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obssesedTDIgirl posted on Sep 19, 2011 at 03:02AM
An RP with mythical creatures! We go to a normal school, but all need to keep our idenity a secret. When you join, please fill this out for any official characters you use!

Creature: (witch, vampire, angel, human, ect)

1. Don't be a jerk!
2. Don't exclude or ignore people, that's rude
3. Keep it pretty clean, but if you really have the need to swear, star* it out.
4. At most, it can be PG-13
5. Please no Mary-Sues or Ravens please!
6. You don't need ask to join, JUST JOIN!
7. This RP doesn't revolv around you, so dot just barge into conversations, unless you ask.
8. No killing other people's OC unless you ask theyr owner

I'm gonna keep track to the characters in this RP

1. Josh Masters-Human (obssesedTDIgirl)
2. Naomi Fire-(Bad)Vampire (obssesedTDIgirl)
3. Rory Swan-Evil Witch (princess2109)
4. Mitzey-Cater (smartone123)
5. Nina-Shifter (smartone123)
6. Jade-Vampire (smartone123)
7. Riley-Immortal Good Witch (colecutegirl)
8. Alex-Vampire (colecutegirl)
9. Dahvie-Human (colecutegirl)
10. Pixie-Angel/Bender (colecutegirl)
11. Rochelle-Werewolf (Seastar4374)
12. Cole Jericho-Electromancer (dxarmy423)
13. Alice Markhov-Chronomancer (dxarmy423)
14. Kelsey Masters- Mermaid (obssesedTDIgirl)
15. Chris-Tlelmancer (dxarmy423)
16. Katie-Vampire (Strawberry0020)
17. Christian-Human (Strawberry0020)
18. Lance-Human (Strawberry0020)
19. Claire Barreta-Cryomancer (dxarmy423)
20. Evangeline-Vampire (Strawberry0020)
21. Torion-Fire/Water/Earth/Air Bender (obssesedTDIgirl)
22. Scott-Vampire (Strawberry0020)
23. Lust- 1/7 Deadly Beings (dxarmy423)
24. Envy- 1/ Deadly Beings (dxarmy423)
25. Bryan- Wizard (obssesedTDIgirl)
26. Tomoyo- Vampire (Strawberry0020)

You name will be added to the list as you join :)
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک smartone123 said…
(yep XD)
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Looks up and blinks at Byran* Whatchu want? Dx
Tomoyo: Sorry, but she's in a really bad mood.
Katie: Tomoyo, get her the fawk outta my room!
Tomoyo: Uh, okay. *Picks Lust up over his shoulder and carries her out of the room*
Katie: *Gets up and brushes her self off* (To Byran) Ehem. Sorry you had to see that... ^^ I'm so sorry, and I'm not trying to be mean, but... Why are you here?
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک smartone123 said…
lands in the park"hey guys"-john

"ya hi"-nina
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Tomoyo: *Suprise jumps* GAH! Where did you come from? WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE?!
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک smartone123 said…
"i took a plane"-john
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
(Hello!!!! Can somebody IM me when the rp starts!)

*In the Hotel*

Lust: *runs back into the room* now katherine is that any way to treat a friend *smirks*

Eve: oh and my name is Eve, also I don't want to fight

Eve: I don't even have my powers anymore, I just want to be friends

Cole and Alice: *run down the hall*

Alice: Katie don't ditch us again!

Cole: oh s*** lust is back!!
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک smartone123 said…
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: (To Byran) Just a sec... *Turns to Eve* SO YOU BROKE INTO MY HOTEL ROOM?! WHAT ARE YOU A PERVERT?
Tomoyo: *Trying not to laugh at the fact that she called another girl a pervert* Wow. XD
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
(I'm making short post because I'm on my phone =p)
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*In the hotel*

Eve: how is it breaking in, you left your door unlocked -_-

Eve: also Im your next door neighbor

Eve: so what you don't wanna be friends?

Cole: why would anybody want to be friends with you?

Alice: yeah!
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: I don't even know you so why would you be in my room anyway? *Sighs* But fine, since I'll have to live with you for the next month or so...
Tomoyo: Are you crazy?! *Nudges Katie with his elbow*
Katie: *Looks at Tomoyo and shrugs* Can't we all be nice? I feel like drama is starting already. -.-'
Tomoyo: I guess. But what about that guy? O.o (Referring to Byran)
Katie: *Looks over at Byran* Okay, dude. What's your deal?
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
Alice: so katie how long are you gonna stay here?

Cole: proboly scott put lance 6 feet under by now

Alice: *elbows cole* don't say that

Eve: well I'm going back to my room *walks into the hall and to her room*

*At the mansion*

Claire and Chris: *walk inside*

Dante: finaly you guys show up

Claire: yeah what ever

Chris: where is everybody?

Dante: they left why?

Claire: there is going to be a vampire attack the like of which the world has never seen!
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
(@ObssesedTDIgirl: Just in case if you didn't see my update...
Name: Tomoyo Okuzaki
Age: 16 (And a half)
Creature: Vampire (Highly Advanced Vampire Trainer)
 (@ObssesedTDIgirl: Just in case if آپ didn't see my update... Name: Tomoyo Okuzaki Age: 16 (And a ha
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Shrugs*
~The mansion~
Sebastian: *Yawns and goes to his study*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*At the hotel*

Alice: well looks like we're gonna be neighbors for a bit *walks down the hall to her room*

Cole: *to katie* hey wanna skip school tomarrow and go to all of the arcades in town?

Cole: if you wanna ditch just call alice or me *walks outside*

*In Eve's room*

Eve: *looking out the window* I should have asked about Greed, if they knew what happened to him

*At the mansion*

Dante: so a giant vampire attack? here?

Chris: yeah

Claire: in 2 months!

Dante: I hope cole and Alice found katie by now
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک smartone123 said…
drinks blood-jade
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک obssesedTDIgirl said…
Bryan: I had to esc- Uh teleport from a bad situation and I ended up here.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: Bad situation?
Tomoyo: There's already too much going on right now.
Katie: Hmm... You're right. I'm not trying to sound cheesy, but how about we all talk about it?
Tomoyo: *Shrugs* Okay.
~The dining area (Inside the hotel still)*
Katie: *Come back with a soda and napkins* (To Byran) Here. Your hands look a little dirty, no offense ^^. *Gives Byran a napkin and sits down next to Tomoyo*
Tomoyo: So, what is gonna be our next move? Are you staying, going, going away for a bit?
Katie: I don't know I still have to think about it... But anyway, Lance and Scott are still fighting, huh?
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک smartone123 said…
(im out of this aren't i ?)
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*At the Hotel dining area*

Alice: yeah they're still trying to kill each other, they proboly already have

Eve: don't be so negative *eats some sushi*

Alice: how can you eat sushi? its not even cooked

Eve: idk, its not that bad

Alice: what ever

Eve: So katie, do you know what ever happened to greed?

*Outside, on the roof tops of tokyo*

Cole: *climbing up signs, fire escapes and pipes*

Cole: this city is great for parkour *drains energy from a neon sign*

*At the Mansion*

Dante: do you think we should tell Sebastian

Claire: don't

Dante: why?

Claire: we think Sebastian is part of the Rogue

Dante: really?

Chris: yeah we think he is part of the evil vampires
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک smartone123 said…
sits on nina who is a bear-john
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
~The mansion's main lobby~
Scott: Sebastian's always going in his study. It's kinda weird, you may be right. I wanna go see what he's doing okay? *Gets up and walks out*
~The mansion, Sebastian's Study~
Sebastian: *Looking at an old photo album* Oh my. *Chuckling at a few pictures*
Scott: *Walks in* Hey Sebastian. Whatcha doing?
Sebastian: *Shakes head* Nothing much. I feel like one of you hipsters, looking at humorous pictures of myself from decades ago...
Scott: *Chuckles* Hipsters?
Sebastian: *Acting a bit sillier than usual* Ha, you're right.
Scott: *Goes to Sebastian and looks through the photo album with him*
Sebastian: *Laughing at a little girl and boy in the book*
Scott: Who's that?
Sebastian: Oh, the young lad right there is me, the older girl right next to me is my sister.
Scott: You look so small, and you're actually smiling without a smug look on your face.
Sebastian: Ha!
Scott: *Surprised he isn't upset* See, you don't get out enough. If you hang out with your sister or the rest of your family you'll be one of us... Um, "Hipsters".
Sebastian: *Ignores Scott and turns the page*
Scott: Oh. So is this what you do every time when you come to your study?
Sebastian: *Nods a bit slowly*
Scott: Who's that lady? *Points to a woman standing over Sebastian when he was a kid*
Sebastian: My mother.
Scott: She's a vampire too right?
Sebastian: Yes.
Scott: So she must be alive right?
Sebastian: *Shakes head* Unfortunately, no.
Scott: I thought vampires live forever...
Sebastian: Not if someone uses your weaknesses against you.
Scott: So what happened?
Sebastian: It's a bit personal. I'll bore you.
Scott: You won't! I promise.
~Flashback, England 1881~
Sebastain, age 6: Mommy! Wake up today is my birthday! Come on, get up, get up!
Caroline (Sebastian's mother): Good morning. *Sits up and kisses Sebastian's head* Where's your father?
Sebastian Sr.(Sebastian father): Good morning, love! *Pops head in the door and smiles*
Sebastian: Me and father went to the store and got me a new wooden sailboat!
Caroline: Aw, that sounds lovely!
Sebastian: Please, mother! Can we go ice skating, and a walk through town? Please?
Caroline: Alrighty... Go get ready, love.
~8 hours later from that morning at the mansion, Sebastian's room~
Sebastian: *Laying down in his bed, listening to his mother read him a bedtime story*
Caroline: *Reading a book beside a burning candle* ...And they lived happily ever after. *Kisses Sebastian's forehead* Now say your prayers and sleep tight, my son. I love you, Sebastian Jr.
Sebastian: Yes mother! I love you too.
Caroline: *Turns on a music box to put him to sleep*
Sebastian Sr.: *Runs in* Caroline, Sebastian, HIDE!
Caroline: Honey, what's wrong?
Sebastian Sr.: The rouge is here!
Caroline: Oh god. *Picks up Sebastian (Junior) and tries running to the hiding area*
Vampire 1: *Appears in front of Caroline and punches her* Ha. Hello there.
Caroline: *Falls with Sebastian still in her arms* Run, Sebastian! Don't ever look back!
Vampire 1: *Snarls* You're wasting your breath, your son is gonna be devoured also. Then this world will be ours!
Sebastian: *Starts running*
Vampire 2: *Sets fire to the house, laughing* Haha! You will burn alive, boy!
Vampire 1: *Bites Caroline*
Caroline: AH! *Knees him in the face and takes off running*
Sebastian: *Running and bumps into Vampire 3*
Vampire 3: Hmm. You're too small to keep me full, I'll dispose of you properly. *Claws come out*
Sebastian: *Flinches with tears in his eyes*
Sebastian Sr.: *Tackles vampire 3 and starts speed punching him* YOU LEAVE MY BOY ALONE!
Sebastian: *Standing with the light from the flames reflecting on his face, crying*
Caroline: *Runs in and picks up Sebastian* Come on sweetheart your father is gonna keep you and mommy safe! *Starts running*
Sebastian Sr.: Die you hideous bastard!
Vampire 3: You'll never defeat me!
Sebastian Sr.: *Has Vampire 3 pinned down, getting ready to finish him off, and suddenly stops*
Vampire 2: *Standing behind Sebastian Sr, laughing outrageously* You fool! *Has Sebastian Sr.'s heart in his hand*
Sebastian: *Coughs up blood and falls forward, dead*
Vampire 3: *Pushes Sebastian Sr. Off of him* You're nothing but rubbish! *Laughs*
*Vampire 2 And 3 run down the hall*
~The court yard~
Sebastian: Mother! Father's dead isn't he? *Crying*
Caroline: Shh... Sweetheart, don't say that. *Crying*
Vampire 2: *Appears infront of Sebastian and Caroline* Prepare to die. *Chokes up Sebastian* Leave woman, or you will die too!
Sebastian: Mother, just go! You don't have to protect me anymore...
Caroline: *Crying* Put him down! He is just a baby!
Vampire 3: *Grabs Caroline by the arm and is getting ready to bite her (If she gets bitten again, she dies).
Caroline: *Elbows him*
Vampire 3: *Falls* AH! You'll pay!
Sebastian: *Crying* But, mommy I don't want to leave you!
Caroline: *Finishes off Vampire 2*
Caroline: *Feels weak from using too much energy*
Sebastian: *Crying*
Caroline: *Hugs Sebastian and kisses him, crying* Leave. Mother is here to make sure nothing like this happens again. Just run. I love you, I love so much Sebastian. You're my son and I'll always love you. Don't ever forget it. *Takes off necklace and puts in Sebastian's pocket* RUN! *Crying, still*
Sebastian: *Nods crying, hugs Caroline and runs*
~The entrance, about a mile away from the actual mansion~
Sebastian: *Running and looks back*
*The mansion blows up*
Sebastian: *Starts screaming and crying*
~Flashback over~
Sebastian: *Just now notices that he's crying* I will destroy the rouge. I will make sure they die a gory, bloody, death.
Scott: *Trying not to cry himself*
Sebastian: I won't stop at anything. The rouge the perish, slowly... THEY WILL PAY!
Scott: *Nods slowly*
~The hotel in Tokyo, dinning area~
Katie: Actually I freed him. *Stops and thinks for while* Hey, what do you think happened to the rest of the deadly seven we killed?
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*At the mansion*

Dante: *hears Sebastian yelling* he's a good guy

Chris: ok but someone still has to tell him about the Rogue planning another attack

Claire: we have to tell him, so we can start training and get katie back from where ever she is

*At the Dinning area, in tokyo*

Eve: you freed him? so he's back to normal (Always had a crush on greed)

Eve: well you did kill me but I was brought back but with no powers

Eve: as for the others you didn't kill Envy, Last time I heard he was in china living in the mountains

Alice: wow

Eve: you never fought sloth because he is to lazy and you never had to fight pride because he is a child

Eve: you killed wrathe and I haven't seen gluttony anywhere

Alice: wow, so some of them are still out there

Eve: but they know not to fight

Eve: so *sighs* where is Greed? (still has a crush on him)
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک smartone123 said…
finds them"how have you been?"to the biggest group togeter-john
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک aprilacne said…
*in the mansion*

Jane:*in agreement with clair*

*Charlie and the others walk in*

Rexie:Why was Sibi yelling?

پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Tomoyo: We've been fine. And you're one of Katie's friends as well? (To john)
Katie: Well Greed... Otherwise Dante, is still in America. He's actually my rival's older brother! O.o My rival is Evangeline, she's the main reason why I came here. I'm just so tired of feeling pushed around because I'm the weakest mythical creature on earth! But when I'm not, I can't control my power and I go on crazy rampages!
Tomoyo: I'm her trainer. I know, I'm kinda young to be a trainer...
Sunoharu: *Walks in* Hey Tomoyo, buddy! Sup McDawn?
Katie: *Shakes head slightly* Nothing much. (I know, it's an understatement. XD)
Sunoharu: *Hugs Katie* See, Tomoyo! McDawn isn't afraid to hug me?
Tomoyo: She probably forgot you were a ditz.
Katie: *Laughs*
Sunoharu: Hey that's not funny! >.<
Tomoyo: *Smiles a bit, trying not to laugh*
Sunoharu: You're always picking on me!
Tomoyo: Don't be such a baby.
Katie: Hey, I know I didn't introduce you guys properly... Okuzaki, Sunoharu- this is Alice, Cole, and uh... Eve.
Sunoharu: So, Eve you single?
Tomoyo: Sunoharu, sit down you pervert.
Sunoharu: I am not a pervert!
Tomoyo: Mhmmm... *Sarcastic*
Katie: Alice, Cole, Eve- This is Tomoyo Okuzaki and Yohei Sunoharu. They're my new friends! I did make another few, but I haven't seen them around.
Tomoyo: *Waves a bit and drinks soda*
Sunoharu: Hiya! I'm the charming one-
Tomoyo: No he's not. *Chuckles*
Sunoharu: Ay, shut up!
Katie: As you see, they argue a lot... But they still are best friends! ^^
Tomoyo: Yup.
Sunoharu: ^^
Katie: So, Pride is a child you say? I'm not trying to sound strange when I say this but, do you think I can meet him?
Sunoharu: Kids are just a waste of time. You outta hang out with a man! *Flexes*
Tomoyo: Sunoharu, quit flexing. You don't have anything to flex. XD
Sunoharu: >.<
Katie: But I'm serious. I like babysitting, and with my baby brother in Daycare and my other brother Anthony on the football team I don't have anything to do.
Tomoyo: Do you still talk to your little brothers?
Katie: Well, Marcus is the only one that talks to me... Anthony I think he outgrew me.
Tomoyo: *Laughs a bit* Outgrew? how old is he?
Katie: Eight.
Tomoyo: How can an eight year old outgrow you?
Katie: I don't know, but I do miss him. I miss them both, since I haven't been at home much. *Sighs* But Anthony's probably not that worried. They both don't know I'm a vampire. Neither does my uncle or my step dad. But vampire or not, he wouldn't really be worried why I'm gone so much.
Tomoyo: That's not true. He probably only acts that way just because he thinks it's cool.
Katie: *Shrugs with a bit of a frown*
Tomoyo: A lot of kids are that way. *Mumbles quickly* Sunoharu does.
Sunoharu: What?
Tomoyo: Nothing.
Katie: Well I still am worried. I'm always paranoid, like something's gonna happen to them.
Tomoyo: You're an older sister, you're supposed to be that way!
Katie: *Mumbles a bit* Yeah, not a great one though. *Head desk (Table? XD)*
Sunoharu: Now it's time for my cheer up song! *Filled with excitement*
Tomoyo: -_- No it's not.
Sunoharu: *Spirit's crushed* Aw... -.-'
Katie: I'm fine, but I was planning on telling them on my birthday. If they no that they had a vampire sister for a few months or so without knowing, then it won't be so bad right?
Tomoyo: Maybe.
~The mansion~
Scott: Man, I am so sorry. I should not have asked.
Sebastian: No, no. It's fine, you actually helped me.
Scott: What?
Sebastian: You reminded me that I will stop at nothing to defeat the rouge!
Scott: Sweet! Do I get a prize? =D
Sebastian: No.
Scott: Aw. D=
Sebastian: Let's get you ready for training, shall we? Tell the others to get their training equipment.
Scott: Alright.
~Katie's house~
Christian: *Drinking tea with Katie's mom* So... Me and Lance went to Raymond's house, Joey.
Joetta: *Coughs out of control* YOU WHAT?
Christian: Sebastian told us that she was there, but when we went there he was in jail. So do you know where Katie is or not?
Joetta: *Shakes head* She might be at a hotel or something, just waiting for her guest list application to be approved.
Christian: *Nods* Oh... So where are the boys?
Joetta: Marcus is at daycare still and Anthony went outside to play with his friends.
Christian: Oh. *Still a bit skeptical* How long is Katie gonna be gone?
Joetta: I don't know. How ever long it takes for Katie to reconnect with her father.
Christian: Yeah. It may take a while, after what he's done.
Joetta: Oh honey I know. I'm surprised she was willing to go! I sometimes worry about him though. The dirty work he's been doing might catch up to him, and I'm speaking more than jail time. That boy is so hard-headed.
Christian: Mhmm. *Sips more tea* Well Joey, it's about time for me to go home. I'll see you later! *Gets up and hugs Joetta*
Joetta: *Kisses Christian's cheek and opens the door for him* Bye sweetie, you take care!
Christian: Bye Joey! You take care, love you! *Walks out of the door*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*In Japan*

Eve: oh Dante is in america *dissapointed*

Cole: anyway shouldn't we go back to the US now?

Alice: why I actually like japan

Cole: but the others proboly need us

Alice: I doubt it

Eve: I wanna go back to america, to see how greed..I mean dante is doing

Alice: *to eve* Obsessed much

Eve: quiet you!

Cole: *yawns*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Coughs* Well make up your mind. If you guys need another room, I can talk to the manager to see if they can get you a discount or something. *Drinks the rest of her soda and goes on the elevator, and up to her room*
~Tokyo, Katie's room~
Katie: *Getting ready for work*
Tomoyo: *Sitting on the floor, watching t.v.*
Katie: *Puts on apron* How come you're always lounging at my place? *Losing voice* I mean I don't mind it at all, considering the fact you're always keeping me company... But why?
Tomoyo: *Shrugs* I don't know. Your place is a lot more better than mine. Plus my dad's place sucks!
Katie: Really? *Thinking Tomoyo's parents are divorced* What about your mom's house?
Tomoyo: She's dead.
Katie: *Pauses* Oh... I'm so sorry. *Coughs*
Tomoyo: Ah, it's fine.
Katie: Well I'll see you later, Okuzaki! Please don't destroy my room! ^^
Tomoyo: Alright, later.
~Tokyo, the diner~
Katie: *Moving a bit slow, looking tired* I never thought school and work was ever this tiring!
Manager: McDawn? You're gonna have to move a bit faster than that! Are you okay?
Katie: *Losing voice* I'm fine. I'm just coming down with a cold. It's a bit chilly outside.
Manager: *Nods a bit slow, but a bit worried* Alright, but just don't get your germs in people's food!
Katie: Yes, sir.
Woman: Excuse me, miss... But may I have some more coffee?
Katie: Of course! Right away, ma'am! ^^ *Goes to the coffee station*
Woman: Thank you! ^^
Katie: *Cleans up coffee grinds, a bit frustrated* [i]What a mess! Yuki could have atleast cleaned up before her shift was over![i] *Pours coffee, her hands shaking a bit and takes it to the table* Here you ma'am!
Woman: Thank you!
Katie: *Sitting down coffee, hands still shaking* Anything else?
Woman: No, thank you. Oh! Let me help.*Notices her hands shaking, takes the coffee and sits it down herself* Are you okay? Am I asking for too much?
Katie: Oh no. I'm sorry. *Feeling a bit light-headed* Thank for asking. *Smiles a bit*
Woman: No problem.
Katie: *Goes to clean up a table and to pick up her tip*
Woman: *Gets up to leave* Have a nice day, young lady! *Leaves tips, and exits the diner*
Katie: You too! Take care. *Picks up tip*
Manager: Alright, McDawn. Your shift is over, you can go home.
Katie: *Nods, coughing* Okay.
*It's snowing*
Katie: *Trudging through the snow*
Katie: *Voice fading* Hmm. It's snowing already. *Coughs*
Kyou: Hey, McDawn! Where you going?
Katie: Home. I just got off work. *Voice is a bit weak*
Kyou: Are you okay? You sound awful!
Katie: I'm fine. *Coughs again*
Kyou: Are you sure?
Katie: I'm fine. Thanks. *Smiles a bit*
Kyou: If you need to, I can let you copy my homework. It's pretty hard.
Katie: *Nodding, looking tired*
Kyou: You know, being the new kid and all... You're still learning new things. Ya know?
Katie: *Nods, eyes closing slowly*
Kyou: Yo, McDawn. You still there?
Katie: *Eyes still closing*
Kyou: Katie?
Katie: *Faints on the sidewalk*
Kyou: Oh my god!
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…

Cole: *walking in the snow* ugh its cold

Cole: *sees Katie and Kyou* woah what happened to her?

*At the hotel spa*

Alice: *in the hot tub* best hotel ever

Eve: *getting a manicure* yep, wonder whos credit card its going on?

Alice: proboly sebastians *laughs*

*At the mansion*

Dante: Sebastian! the Rogue is planning an attack in three days!

Claire: you have to get katie back from where ever she is

Chris: yeah!
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Kyou: NO QUESTIONS! Call the ambulance!
~The hospital~
Katie: *Laying down asleep*
Tomoyo: *Rushes in with Sunoharu* Katie!
Sunoharu: What happened?
Kyou: I don't know! We have to wait for the doctor to get back with the results!
Doctor: *Comes in looking at a clipboard* She's fine, but she's sick. Her immune system is weak, so it may take some time to recover.
Kyou: Oh no.
Tomoyo: *Really worried* This is bad... She won't be able to fight!
Sunoharu: Dude, we're screwed! What are her friends gonna flip out!
Tomoyo: We need to make sure she gets better, the rouge can strike any second!
~The mansion~
Sebastian: You're right. But if we're going to fight, we'll need to organize this carefully. I am gong to declare war on the Rouge. And this war will start with a bang. *Phone rings and he answers* Hello? Mr. Okuzaki... Calm down. What's going on? Hmm... I'll be there tomorrow morning. *Hangs up and looks up at Dante and Scott* I got good news and very bad news... with more bad news. I'll will explain when Christian, Lance, and Katie's mother gets here.
~An hour later~
Sebastian: The good new is I now where Katie really is. *Sitting at the dining room table, awkwardly* So... uh, there's no easy way to put this... But I lied To you all.
Lance: What?
Hazel: What are you talking about Sebastian?
Sebastian: Katie isn't in Detroit. She's in Japan, being trained.
Evangeline: Haha. Even better.
Scott: What?
Evangeline: *Shrugs* Huh?
Scott: *Turns back around looking at Sebastian*
Sebastian: And the worst part is... Is that she's sick. It might be impossible for her to fight if I can't help her.
Lance: *Stands up* What? You have gotta be kidding me! She's sick! Dude, if she doesn't recover fast enough, she'll die!
Joetta: Oh god...
Scott: What? Die?!
Christian: Oh no!
Hazel: Oh my god! WE have to help her!
Sebastian: Yes. But I'm planning on going to Tokyo tomorrow to try to heal her. I can let you guys come along to visit her.
Joetta: When?
Sebastian: The kids will depart Thursday morning, but you and I will go tomorrow morning in order to visit her a bit early. I will have to try to treat her right away, but I say you should go tomorrow also because she might want you by her side, Ms. Miller.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*At the Tokyo Hospital*

Cole: wow she's really sick *sends text to Alice*

Text: get to the hospital now! Katie is sick!

*At the Hotel Spa*

Alice: *gets text* woah Eve we gotta go!

Eve: why?

Alice: katie is sick at the hospital!

Eve: lets go!

*At the mansion*

Chris: you knew where katie was?

Claire: forget that, we need to get her better before the rogue attacks

Dante: to tokyo!
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
~Tokyo, the next morning at the hospital~
Katie: *Asleep*
Tomoyo: *Sits on Katie's bed*
Katie: *Feels Tomoyo sit next to her and wakes up* Oh, hey...
Tomoyo: How ya feelin?
Katie: Not bad, but not good either. *Laughs a bit*
Tomoyo: The invasion starts in a few more days... We can't fight without you.
Katie: I'm so sorry... I should not have gotten sick. My immune system has been week since I was little, I should have known better!
Tomoyo: It's not your fault, but we're going to delay the invasion by having a war instead. But it's very risky... But we're gonna make sure you get better.
Sebastian: *Walks in* Hello Ms. McDawn! ^^
Katie: Sebastian?
Joetta: *Walks in after him* Hey!
Katie: Ma? *A bit more happy that they're there*
Joetta: *Hugs Katie* Aw, I miss you already!
Katie: I miss you too!
Tomoyo: *Waves a bit, trying not to seem like an awkward background person* Hiya.
Joetta: I'm Joetta, Katie's mother... But just call me Joey.
Tomoyo: *Shakes her hand* I'm Tomoyo Okuzaki, but everyone calls me Okuzaki.
Joetta: It's nice to meet you, Okuzaki.^^
Katie: So what is it gonna take to get me well?
Joetta: *Helps Katie sit up*
Sebastian: It depends. I'll probably have to stop by everyday to treat you, but it shouldn't be that long. I also have to discuss our war tactics with you...
Katie: War?
Sebastian: I'll explain later. Get as much rest as possible, every one should be here no longer than Thursday afternoon.
Katie: Oh. *A little disappointed* Ma?
Joetta: Yes?
Katie: Did Uncle Jay come?
Joetta: No. I wasn't sure if he was ready to find out your secret so I told him and the boys I went to visit your grandma.
Katie: *Even more disappointed* Oh.
Tomoyo: You'll be fine. You're already on your way to being an advanced vampire! When your out of bed, where going strait to training, nonstop!
Katie: *Less disappointed* Okay... *Smiles a bit*
Sunoharu: And you're happy about that?!
Katie: *Laughs a bit* Actually, yes. It's time for us to step our game up. We all have to work together to defeat the Rouge. And I'm up for it, no matter what.
Joetta: *Chuckles a bit* If only if your Uncle Jay was here. He would be here doing a war cry.
Katie: And I would have an intense headache. XD
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک smartone123 said…
(whats happened?)
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*In the hospital*

Chris, Claire and Dante: *walk in*

Dante: hey guys so hows tokyo?

Cole: just fine

Chris: so are you guys ready to fight?

Alice: I don't know, I don't have any fighting powers

Eve: *sees Dante* Greed??

Dante: Lust?

Eve and Dante: *hug then kiss each other on the cheek*

Cole: *coughs* Get a room!

Alice: *giggles*

Claire: *to Sebastian* whats the plan and how are we gonna protect the people with out powers? *points to christian, lance and the others*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک smartone123 said…
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Sebastian: We'll discuss that later. For now you can catch up with Ms. McDawn. *walks out*
Katie: So... *a bit worried about how she's going to tell them why she left*
*Lance, Hazel, and Christian come in*
Lance: Katie! *Hugs Katie*
Christian: *Getting ready to cry* Oh my god!
Hazel: Are you okay?
Katie: I'm fine, don't worry about it. *Hugs Hazel and Christian and smiles a bit*
Lance: Are you sure?
Katie: *Laughs a bit* I am! I'll be better in no time... I hope...
Scott: *Walks in a bit late* Hey, are you okay?
Katie: ...
Lance: *Looks over at Scott and his eyes dart back to Katie*
Katie: I'm fine. *Talking a bit calm*
Scott: Oh. That's good.
*Christian, Joetta, and Hazel leave to avoid an awkward moment*
Lance: *Sits on Katie's bed next to Tomoyo and Sunoharu* I'm Lance. I'm *Sees Tomoyo* WHOA!
Katie: What?
Lance: Dude! You're like an Asian me!
Sunoharu: *Looks a bit closer at Lance* Holy crap, dude! You are!
Katie: *Shakes head and laughs* You guys are stupid.
Tomoyo: *Squints eyes at Lance* Whoa. I think you right. XD
*The three of them walk out talking*
Scott: *Leaning against the wall not talking* ...
Katie: ... *Looks out of the window*
Scott: ...
Katie: ...Why did you come?
Scott: *Shrugs* I don't know. I just wanted to see if you were okay.
Katie: I'm Fine, thank you.
Scott: Oh. *Looks away*
Katie: *Looks down at her hands* So were you guys okay with me gone?
Scott: I guess.
Katie: Hmm.
Scott: Everyone was really worried though.
Katie: Oh. What about Evangeline?
Scott: You know, that's a good question...
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک smartone123 said…
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
Dante: *holding hands with Eve* yeah speaking of my sister, where did she go?

Eve: *shrugs*

Cole: so when is this invansion going to start?

Chris: about 2 days

Cole: ok

Alice: well tokyo has been nice, there's like no supernatural stuff here

Claire: must be nice

Cole: I say we go check out all the cool stuff around here before we have to leave

Alice: what should we do?

Cole: I saw some ad for a Trampoline Dodgeball arena!

Alice: oh great -_-

Chris: I'll go!

Claire: me two

Claire, Chris, and Alice: *walk outside*

Cole: *to dante* are you coming?

Dante: nah, I'm just gonna go for a walk with eve and see the lights

Eve: yeah

Cole: ok
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک smartone123 said…
(gtg for bit)
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Groans* You guys are so lovey dovey that it's disgusting.
Scott: *Laughs*
Katie: Well, I'm leaving the hospital tomorrow.
Scott: Really?
Katie: Yeah, in the afternoon.
Evangeline: *Yawns and walks in* Yo...
Katie: *Not happy to see her* Oh, hey there.
Scott: I gotta use it. Be right back! *Leaves*
Evangeline: How's Japan?
Katie: Oh, pretty well. I'm close to becoming an advanced vampire, maybe we can have a rematch.
Evangeline: Ha, you're funny.
Katie: *Grimly looks in Evangeline's eyes* I'm not kidding.
Evangeline: Damn, what's the matter?
Katie: Nothing. *Referring to Evangeline when she says nothing*
Evangeline: Why are you so mean?
Katie: I could ask to the same thing. You spread a rumor about me saying I always have make-out session with Lance!
Evangeline: Hmm?
Katie: Drop the act. I know what you did!
Evangeline: *Shrugs* If you say so.
Katie: You listen to me. Cut the crap and stop manipulating me and my friends *Weakly stands up* You keep my name out of your mouth, you got that? And you better not pull any other stupid stunts...
Evangeline: *Walks over and whispers in Katie's ear* Says the little vampire girl that can't walk. *Smirks*
Katie: *Clenches fist and whispers back* You're lucky I can't, because I'm just about done with you. Leave me be or I'll be more than the "Little vampire girl" you look down on.
Evangeline: Is that a threat?
Katie: No.
Evangeline: Ha.
Katie: ...Because it's a promise. *Smirks back*
Evangeline: *Crosses arms and walks out*
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک aprilacne said…
(what happened?)


Charie:Are we going to die?
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*In a Park*

Eve and Dante: *walking and holding hands*

Dante: did you hear Katie and Evangeline?

Eve: I know, but if they ever fight who's side are you on?

Dante: well obviously I would have to choose my sister

Eve: well aren't you just the best big brother ever *teasing Dante*

Dante: yeah yeah what ever -_-

Eve: just teasing you

Eve: but If Evangeline and Katie fought again, I would say Katie

Dante: why?

Eve: she killed me, remember!

Dante: oh yeah she kinda killed me too *laughs*

*In the City*

Chris: so where was that arena?

Claire: yeah, we've been walking forever

Cole: just up the next street

Alice: we could have just used the GPS
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک smartone123 said…
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک aprilacne said…
Charlie:*having trouble saying his name*Lanc?Are we going to die?

Amy:*looks at ance threatnigly* *mouths*You tell her that we are and I RKO your head off.

Levi:*flying around the mansion, looking for intruders*

Rexie:*in her germen sheperd form, doing the same*

(some one awnser me)
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
~The hotel, Sebastian's room~
Sebastian: *Makes a phone call* Hello.
???: Yes, who is this?
Sebastian: Sebastian Michaels VI, remember me?
???: *Freezes up in fear* You're supposed to be dead,
Sebastian: *Remaining calm* I don't have time to toy with you. Let me speak to your boss
???: Why?
Sebastian: Just do as I say, or I will come up there myself.
The Rouge's boss: Who is that? *Yelling*
???: *Hands him the phone and backs up*
Boss: Who's this and how did you contact this number?
Sebastian: I'm Sebastian Michaels VI. I'm sure you remember me.
Boss: Quit screwing around with me.
Sebastian: Oh I am not planning to "Screw around" with you, I'm willing to cut you a deal.
Boss: What?
Sebastian: I know all about your invasion, so there's no use in trying to sneak up on us. My force has teamed up with the forces in Japan, India, Russia, New England, and Nigeria to rise against you. So instead, I'm declaring war on you.
Boss: War? You're outnumbered.
Sebastian: So you're opposed... How about I sweeten this deal up a bit: If we win, you will be banned from the human realm for the rest of eternity. If you happen to win, my estate is yours and you will do as you please.
Boss: We'll have a meeting. Hopefully you're still not that cowardly little boy that'll be afraid to show up...
Sebastian: *Pity laughs* I'll be there.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک smartone123 said…
(idk -.-)
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dxarmy423 said…
*At the Park*

Eve and Dante: *walking*

?????: well hello traitors!

Dante: wait I know that voice

Eve: yeah

Pride: oh you don't recognize me

Dante: pride -_-

Eve: isn't it past your bed time

Pride: shut up! even though I'm nine, I'm a super genius!

Dante: *sighs* fine...what do you want pride? -_-

Pride: I want to start the Seven Deadly beings again!

Eve: you can't, Wrathe and Gluttony are gone, Envy wants to be left alone

Dante: me and eve don't have powers and Sloth won't even get out of bed cause he is so lazy

Pride: but I want the team back together!

Eve: forget about it

*In the streets of Japan*

Alice: thats it, I'm calling it. we're lost

Cole: shut up

Chris: maybe if we find a mall or something, we can get directions

Claire: yeah....*gets lost in the crowd*

Chris: where did claire go?

Cole: no idea

Alice: yeah she just dissapeared
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک smartone123 said…
pets her in tiger form-john
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Sitting cross-legged in the bed, eating*
Tomoyo: *Sitting on the side of Katie's bed by Lance*
Lance: *Eating* McDonald's sure beats the hospital's food!
Tomoyo: Yeah! *Eats A burger*
Katie: Hey, when is the invasion?
Tomoyo: Two days, but that's only if Sebastian doesn't declare war.
Katie: We'd better have our fingers crossed.
Lance: So if there is a war, where is it gonna be?
Tomoyo: Inferno.
Lance: Huh?
Tomoyo: It's a battle field in the Vampire Realm.
Katie: How are we getting there?
Tomoyo: Sebastian has to open up a portal with some sort of spell.
Katie: Oh... Well either way, I'm gonna be prepared!
Lance: *Mind drifting off* So are you and Evangeline friends?
Katie: Not in a lifetime.
Lance: Well, it figures. She was so happy you were gone.
Katie: Really?
Lance: Yeah, she was practically prancing around the mansion while you were gone!
Katie: I knew it!
Tomoyo: Told ya. No offense.
Katie: You're right. I'm gonna prove I'm not weak anymore.
Lance: Yeah that's when you can actually walk without tripping over air.
Katie: -.-"