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 "Real" TDI Girls
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آرٹ پرستار
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This Total Drama Island آرٹ پرستار contains bustier, بسٹیر, ٹائٹس, leotards, سرکتی, لیوتردس, تےندوا, unitard, جسم سوٹ, کیٹ سوٹ, لیوترد, یوناترد, and بلی سوٹ. There might also be توجہ, اپیل, hotness آپ, جوش, chemise, سے shimmy, شفٹ, پرچی, ٹیڈی, کُرتا, شاممی, تبدیلی, ایڈورڈ, swimsuit کا, and سومساٹ.

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Welcome back to Total Drama High School, Season 2!
Let's pick up where we left off, shall we?
--------------------------------------------------Ilana: Alright, girls. Today's challenge is a watergun challenge.
If آپ tag somebody with the watergun, they're out. The last one
standing wins invinicibility. Ready, GO!
*All girls start stealithy shooting water at each other*
Nikita: HA! Got you, Lia!
Lia: Grrrrr!!!!!
Corabella: Got you, Andrea!
Andrea: No, my clothes! :'(
Rene: Tagged you, Rikki!
Rikki: Urghh!!!
Lexxi: Gotcha, Kirby!
Kirby: >:T
Sammy: HAHA! Tagged you, Annie!
Annie: Fine. :(
Sammy: Got you,...
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Chris: Hello campers! Today yuo will be merging!

Ray: YAY!

All: *stares at her*

Ray: *blushes*

Chris: Okay as i was saying their no مزید teams! And today challenge is a war challenge! آپ will all have water ballons and آپ will have to throw them at everyone! The person still standing will win! آپ all will have 5 منٹ to run somwhere GO!

*5 منٹ later*

Hollow&Jared: *look at each other*

Hollow: ارے Ray

Jared: We were wondering if آپ would like to be in a allaince with us!

Ray: SURE!!

*Somwhere else*

Katie: *bumps into DJ* Heyy DJ. I never notice how strong آپ were *get's closer to DJ*

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"That was the worst night of my life!" Courtney complained stepping back through the door. Duncan and Gwen were laughing behind her as they walked back to the underworld. Courtney turned on them, her face full of anger;"How could آپ sit there and watch people die and then collect their souls!"

Gwen chuckled, "I told آپ she wouldn't be able to handle it" she کہا to Duncan. "Courtney, the people are going to die anyway! آپ should see it when we have to take a life of a child یا a unborn baby. It's sad but someone has to do it. Gwen padded Courtney on her arm, "At least you're not the one who...
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It all started at the police stsaion at 1:00 my mom was mad at dad for SMACKING her(for izzyroxmysox since she can not read)the oficer told my dad to stop and my mom کہا "yah آپ do need to stop"and my dad punched her mouth and my mom کہا "ok i am having a devoice with you"she took off the ring ran to izzy and chris`s house took me and duncanj.r than ran to the house locked all the doors and she fell asleep on the coush as for duncan he is in jail.The اگلے دن my mom went outside and found Trent.Trent was like "hi Gwen" "hi Trent"and Trent asked my mom out on a تاریخ and when Trent took my mom ہوم Trent kissed my mom and asked her to get married and my mom was so happy she کہا now i got a new step-dad and our meen dad is in jail.
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A few weeks later. Courtney and Duncan are watching a movie in Duncan's house... and It's late. Courtney has a little belly, but, she always is changing her humor, making her pregnancy مزید obvious.

Courtney: AAAAAA! Why we are watching this? I hate terror movies!
Duncan: Here we go again... Courtney, 10 منٹ پہلے آپ told me that آپ want to see this!
Courtney:*crying* but Duncan, آپ don't understand me! this is a difficult moment in my life!!
Duncan: Alright, آپ don't need to be so melodramatic! If آپ want to see other movie, it's ok. but it's late and the video store it's close. Stop crying,...
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