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 "Don't آپ people knock?!"
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سٹار, ستارہ was in the middle of her confessional when Sierra burst in
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"So, what do آپ want me to do?" I asked.

"Well, can آپ get Princess to meet me on the field later?" Duncan asked.

"Sure" I replied, walking off.

"Wait, what did آپ want me to help آپ with?" the criminal shouted to me.

"Make it seem as if I'm gonna stand Alejandro up" I screamed back.

"Err... ok" he replied, looking confused.

I jogged towards my اگلے lesson, just as the end of lunch گھنٹی, بیل was ringing.

I had English and I sat اگلے to Courtney, so that was an advantage for me. The only problem was persuading Miss Goody Goody to meet up with Duncan, but, I had a plan.

What a surprise, she was already...
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(Cody and Sierra are in new york)
Sierra: Cody are they Noah and Owen.
Owen: Cody whats up?
Cody: nothing we are going to college are آپ going to.
Noah: yes.
Sierra: where's your Izzy Owen.
Owen: i don't know(cry's)
Sierra:oh don't cry.
Owen: oh Izzy my Izzy.
(the اگلے دن in the college)
Cindy: god morning students I'm Cindy and I'm your Math teacher and grade teacher
all: god morning miss Cindy.
Cindy: today we will start whit fractions how much is 100 on 200 multiplied سے طرف کی 400 on 60 ok noah
Noah: 40.000 on 12.000.
Cindy: آپ are very talented Noah آپ should go to math کوئز you've got an A.
Noah: tank آپ teacher.
Cindy: Ok Owen whats 300 on 400 multiplied سے طرف کی 100 on 600.
Owen: hm... 200 on 80?
Cindy: false آپ don't know anything آپ you've got an f.
Owen:I wanna be like Noah talented.
Noah: oh آپ will be like me.
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chris: welcome dush bags to japan... yes that also means u viers of fanpoop, darn it i mean pop.{or do i mean it?} eniways c'mon travelers i havent got all day, sooo GET OUT of the plain.
cheff: scram u fools[he kikcks everibody off the airplain]these magets dont know how little they pay me.
alejandro:alow me to help u ladys to get up.
all of the girls start to giggle and they say thanx. exept 4 courtney: ahhh im still with duncan.
alejandro: r u shure?
lawshana:well i dont mind sugar lips.
confefesion stand: que asko me dan las gordas!!!(fat girls give me vomits)
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