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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
Avril and James were kissing in the closet little did they know Nikki was lookin for a mop she opened it Avril fell and James fell right on سب, سب سے اوپر of her he kissed her forehead and helped her up she giggled they walked off Nikki fake gagged herself th idea of love sickend though she never expierence it who was she to judge she was watchin all the remaining campers Jack and Gabby argueing again Camielle begging Zack to do her Zack watchin Isabella's every step and Isabella pretending she didn't like it Hader and Erica discussing something and Katherine standing alone as usual Nikki only had one friend Camielle but she was set on winning and leaving it was a little weird considering Camielle was bisexual so yeah she looked up to notice everyone was gone
Camielle:Comeon Zack how bad can it be?
Zack:Camielle i told آپ a million times I am not doing that!
Camielle:Ugh forget you!
Zack:Im busy anyway he کہا quietly watching Isabella talk and walk and laugh
Gabby:(man he's a good kisser)
Jack(if this is love i am ready to get married)
After they stop kissing
Gabby:Jack I'm sorry I keep آپ as a secret I have my reasons.
Jack:I kno u do I'll like u no matter what.
kisses him one last time and leaves not wanting to she sees Hader
Hader:So when were u planning on telling me about ur mistery boyfriend
Gabby:I'm sorry it's just my parents don't like guys like him don't tell anyone please i don't want to lose him
Hader:Secrets محفوظ with me
Gabby:Oh thank آپ thank you
Hader:i also kno Zack is falling madly in love with Isabella
Isabella:Whats impressive
Isabella chuckled
Isabella:So what's going on?
Gabby:Promise آپ won't tell?
Gabby:me and Jack secretly go out but i don't دکھائیں it cause of my parents
Isabella:i knew it!
Isabella:I see the way u look at him
Hader:The same way Zack lloks at you!
Isabella:What?*sounding a bit excited*
Hader:U kno it Isabella!
Isabella:No!!! *lieing*
Hader:Ur right im wrong *winks at Gabby and walks off*
John:Alright campers the producers feel two things need to happen one they need a co-host so welcome Zanna(a.k.a JacobDXCfan4eva)
Zanna:Hi guys it's nice to meet آپ guys
John:And every challenge will be موسیقی related
Avril and james cheer
John:So let's get this دکھائیں on the road this one will be rock only!so get ur guitars and rock
After everyone picks and rehearses it is Hader's turn
She gets up and sings link after that everyone claps wildly and it is Gabby who sings link after that everyone claps and it is Katherine's turn link everyone is amazed and it is time for Isabella's turn link Zack claps and gets on stage and sings along with her out and it is time for Erica she sings link everyone sings along and Nikki has her chance and Avril"s turn link then Camielle link and Zack comes to rock the house link Jack has his chance so he sings link and James comes to claim his prize link then it is over
Zanna:Wow that was awsome wow but sadly one of u must go and we feel Erica ur that one srry sweetie will see ya at the finale okay bye!
Erica:Bye guys have fun bye katherine
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