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posted by xcv_2013
Last Time on Total Drama High:
Chris explained to everyone that Duncan's younger sister,Brooke, has been thinking about dropping out. He also announced to everyone's surprise that she has also turned emo. There were some confessional entries from Trent دکھانا signs that he's pretty into her. What shockers will happen today on TOTAL DRAMA HIGH

Trent & DJ started heading to the gym for the class they had,P.E. "Well, how hard can it be to convenice a 15 سال old not to drop out of High School?" Dj suggested. Trent smiled & said," I know. Besides, she knows us & she's our friend. So it shouldn't be that hard!" Trent said. Suddenly they hear a girl scream in the gym. They both looked at each other & ran to see what was happening. They saw that the 40 سال old gym instructor,who use to be a drill instructor, being thrown on the دیوار سے طرف کی a little girl with the same outfit the picture of Brooke now. He fell to the ground & soon the girl got on his back & got him in a head choke. "AM I STILL GETTIN A F?!" The instructor only was hitting the ground which to she replied only tightening her grip on his neck.
DJ: That can't be... Is it?
*end confessional*
"ALRIGHT!!! آپ HAVE AN A!!! آپ HAVE AN A!!!" the drill instructor yelled. The girl let go & turned away. "& that's how this emo girl gets what she wants in life." she said. DJ & Trent stared with their mouths open. She spotted them & froze. "Aw man! آپ guys saw that?!" she asked. The shook their heads."Well there go's my good girl image." she کہا looking down. DJ finally managed his words & said,"Hey Brooke! I hate to ask a favor on the first day, but um, PLEASE DON"T KILL ME!!!!" he yelled begging on his knees. Trent looked at him in a weird face.
Trent: This apparently will be harder than I thought.
*end confessional*
Brooke walked over slowly & patted DJ's head & said,"Don't worry big guy. I won't" then she had an evil look on her face,"FOR NOW!!!"
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