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It was bad enough when the catchy "I Wanna Be Famous" was cut to only twenty سیکنڈ in Total Drama All Stars. At least then we had the hope that it would be back to its original length for TDPI. Now, Cartoon Network has insisted that the theme song be shortened permanently, and as far as I know, not just in the US but in Canada too. Cartoon Network has no right to boss around the producers, and the fans, too. The reason Cartoon Network claims they insisted that the theme song be shortened was because they didn't think the audience could "sit through" it. Despite the fact that we sat through it for four seasons, that is a valid concern. The problem is that the 40 سیکنڈ cut from the theme song are NOT replaced with مزید actual episode time, despite what some people think. If آپ compare the length of TDAS episodes on the internet to the length of episodes from other seasons, آپ will find that the TDAS episodes are noticeably shorter, due to the theme song being cut. This means that when Total Drama airs, the lost intro time is being replaced with nothing but مزید ads, which completely defeats the purpose of why Cartoon Network shortened the intro. Surely audiences would rather sit through 40 extra سیکنڈ of a catchy intro for the awesome TV دکھائیں that they are watching than 40 extra سیکنڈ of completely unrelated ads. Also, whenever a new Total Drama season comes out, there is always the excitement of seeing the new intro footage for the season, and the intro footage can give cool hints about the season. for example, in TDWT it showed several locations and hinted at Alejandro and Heather's relationship. the excitement of seeing the new intro footage for each new season is lost with the intro being shortened. Also, remember that a TV show's intro has an important job. It introduces the series and shows what it's about. It identifies the series. The old TD did just that. It screamed "Total Drama" at the سب, سب سے اوپر of its lungs. Now, the shortened intro just doesn't seem the same. Total Drama just doesn't feel the same with out the original intro. If آپ agree with me that the TD intro should return to it's original length, یا even if آپ like it short but still believe the lost intro time should be replaced with مزید episode time and not just ads, click the link to contact Cartoon Network and tell them your opinion, cause even if networks feel like bossing around producers, we all know that they have to and will try to please their fans. So let your voice be heard, and let the full, uncut Total Drama theme song be heard once more. Contact Cartoon Network here: link
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