's seen Katie anywhere*
Sebastian: Hello Scott.
Scott: Hey. I'm locked out of my house, and staying here for while until my brother gets off of work, alright?
Sebastian: *Nods and thinks of a way to annoy Scott and Dante* Have you seen Ms. McDawn anywhere?
Scott: *Shakes head*
Sebastian: Hmm. Only god knows where she could be... She could probably have gone missing! *Keeps a straight face*
Scott: *Surprised* What? *Tries to seem less worried* She's probably sick or something. *Sits down in the arm chair*
last edited پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک aprilacne said…
Jane:*sits down by scott*It seems she has, plus, you and Lance hate her for picking all the wrong guys so she probably committed suicide....*keeping a straight face*

-in england-

Amy:*still screaming as her feet touch the ground*


Amy:*stops*Oh hey we're in England...

Rexie:*sees charlie*Charlie!

Charlie:Rexie!*hugs her*

Rexie:*hugs her back*Good to see you agian Barrett.

Charlie:Same to you Cena...
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Scott: *Rolls eyes* Whatever, I'm going upstairs. *Leaves*
Sebastian: *Observing Scott's attitude* Hmm.
~Tokyo, after school~
Katie: *Walking with Tomoyo*
Tomoyo: How you liking school so far?
Katie: It's fine. *Spacing out, thinking about the whole Lust situation*
Tomoyo: Hey, what's up with you?
Katie: *Shakes head* It's nothing, really. I'm just a daydreamer. ^^
Tomoyo: Hmm. *Carrying book bag over his shoulder*
Katie: So. Where did you go when you cut class?
Tomoyo: Just to the Park.
Katie: Park?
Tomoyo: Yup!
Katie: Can you show, when we both get the time to go?
Tomoyo: Sure. We can skip training today, I'm too tired.
Katie: Oh, okay. *Nods* So are there any electives at school you're signing up for?
Tomoyo: Nope.
Katie: *Laughs* You know, you sure are lazy for a trainer.
Tomoyo: *Laughs* Yeah, I get that a lot... What about you?
Katie: I don't know, maybe soccer.
Tomoyo: *Laughs* Ha! Soccer... There's only guys on the soccer team!
Katie: What is that supposed to mean?
Tomoyo: If you want to be sexually harassed to death, then that's your choice.
Katie: Whatever. In my school soccer is considered a girl's sport.
Tomoyo: Hmm... Really?
Katie: I tried to join the football team once, but I wasn't allowed because apparently I didn't weigh enough to be on the team, considering the guys on my team looked like dinosaurs compared to me. XD
Tomoyo: Then maybe you can join here.
Katie: Depends.
Tomoyo: How was your last school?
Katie: I only had a few friends, but we're really close.
Tomoyo: Oh, do they know you're here?
Katie: No, but I feel bad that they don't.
Tomoyo: Names?
Katie: Oh well, there's Alice, Cole, Claire, and Chris..., but we're just met a week ago when they all discovered I had powers. Then we have Christian, Hazel, Christian, and Scott... Well not Scott anymore.
Tomoyo: Why not?
Katie: It's a long story. You'll get bored after the first five sentences, I mean you're a guy.
Tomoyo: What is that supposed to mean?
Katie: I mean, there's only one guy friend I have that ever listens to me when I talk about guys... And he's gay.
Tomoyo: Really? XD
Katie: *Nods a laughs a bit* I'm serious.
Tomoyo: Come on tell me!
Katie: I'd rather not.
Tomoyo: It isn't that long.
~The diner~
Katie: -So now he won't talk to me. I don't know what would make him think I would be making out with my obnoxious friend.
Tomoyo: *Trying not to laugh* You're dumb.
Katie: What?
Tomoyo: I mean isn't it obvious? Evangeline is your rival right?
Katie: Yeah, so?
Tomoyo: She's protective of her brother, she already taunts you, and you pretty much hurt her brother's feelings. Dude, she sabotaged you!
Katie: Evangeline? Pfft... NO!... Maybe.
Tomoyo: Was there ever a time when she said anything positive to you?
Katie: *Thinks for a minute* Actually, no!
Tomoyo: Has she ever smiled at you without a smirk?
Katie: *Thinks of all the times she tried to intimidate her* No.
Tomoyo: Has she ever did something nice for you? Has she ever given something to you just to be nice?
Katie: No. Technically she gave me a soda, but she nearly killed me. *A bit shocked she's just realizing that Evangeline has always disliked her* Oh my god...
Tomoyo: I'm not trying to start drama, but it's kinda surprising that you never realized it. *Sips soda, trying to avoid an awkward moment*
Katie: No, no... You're right. She never liked me! All she wants to do is see me get hurt! I forgave her for nearly killing me, I saved her a** plenty of times, and I saved her brother too. How could I be so stupid? Now she started rumors about me!
Tomoyo: You and I should pull a prank on her.
Katie: No, I'm not gonna get her back, I'm gonna confront her. Ooh, I can't wait until I get back from training. *Looks angry*
Tomoyo: Whoa, calm down! That's what she wants you to do: To get mad and try to get even.
Katie: Hmm. You're right... I'll wait, and I'll spend every moment proving to her that I'm not the weakest creature in the house anymore!
Tomoyo: Should I be scared or proud? O.o
Katie: Both. *Smirks* Oh you just wait... I'll show you Evangeline! *Takes drink of soda*
~The mansion~
Evangeline: *Sneaks behind Dante and kisses him on the cheek* Haha!
Scott: Why are you so happy?
Evangeline: *Actually happy that Katie's gone* What do you mean?
Scott: You're always scolding people, now you're actually smiling and *A bit weirded out by saying so* you are trying to cause anyone physical pain!
Evangeline: Well, I just thinks it's awesome to have my big brother back! I missed him before he turned into Greed. I don't know how this could have happened.
Scott: Katie brought your brother back, stupid. -.-' *Says ruining the moment*
Evangeline: *Spirit crushed* Oh yeah, her. *Sighs*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*In Japan, At the Diner*

Lust(?): *appears in the diner, reading another book* *eating some french fries*

*In the Tokyo Airport*

Cole: so where should we search first

Alice: I have no idea, this city is huge

Cole: well why don't you use your tracking powers

Alice: fine *looks through time* found her, she is at some hotel down the street

Cole: lets go

Alice: she needs to comeback then fix scott and lance!

*At the mansion*

Dante: *to evangeline* I know your my sister but are you bipolar?

Dante: cause your nice one minute than evil the next
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک aprilacne said…
Levi:Ok can we get back?I have wrestling practice...

Charlie:But you just got here!
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Evangeline: Aw, fine I'll leave you alone.
~Tokyo, The Diner~
Tomoyo: Ready to go?
Katie: Yup. Let's go! *Sees Lust and pauses* Your mind is just playing tricks on you, Katie... *Keeps walking*
~The hotel~
Katie: *Gets back and finds Cole and Alice* ಠ_ಠ Oh crap.
Tomoyo: What?
Katie: RUN! *Grabs Tomoyo's hand and takes off running*
Tomoyo: Whoa!
Katie: *Dodging random people in super speed*
~The park~
Katie: *Out of breath* Oh my god, that was close!
Tomoyo: *Out of breath* What's wrong?
Katie: If they figure out that I snuck off to Tokyo I'll be in big trouble!
Tomoyo: *Falls back laying in the grass* So what now?
Katie: I don't know! *Lays down beside him* I can't just be on the run, but I also want to stay! I've haven't even been here for one week!
Tomoyo: Well tell them that.
Katie: I highly doubt they'd keep their mouths shut, the others will be upset!
Tomoyo: Why do they want you to come back so bad?
Katie: They want me to get Scott and Lance to stop fighting, but they're not gonna listen to me! I can't get a f***ing moment of peace!
Tomoyo: Yeah but they're your friends.
Katie: Yeah but all of the demons waiting in America aren't! I'm still not even fully trained!
Tomoyo: Well you aren't just gonna sit here right?
Katie: What?
Tomoyo: Tethem there's no way in hell you're going back until your read.
Katie: They'll be mad.
Tomoyo: So, who cares? If they really want them to stop arguing then they would fix it themselves, the wouldn't come all the way from America to find you! Make them solve it on their own, and quit letting them push you around!
Katie: Are you sure?
Tomoyo: Yeah.
Katie: What if something goes wrong?
Tomoyo: Don't worry about it, I'm coming with you.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*In the Park*

Alice and Cole: *catch up to katie*

Cole: ah ha! found you!

Alice: you ditch us with scott and lance, then fly across the world just so you could have another boyfriend here!

Cole: that's sad

Alice: not to mention you lied to Hazel, Christian and Dante

Cole: the only person that's happy your gone is Evangeline

*At the Hotel*

Lust(?): *breaks into Katie's room* *laughs*

*In Alaska, At Claires house*

Claire: yeah they terrorize the entire village every year at the beginning of summer

Chris: this place has a summer?

Claire: yeah!

*At the Mansion*

Dante: *to scott* you need to control your temper, if katie comes back she doesn't want to see you in jail for killing Lance!
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک smartone123 said…
(rplies soo....LONG!)
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Scott: I don't care what she thinks.
~Tokyo, the park~
Katie: I didn't ditch you, I came here for training. Second of all, I shouldn't have to babysit you guys! And I never lied, I told Sebastian to keep it a secret! I knew they would stop me from going... I just feel so weak compared to you guys. I am strong, but I can't control my powers. I really need this guys so can you please just let me stay?
Tomoyo: *Glares at Cole* It's not their choice to let you stay. They don't own you!
Katie: Can we please just be reasonable here? Matter of fact, let's go to my hotel room. We can all talk there.
~At the hotel~
Katie: *Unlocks door and sees Lust, and freezes up again* She's here? What should I do? Am I hallucinating?
Tomoyo: Who the hell is she?
Katie: You broke into my hotel room?! *Gets mad* THAT IS IT! AH! *Tackles Lust*
Tomoyo: Oh boy.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک smartone123 said…
"off to the others k"flys to toyko"-john

on his back,after their intence train to control herself-nina
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک obssesedTDIgirl said…
Bryan: *trying to use his wand* Aaaaaand… *teleports to Katies room* Oh, I'm sorry I-I-I-I *really looks at Katie* was trying to… uh...

(looks like Bryan has a crush ^/////^)