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“Hello everyone, I’m Stella Carver and we are live from the set of Total Drama Musical!” A girl with long blond hair said. She wore a red dress and had blue eyes with black eyeliner around them; she wore purple eyeshadow and گلابی high-heels. “I’m here at one of the many Hollywood studios, but this one is the set of the brand new hit show, Total Drama Musical, I’m currently awaiting our contestants’ arrivals. During this season, our contestants will have to sing, dance, and act their hearts out in order to win the $100,000 grand prize. Each week, our teams will be دیا a theme...
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posted by nocofangirl218
That's right, I'm FINALLY updating this! XD Anyway, sorry I've been slow, but I've been busy with school and some other stuff. But it's nothing really serious! :D Okay, lets get this story started!


*Elimination Ceremony*

Chris: *walks up to the podium* Alright, it's time for, yet, another elimination ceremony for آپ all! Anything to say before we begin Alex?

Alex: *is all in the dumps* No.....

Gladys: *has a guilty look*

Chris: *is laughing* Uh, man, I love Alex all quiet and depressed like this! It really makes my day! *sighs happily* Anyway,...
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Team Honesty: Janice ہلکی پیلے, گڑگڑانا Miranda and Jason!
Team Courage: Matt Jude Allison and Amy!
Team Peace: Caitie Rochelle Mirra and Madelyn!
Team Heart: Riley Demetry Nigel and Erica!

Thanks everyone find out what team your character is on thanks!! :)

Challenge: Pick a team member to jump the rope it gets longer every time last person standing wins for there team!!

Janice Jude Mirra and Erica are playing

Everyone makes it!!

Round 57: Oooh Jude misses سے طرف کی a inch her team is out!
Amy: Nice work *sarcastic way*
Round 60: Oooh so close Mirra!!
Between Janice and Erica!!
Round 199: Good!
Round 578: Oooh Janice sorry آپ missed!

Congratulations Erica and her team!!

Oooh 5 marshmellows left 6 people Janice Jude Amy Matt Miranda and Mirra Miranda is محفوظ Janice is safe! Matt and Mirra are safe! 1 marshmellow left 2 people!

Jude and Amy... AMY is ELIMINATED! Congrats Jude your safe!
posted by nocofangirl218
Yep........I'm finally updating this! .3. I'm sorry for the wait, but....I did say I was gonna be slower on the updates. So....I better just start this already! XD Hope this was worth the wait!


*Elimination ceremony*

Chris: *comes up to the podium* Welcome one and all to......another elimination ceremony which I always seem to have to host!

Alex: ….whats with the attitude.

Chris: *scoffs* Normally I'd tell you, but....I just wanna get this stupid ceremony over with. -_- Anyway, the first one محفوظ is, of course, Robin! *quickly throws Robin...
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Wow, how long has it been? 2 months? Well, to people who read it, sorry for the delay. It's just school and stuff.

Better start the story now.

Enjoy! :)
"Do آپ even know where we're going", asked Alejandro.

"Yeah, it's a shortcut", کہا Geoff.

"To where, exactly?"

"Somewhere, obviously."

Alejandro sighed in with frustration. As they went deeper into the forest, Alejandro grew anxious. "Geoff, we're lost."

"No we aren't."

"Yeah, we are."

"How do آپ know? The only thing I remember آپ knowing is how...
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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
Hadar:Stupid boys there usless anyway
Calvin:Oh really?
Hadar turned :OMG C-calvin what are آپ doing here?
Clavin chuckled:Seeing my love why
Clavin chuckled once again: Yes now kiss me I missed you.
Hadar:No leave me alone
Calvin sneered and struck her across the face she fell and saw his silouette dissapeer into the sun
she got u and wiped the blood from her fair cheek
Brandee:I hate this place it's so so boring!
Isabella:I can't believe Hadar was acting so rude earlier what's wrong
Gabby shrugged:Mayeb this place is really stressful
Isabella sighed:Your right I'm gonna go talk...
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posted by HoldsteinSingh
1. Heather (TDI)- Lost her hair after kicking the razor up in the air.
2. Justin (TDA)- Broke every bone as retribution for his behavior.
3. Courtney (TDA)- Didn't get any points in the Animal Challenge, lost her PDA, and got betrayed سے طرف کی Duncan.
4. Alejandro (TDWT)- Lost his prize money in the Alternate Ending. In both endings, he gets kicked, سے طرف کی Heather, in the groin. He also gets trampled سے طرف کی the ex-contestants, and covered in lava.
5. Chris McLean (TDI, TDA, TDWT)- In TDI, Owen and the guys throw Chris into the lake. In TDA, Geoff shows secretly taped footage of Chris, doing his out-of-character...
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Ok, I give up...
Aside from having two girls on the دکھائیں fighting over him despite the fact that he was revealed to be an immoral two-timer, I now find out that actual شائقین act Sierra-ish over him...-_-
Seariously?... Since I seem to be the most clueless person on this point, I'd be 'honoured' *rolls eyes*, since so many want to be his girlfriend, if you'd explain to me (if anyone even responds to this thing) why آپ think he'd make such a good boyfriend...
And please don't even bother if it's going to be something shallow and immature like: 'duh! Cz he's like Sooo super hot and dreamy!' ...-_-...
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(Campy, campy, camp! Woo! I'm like in a super good mood guys. Why? Because I get to stuff my face with random food and my grandma's pie tomorrow! Plus, WUZ THIS? I started a new DxG story that I'm spazzing about! And another thing.....Uh..Damn. I forgot :P wellz ENJOY :D cuz u hav no Idea how long it took to make that stupid guy -_-)
 /  .               .
(  |-------------| )
(  |                  | )
(   ----------/ )


Rayla: Campers ^.^

Campers: -.- 

Rayla: :J

Campers: -_-

Rayla: :D

Campers: -__-

Rayla: :)

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posted by nocofangirl218
3's the اگلے episode. .3. Hope آپ all enjoy it! :D


*at the elimination Ceremony*

Chris: *walks up to the podium* Hello, and welcome to another exciting پاپ کارن, پوپکارن bag ceremony! So, as آپ may know, two people shall be voted- off this episode! Who will the two saps be? Find out...right here and now!

Noah: Is something wrong with آپ Chris?

Alex: Seriously! آپ haven't even tried to insult someone, یا use the guy from Survivors lines! There has to be a catch to this...

Chris: Can't a guy be in a good mood without being interrogated?!...
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From the start, let's make one thing clear: i do NOT hate DxG nor is my intention to bash them!
I just don't understand how people are even willing to support cheating and betraying being displayed on a دکھائیں that's mostly aimed at pre-teens just to have them as a couple...
I mean, if آپ want to see a punk/goth couple so badly just look out your window یا something, I see some almost every day: at schools, at malls, on the streets, in clubs, etc...
Actually, I rarely, if ever, see them with people who aren't wearing mostly black یا listening to metal.
The thing is, I thought the whole point of...
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(Hello my friends! How are you? Good? Oh that's terrific! HOLY SMURF THAT STUPID ACE WIRE THINGY JUST STABED MY GARSH DANG FINGER! Holy glob my finger hurts now.... well ENJOY!)


Rayla: *In high pitched voice* Hello I think skittles.... Ya skittles. *coughs* HOLY CHESTNUTS THAT'S HURTS THE THROAT! Oh... Anyways I'm lazy and ya I'm just gonna get this over with. Owen dude. *holds up peace sign* c ya. 

Owen: Aw.... Well bye guys..... OWEN AWAY! *flies off into the sunset*

All: 0.o

Samanthat: And you'd think we'd be used to it سے طرف کی now :P

τħε ɖᎯϓ τħᎯτ ίȘ ɴεΧτ...
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(Guys.... This is the last TDB... SRRY!)


(Blainley and Sierra are shown being pushed off the aftermath نشست into the مونگفلی, مونگ پھلی gallery)

Blainley: HEY!!! What gives?!

Sierra: Ya! We're the hosts!

Billy the Intern: Not any more. PROducers کہا Ya'll are boring so... They hired some new host for todays special SUPER important episode.

Blainley: *Gets pooshed in the مونگفلی, مونگ پھلی gallery stands and falls* I WILL SEW آپ ALL!!!!

Beth: Wow Courtney much?

Katie: Oh I Know! Way over dramatic!

Sadie: Totally! I meen OMG take a chill pill!

Lindsey: Oh! I know Right?!

The 4: TOTALLY!!!...
continue reading...'s another aftermath! XD Anyway, I REALLY have fun writing these, and I hope آپ have fun reading them! :D it is! X3


*Aftermath theme plays and the camera comes in with Geoff, Bridgett and Pixie sitting on the aftermath couch*

Pixie: ارے those viewing this show!

Geoff: That's right. It's once again time for the aftermath! *audience cheers wildly* Wow, that got a bigger response then I thought it would. :)

Bridgett: Well, this is where all the real drama is. :) And, as always...
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chris: last time in robinson, it was a race against time and the mighty powers of the nature, the passes rivers and a high cave. at the end the slowest team voted poor geoffie of and he went to the cave. the teams are made and the اگلے challenge is set. will they surive on an island where the have to do anything on there own? find out right now! in total drama robinson!!

day 4
(the cave)
geoff: all's killing me....well...i will be on the "melt" with آپ babe!

geoff: a letter? *open it* آپ all have to build a کشتی with the parts who are laying...
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chris: hi i'm chris Mcclain and this is season 4 of total drama! again for 1 milljion dollars!!! in this season the companotors will have to survive on 2 island in teams! no help, they have to find food build tents and maybe even eat bugs! the teams will have to do hard and maybe disgusting challenges! when a team looses they have to vote some off but *laughs evil* that person wont go home! that person will be send to a cave, full off bats's just a hell on earth! when a person gets to the cave they can choose to go ہوم but then that person wont be in the "melt" the "melt"...
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posted by TOTALIzzyluver
Izzy kicked and screamed as the guys in white outfits took her away. Smoke bombs and rants about Osama Bin Laden's actual location weren't custumary in public places apperently. As soon as she was in the truck to the "Happy House", as they called it, the fimiluar routine went down. Pat down, metal detector and strape jacket. They sat Izzy down and strapped her in the نشست with two middle aged men on either side of her. The two guys looked like they were having a real "good" time removing two traquilazer guns a pack of smoke bombs and 8 different types of sleeping gases from the misunderstood...
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After the vocanic explosion in hawaii, Chris and Chef had gotten divied سے طرف کی the other 25 contestants both old and new.

Heather never got her cash, and they had back up plans for Alejandro, however, at the moment, they had been swimming for a couple of days without help out at sea.

They had finally ended up on an island 5 times bigger than camp Wawaknoqua. Sand, forest, vocano, and some palm trees nearby. It looked like paradise!

It was the perfect place to start a whole fresh new season...

After the two men dried off, Chris stormed up an amazing idea for the season...

Chris: Are آپ thinking what...
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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
Well it has been awhile since this story has been written but all that matters is that I am back and better than ever baby so where were we? oh yeah I know
Zanna: Well all of آپ did wonderful.
Everyone cheers
Zanna:But آپ do know one of آپ are going ہوم but we'll get to that later so come on let's go back to our cabins
Isabella looks at Zack
Isabella:So what are آپ up to?
Zack:*smirks* I dunno what are آپ up to?
Isabella:*wraps arms around his neck* I asked آپ first
Zack:*chuckles and kisses her on the lips softly*
Gabby:Get a room آپ two
Jack:*picks her up and kisses her*
Hadar:All of آپ get...
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posted by colecutegirl
riley: destery! what have آپ done to my show!!!
destery: i turned it into a q and a show:) can i host again
riley: ugh noooo! no! آپ ruined my campers!

destery: i made them see insanity in a new light
riley:>.> why? just why?

destey: *grins* because its cool
rley: no no it is not *starts to shout* GET YOUR LAZY BUTTS UP AND TO THE MESS HALL!!!!

*cammpers quite startled سے طرف کی rileys bad mood hurry to the mess hall*

mirra: whats wrong with her?
rayla: yeah who spit in her قوس قزح flakes this morning?
al: *shrugs* i dont know the answer to any of those qustions

*rily stomps in looking extremley mad*...
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