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posted by blenson555
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~At the pool~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rose:Ok,ready?!Sue:Ya!*Pores the poop in the pool*People in the pool:AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!Sue&Rose:hahahahahahahahahahah!!!Tiffany:That was kindof mean don't u think!?Rose:Hell no!That was funny!hahahaha!Sue:Ok,lets go to my house!~~~~~~~At Sues house~~~~~~~~~~Tiffany:That was really lame!Rose:Whatever!Sue:You just don't get us!Tiffany:Whatever,i'm going home!*Tiffany gets a text*The text:I know who آپ are! Rose_ Tiffany:Oh,crap!*Gets another text*The text:Meat me at lake groming feild in 5 minutes!Part 9:Groming feild suprise coming soon!
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