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I can see why people won't like this season it's because everyone is so mean and characterized in a bad way.But like last time I watched it I loved it! Anyway I'm going to be دیا the up تاریخ on who won what.

Most villain points آپ can never guess lol ok آپ totally can Chris with 77 villain points!

Most hero points is Courtney with 39, hero points yeah season one got her far didn't it.

Runner up for most villain points is Duncan with 29.

Runner up for the most hero points is Chris with 27, Wow didn't expect that.
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For my Duncan luvers!
the musical
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This chapter is short and a little stupid, but enjoy the stupidity!!

Noah's P.O.V

She looked really cute while doing the dance with the other girls. Strutting around and shaking her hips to the rhythm. When the part of Snoop Dog came in, I heard one of us singing.

"Toned, Ten, fit and ready! Turn it up cause it's gettin' heavy! Wild,Wild,Wild, west of coast! These are the girls I love the most!"

It was Duncan.

Apparently, he was an awesome singer. As he rapped he put his hands on Courtney's hips as she danced. He smirked as she started to smile and laugh. That's when everyone started free-styling....
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گلبہار, گل داؤدی
آپ ALL should no about tdifangirls doncan and daisy.well once again a prediction. btw if آپ dont like my predictions just tell me and ill stop writing.
doncan and گلبہار, گل داؤدی were on there 12 ماہ anaversery , thats where doncan proposed to her.she accepted and had a huge wedding in france. everyoneone was there , even courtney.[doncan was still a little nervos around her] anyway,daisy became a super modle in toronto while douncan plays on one of the best basket ball teams ever![#7 to be exact]they are know millionairs with no children.[but,she is pregnet and planing on a girl named marrianne]there آپ have it if آپ want me i'll be making my اگلے artical. dueces!
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آپ should all know the fight between justin and noah.the fight over the sweet as honey hether well i should tell آپ who won.the hot guy یا the smart guy.....if آپ guessed the smart guy your correct. hether chose noah.
hether prodly states she iz now hether kagumi stevensonby one little event
[justin]"hether,will you........._"
[noah]"hether, i gotta talk to you!"
[justin]"hold on a سیکنڈ long head, i was here first!"
[noah]"whatever, this is important"
[justin]not as important as mine"
[noah]"your right ... مزید important, now move!"
[justin]"get out یا i'll مککا, عجیب الخلقت the living دن lights out of you!"...
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 mckaylas the one in the left یا the one bending down
mckaylas the one in the left or the one bending down
ok tdifangirl made the awesome and amazing legend : crizzy, and im telling what they might be like wen there older.
chris proposed 2 izzy wen they were 21 and had 3 kids.2 boys and a girl.Christopher dallas McClain the 2nd, Marcus roy McClain,and McKayla danielle McClain.
chistopher was the oldest , mckayla was the youngist.izzy iz now a pro dancer and a soccer mom , while chris directs a new دکھائیں called "do آپ gots it"[yes i got that of of a show]
they went to the tdi reuniun,chris came up to izzy and said" izzy can i talk 2 u"
"im just going to come out and say this.."
"izabella danielle gray,i want to spend the rest of my life with آپ and i really love you! will آپ marry me?"
"oh my gosh chris! YES!!!"
now they live happily together in a huge manchon with millions of dollers. i just wanted to share my opinion'bout chrizzy. the # 1 پرستار of chrizzy,
izzyroxmysocks ps the pics r predicsions
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5. Heather and Alejandro
Omg,I love this couple so much!They are very alike and they are super funny and enjoyable!They also have build up and lots of it! It's not likely that this couple will stay together at the end but I so want them to.The main reason because they don't get along but it's done right unlike another couple *Cough* Duncan and Courtney*cough*.

4. Mal and Courtney
Yeah I already explained why I like this couple and there isn't much left to talk about unless آپ haven't reed it soo..Yeah.I kinda of took everything taken care of in my سب, سب سے اوپر 5 پرستار میں تپ, تپ couple soo..Yeah.

3. Dave and...
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The first thing I would like to point out is that مزید than half of them are in my liking some aren't but I'm basing out-ter beauty for this فہرست so if آپ please don't complain if I have your lest پسندیدہ character on this list. Now let's start.

You guys are already to fight over this aren't you.Look I like her look there are just مزید beautiful girls in total drama that I just liked the looks more.But to tell آپ the truth I do think she's adorable and that her big blue eye are cute.I

No, I didn't put her on my فہرست because she's my پسندیدہ character! And if I was doing...
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