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Chris: Alright the ووٹ have been counted. And the loser is. LARA! Sorry, but uh, I kinda saw it coming so uh. BYE, BYE!

Lara: *sighs* *closes eyes* Fine, I'll leave.

Lara, goes in a car with candy and gifts in it. Chris put those in there so the losers would feel better about losing.

Chris: Kay, now that the elimination ceremony is over were going to add new members to Total Drama LIFE!
Please welcome, Penny and Jakob!

Jake: Uhh, it's JAKE.

Chris: Whatever. I'm going to put آپ two on the Screaming Liars' team so you'll be having a great time because they're winning! *giggles* Alex Leonard آپ will be on the Loving Cheaters team.

Alex L: *in confessional* OH MY F*CKING GOD!!! How am I gonna prove to Bree I REALLY like her? *screams like a girl*

Chris: *in confessional* Yeah..... I kinda wanted that to happen to him. *laughs* Until the اگلے episode of Total Drama LIFE!!!
 Made سے طرف کی hot_mess GREAT PIC!
Made by hot_mess GREAT PIC!
Claire:Welcome everyone to Fanpop Fugitives everyone *applause* So on this دکھائیں we تلاش how why and where these three people have gone. Sumer یا known as sumerjoy11 one of the most known fanpoppers of Total Drama Island and other sites. Lucas یا The_Kill, and Jake یا escapethejake11. So they say it started with a DRAMA fight between sumerjoy11 and some other fanpoppers. With مزید on some stories lets go to our reporter Haley یا known as TDItrentgirl16 with the pedestrian Kylee یا kown as tdicxdfan. Whats going on there Haley

Haley:Well Claire as آپ know i am here with Kylee یا tdicxdfan so...
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*Non-First class*

*Bridgette crys*
Rayven: آپ got to gte over Jordan! I mean your as bad as کرن, رے when Noah left!
Ray: Never menchen that again! *starts to cry*
Rayven: aaaaaaaaaaaaa.......... I'm going over to the storeage room with Jamie.

*Storage room*

Jamie: what are آپ doing in here???
Rayven: کرن, رے and Bridgette are crying over there loves.
Jamie: my love is Duncan.
Rayven: wo wo wo!!!!! Duncan????? He's like was on the other team.
Jamie: So he's still hot. I bet آپ have a crush on someone!
Rayven: Nope no one.
Jamie: I can hardly belive that!

*First class*

Jax: Dang! Those girls can cry!
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"What did آپ just say to me?"
"I کہا آپ were stupid"

sigh this happend every دن oh sorry I forgot to intoduce myself I'm Olivia daughter of Athena Iv'e lived at camp half blood all my life well as long as I can remember any way
"DON'T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT !!" and thats Eve daughter of Hermes.
"Eve Trent what are آپ yelling about now"
"Its all there fault" they کہا pointing to one another arggg somtimes I just wish that they would make up and be دوستوں but nooooooooooooooooooo they keep yelling at each other "calm down Eve آپ go first"
"how come she gets to go first"
"oh just shut up Trent"...
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Chris: Yo! Welcome back to....

Rayven: Are آپ gonna say that
Everytime chris?

Chris: *whispers* im getting paid
to say this.

Rayven: *rolls eyes*

Chris: In the last exciting episdoe
of TOTAL DRAMA SURVIVOR the two teams
the good team and the bad team had to
compete in a singing contest. The evil
team won and the good team had to send
someone home. Alex's temper got a little
out of control and she tryed to convince
everybody on the good team to vote off
lindsay because she wasnt doing anything.
Luckily she convinced them right and poor
little lindsay took a ride on the کشتی of
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posted by Mp4girl
He loved me.

My دل swelled as these words slowly made their way up to the most tingly depth of my mind, one سے طرف کی one. He loved me! He really loved me! He was the most beautiful thing in the world, in my eyes, ‘cuz آپ know, I have really good eyesight. I don’t know if I really believed it یا not, but something in my head forced me to repeat the words he said, outloud, in my stupid, way-too-raspy voice.
I love you.” My دل lurched as I heard myself say those three words in a voice that wasn’t quite mine. “Really, I do.” My دل was swelling with pleasure and a tingly sensation...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Name: Dustin LeDeimon
Age: 16
Birthdate: September 8th
Siblings: Twin sister Lilly, یا L3ll4y. Lilly is older.
Nationaliy: Mom is Spanish, Dad is American
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Crush: Duncan
Style: Emo
Looks: Black hair with blonde bang over left eye, blue eyes, eyeliner (XD), emo clothing (?),so fucking pale
Friends: Trent, Lindsay
Enemies: Pretty much everyone else...
Interests: Poem writing, taking pics of himself with a camera, cutting self (XD), fasion designing, Duncan
Why on TDI?: Dustin wants to have some fun!
Personality: Hyper, upbeat...yeah that sumurizes it.
Am I like Dustin at all: No. I'm not an emo whiny bitch.
Stereotype: The gay upbeat emo whiny bitch

So that's Dustin for ya.
 I don't own this picture, but it's pretty much what he looks like. Lol.
I don't own this picture, but it's pretty much what he looks like. Lol.
posted by TOTALFan
 My دل is not taken...
My heart is not taken...
I am walking down the گھاس aside the cabin's...i see courtney and Gwen talking...Courtney get's مزید loud...Courtney slaps Gwen...
I run towards them.

Me:"HEY!WHAT'S YOU'RE PROBLEM COURTNEY?!?!"I say as I get in front of Gwen.

Courtney:"She was with Duncan!"

Me:"So!Their just friends!"

Courtney:"Oh really?!Then why were they smiling and laughing and...and...UGH!"

Gwen:"We weren't doing anything wrong Courtney!"

Courtney:"You little tramp!"Courtney try's to fight Gwen...I push them away from each-other.

Me:"Stop fighting!"I push Courtney onto the ground.

Courtney:"Oh!How dare آپ push me!I'm gonna sue...
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posted by TdiFan4Everz
Oh And سے طرف کی Katie I Mean Sonicluver101.

Katie: "I Need A Blue Sweater So I Can Cosplay As Bridgette?"
Lindsay: "Hey! Wanna Go To The Mall To Look For The Blue Sweater?"
Katie: "Sherre."
Lindsay: *Runs To Car Place* "Let Me Get My License First!"
Katie: "Mkay."

*1 گھنٹہ Later*

Lindsay: "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I Failed Because I Didn't Have The Paperstuff To Take The Test?"
Katie: "Then Why'd Ya Take An Hour?"
Lindsay: "I Kept Argueing With The Guy!"
Katie: O.O
Lindsay: "Tyson Can آپ Take Me And Kaylee To The Mall?"
Tyler: "Um..........No."
Lindsay: "Pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze?"
Tyler: "Alright. You...
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posted by potterandtdi

'Her eyes. It hit me. The girl I was on had the most beautiful eyes I'd ever seen. Now she's holding on to my waist. On my motorcycle.MY motorcycle. Not Geoff's, not Trent's. MINE. I wanted to stare into those eyes. I really do. I hope she feels the same way.' I thought in my head. I peek out of my daydreams and see my house. I park behind my dad's car. I get off my motorcycle. She sits there. She stares beyond my house. To the graveyard nextdoor. "Oh, don't mind that. It's not that spooky." I tell her. I try to get her to focus. She looks like she's possessed. I wonder what's wrong.

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“How I Feel About You” A poem سے طرف کی Total Drama Island’s Duncan;
This is a reply I decided to write for Courtney’s poem, called “Another Part of Me.”

Am I glad to hear this;
After all we’ve just been through.
I’m not willing to take such a risk;
It’s how I feel about you.

My دل glowed as I read this;
As it always will.
It’s آپ I love, آپ I’ll miss;
Standing سے طرف کی the windowsill.

I want آپ to know;
That آپ are forgiven.
And I do love آپ so.
And I will, for a living.

How I feel about you;
I think آپ already know
Between us I feel something true;
My love will always glow.

From the beginning...
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posted by kk99aa
Duncan sat there, absorved in the movie.
There was only 7 teens in the movie theater.
It was basicly Just all of my دوستوں there.Crystaale was first,
then Ryan then me, (Vannessa),
then Duncan. And in the سیکنڈ
row was Sasuke, Diamond, and Jason. We were watching " friday the thriteenth"
in 3D.Diamond went to the bathroom, Crystaale went to get پاپ کارن, پوپکارن and sasuke went with her. Ryan had a "Tuxedo malfunction" and went ہوم with Jason to change. It was just Duncan and me. "Soooo...." Duncan stammered, trying to make dumb conversation. "Shut up!" I yelled, and put my finger over his lips. His happy expression went from happy to shocked. But when i leaned in, his expression turned lusty....
 zoe at the ساحل سمندر, بیچ
zoe at the beach
I was at the ساحل سمندر, بیچ ,then a wold came and started attacking me. "AHHH! WHAT THE HELL IS A بھیڑیا DOING AT THE BEACH!!!"
"Ill save you!" yelled a voice, it was duncan.
"duncan" he took me to the woods, and we lost the wolf.
"i think we lost it, zoe."
"i hope so. Hows آپ find me?"
"i was walking and saw آپ get attacked سے طرف کی a wolf."
"okay, آپ know who to play gutiar, right?
"i need a new gutiar player, want the job?"
"sure, whats the band?"
"skulls and sticks"
"okay, so..."
"wannna go out?"
"what? 0_o"
"want to go out? with me?dunkie?"
"well, i e, o, um. *goosebumps theme plays*
"what the heck is that? zpe?"
"do آپ konw?"
"no AHH!"
"a mummy!"
"what? OMG AHHH!"
Both:RUN! AHH!

To be counitnued
Name: Arther, but HATES to called it, he perfers Blake.
Possy: JG's possy, 3rd in command.
Friends: Seiamica, JG, Vanita, Duncan, Beth, Noah.
enemies: Heather, Calvin, Harold, Trent, Bryanna.
Nicknames: Munchfreind(most used), Mega midge, midget.

Blake, Eva's cousin, is the shortest person in
TDA. He is sometimes noted as a nerd, but not often because anyone who does get's beaten up. Blake is a good fighter, he hates Calvin because he cracks short jokes at him, even though he is only a centimeter taller than him. Just like Eva, Blake has anger management isues, but he can controle them. These...
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A while back آپ may remember me write my فہرست of my سب, سب سے اوپر 5 LEAST پسندیدہ couples. Well now, I'm talking about the best! These are the couples I've supported, loved, squee'd over, and, well, yeah!
NOTE: to me, CANON means a couple that is happening یا has happened. So BrickXJo, DawnXB, GwenXCourtney, yeah, they won't be on here.
2nd Note: just because a couple isn't on here doesn't mean I HATE the couple, unless it's on my worst list.
5. TylerXLindsay (Tylindsay). This is the only "classic character" couple on my فہرست that is still happening. I know it's cliche, the jock and the cheerleader, but...
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lol! Love this guy's audition! NOT MINE.
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