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Last time on TD:HSR
Alejandro: What are آپ doing?!
Bridgette: Going to live with my stepdad with Jr I'm not letting him live here with a cheater
Alejandro: Bridgette I'm sorry
Bridgette: What's done is done... Have a nice life

Newsperson: Police have no clue as too who the person was that died in the acident. No wittness were around when the acident happened but for now police are calling this a homicide... Stay with us for the latest
Lia: Lauren who was it?!
Lia: Lauren what happened?!
Lauren: It's... It's-
No P.O.V
Lauren: It's Alejandro
Lia: (Speachless)
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(Morning annoucments play)

Wyatt: Good Morning student's this is your student council president Wyatt Plamer
Bryce: And Bryce Anderson with your morning annoucments
Wyatt: Juniors it's time to vote for your new class rep. For the president spot it's Luis Hanks and Jordan Jones
Bryce: آپ guys can vote anytime this week and go on the school's websites to look at there speaches
Wyatt: That's all for today Panthers
Bryce: Have a good day

(Theme song)

Luis: Do آپ think I have a chance to win
Lia: Of coarse آپ do... آپ have too
Luis: How come
Francis: Jordan's her ex
Lia: Francis your having a big mouth...
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(Before آپ read: I changed the whole story line for this episode... Sorry)

Eli P.O.V
Wow... I'm starting my first دن of High School today!! I'm so nervous I don't know if anyone will like me... With me being the new girl and coming in weeks before exams

Principal: (Knocks on door)
Teacher: Come on in
Principal: (Opens door) Boys and girls... آپ have a new student joining your class... May I introduce... Eli Flores
Eli: (Walks in) Hi everyone
Principal: Hmmm... (Looks around the room and see's Lia talking to Danny) Lia Martinez since آپ wanna talk during class آپ can دکھائیں Eli around
Lia: Who's...
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Updates, Ask Lia and Jake
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(Theme Song Plays)

Lia: *On the phone with Jake* Jake your going to rule Standfords Drama department... Look I gotta go I just pulled up to the school. Okay bye *Hangs up*
Francis: Excuse me I'm looking for Lia Martinez
Lia: Francis!! (Hugs Francis) Hows ya summer?
Francis: Amazing got to spend it all with Noah. How was yours?
Lia: Good with the exception of Carlos still gone from his Hockey season
Eli: Ugh... Did I just hear my کتیا, کتيا over there
Lia: Haha very funny (Hugs Eli) How was your summer bitch?
Eli: *Sigh* Me and Sky broke up
Lia: What?
Noah: Que Paso?
Eli: We just wernt feeling it so we ended...
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Lia's P.O.V

Okay so today I gotta drive up to the police station and me, Eli, and Danny got to take Lie Detector test D: I still can't believe Jake shot Danny

Eli: Are آپ ready?
Lia: I'm ready to prove that Jake is guilty... I'm not ready to go inside
Eli: (Grabs Lia's hand) Lia it's okay were gonna be right there the whole time
Lia: (Start's tearing up) This is why I love آپ guys
Danny: Come on... Let's go inside

(Theme Song)


Random Police Officer: The Chef of Police is ready to see آپ guys. One سے طرف کی one
Danny: I'll go first

(In the Lie Detector room)

Chef of Police: Okay Mr.King were gonna...
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Eli P.O.V
Man... Everyone is making a big deal about this Winter Wonderland dance. Okay I would be too but... I don't have a date

Lia: So I was thinking we get out early to get our hair done and then-
Eli: I'm not going to go
Lia: What?! Why not?
Danny: What's up ladies
Lia: Eli not going to the dance
Danny: Why not?
Lia: Yeah everyone is going
Eli: Because I don't have a تاریخ (Get's up and leaves)

Lia's P.O.V
Man... I feel bad for Eli... She so upset that she doesn't have a تاریخ to the Winter Wonderland... Hmmm. Speaking of her she's not even in class

Teacher: Um... Where's Eli?
(No one answer)
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ارے guys... Its me Liagirl123. So season 5 is approching very soon. So heres just a few sneek previews

???: Welcome to TDHSR. This سال its gonna be epic
???: Thats right _____. With new freshmen and a new senor class. Its time to get this سال started

???: How can آپ تاریخ that loser?
???: I LOVE THAT LOSER ____ He's a better guy than آپ are
???: Oh yeah (Trys to kill _____)
???: HELP!!!!!

???: Wh... What happened?
???: Did we just...
???: (Starts crying)

???: ___ I want us too be together forever (A Thousand years starts playing) WIll آپ marry me?

???: Man it's sad to see that this سال is...
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I love this دکھائیں Dance Academy and its awesome theme songs so this is the new theme only the first 42 سیکنڈ
ارے everyone... I'm back!! If آپ guys wanna contact me then text me at this number 484 522 8847 Enjoy. Also I'm posting a double parter since I was gone for so long. Here we go

(Theme Song Plays)


Lia: I can't believe Carlos is running aganist آپ I mean... آپ didn't do anything did you?
Luis: No I didnt... At least I don't think I have
Carlos: (Walks in) Talking about me again... How sweet
Luis: We'll let the election do the talking
Carlos: Whatever
Lia: Carlos can I talk to you... Please
Carlos: *Sigh* Since I'm so loved here
(In the other hallway)
Lia: Why... What did Luis do?
Carlos: Lia......
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BYR: Okay so this is kinda sad cause I have someone (Who's OC get taken out of this episode) Say they hate my articles, then I have plans to hang out with Luis and my friend Domonick tomorrow so I'm puting this episode out today but episode 6 part 2/4 should come out tomorrow night یا sunday morning. I love آپ all :* <3
-Liagirl123 (Lia)
Eli's P.O.V

I can't believe this... It's sad to think that I only been here for a سال and it's already falling apart

Lia: ارے Eli آپ wanna come over?
Eli: S-S-S
Skylar: What's wrong? :C
Eli: (Run's off...
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