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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Dawn: So can آپ remind me why i'm here?
Doctor: Your therapists and other doctors give آپ too many pills
Dawn: So I have to stay here for seventeen days like Amy Winehouse?
Doctor: It's different for everybody
Dawn: Whatever. *goes in to group room and sits in chair* Izzy?
Izzy: Too...many...RAHHR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dawn: I missed آپ too... HOLY SHIT IS THAT MILEY CYRUS????
Miley: Sssshhh! I don't want any press to know about me!
Group leader: Hello, my name is Sammuel Jackson, but call me Sam. I'm here to lead the group!
Random dude: You're gay.
Sam: Jonothan, we are not allowed to say things like this in our classroom. Now, we have a new member. Say hi to Dawn!
Everyone: *in a bored tone of voice* Hi, Dawn.
Sam: So, how about آپ tell us your story?
Dawn: Whateves. So my doctors gave me too many pills, and now my housemom Molly is sewing all of them. And, well, my housefather Danny made me come here.
Sam: That's splendid! Now how can آپ fix that?
Dawn: I can't... my doctors gave them to me...
Sam: Really... how can آپ tell your doctors to stop?
Dawn: Molly's sewing them!! آپ weren't listening to me!
Sam: Oh. Your problems seem to be solved. How about آپ go see Kelly at room 346?
Dawn: *walks to room 346* Uh, hi Kelly. I was sent here. I'm Dawn Jonstton.
Kelly: *searching through files* Dawn Jonstton, Dawn Jonstton. Oh, there آپ are! Lets see, *reads file* doctors gave pills, getting sewed, therapists, seen friend naked... may I reccomend eating candy? آپ don't have to stay here. The problem آپ have is not as big as Miley's.
Dawn: Thst would be great! Thanks for your help!! *shakes hand, and runs out of building*
Molly: Let me help آپ pack your things.
Paparazzi: REALLY? What room is she in?
Dawn: Room 352!
*paparazzi runs in building*
Molly: What did the doctors tell آپ to do?
Dawn: Eat candy. I got this note!
*gives note to Molly, who reads*
Molly: That's great, honey!
Dawn: I know!
Molly: Now, what was that about Miley Cyrus?
*they walk away in the sunset... to Molly's car*
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