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Chris: Alright the ووٹ have been counted. And the loser is. LARA! Sorry, but uh, I kinda saw it coming so uh. BYE, BYE!

Lara: *sighs* *closes eyes* Fine, I'll leave.

Lara, goes in a car with candy and gifts in it. Chris put those in there so the losers would feel better about losing.

Chris: Kay, now that the elimination ceremony is over were going to add new members to Total Drama LIFE!
Please welcome, Penny and Jakob!

Jake: Uhh, it's JAKE.

Chris: Whatever. I'm going to put آپ two on the Screaming Liars' team so you'll be having a great time because they're winning! *giggles* Alex Leonard آپ will be on the Loving Cheaters team.

Alex L: *in confessional* OH MY F*CKING GOD!!! How am I gonna prove to Bree I REALLY like her? *screams like a girl*

Chris: *in confessional* Yeah..... I kinda wanted that to happen to him. *laughs* Until the اگلے episode of Total Drama LIFE!!!
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My very first fanfic!Hope آپ enjoy it!In the end of the episode آپ will have to vote off someone!Okay thanks and enjoy!
Chris:It's season 4 *points out 4*of the hottest reality دکھائیں ever!Total Drama!*spreads hands*In this season the old and new campers that are going on an 3-stared hotel in Canada in the new season "Total Drama Superactive!Ha...The only thing is that they are not!*makes the Chris-ish laugh* This is going to be the most dramatic seasons ever,because later we'll...Well,that's a suprise!*boat horn*I hear them now*
Tyler:Linds,I can hold tese...
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Pamela/ oh god! im so bored!
Courtney/ yeah me too....
Pamela/ want to see a movie?
Courtney/ sure!
Pamela/ what about 2012?
Courtney/ uummm yeah sure....
pamela/ cool! ''door's گھنٹی, بیل rings'' coming!!!
'' open door'' COURTNEY! IS 4 U!!!!
courtney/ who is it?
Pamela/ come and look 4 yourself!
Courtney/ Duncan?!? what are u doing here?
Duncan/ geoff is having a party so-
Courtney/ oh i told him i dont want to go....
Pamela/ hey! u کہا a party?
Duncan/ yeah....
Pamela/ cool! lets go
Courtney/ no im not going....
Pamela/ why?
Duncan/ cause she is a boring person thats why.....
Courtney/ IM NOT A BORING PERSON!!!...
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Haha!XD Watch and enjoy, please~!:3
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