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------Confirmed Information I’ve Recorded-----
The differential of one third R cubed is R.D.R.R.

Miko is equivalent to the flat ming of the obligs feroid to the nth power

Internal energy of e remains constant

Mass times the fusion rate squared is constant

The cube root of the exthermal energon yield delta e violates Clank’s law of energon conservation

Em3 divided سے طرف کی the square root of propulsion factor equals (insert the written formula here)

The trisector of the polygon is an integral substant

----Not actually clearly heard, I only wrote these down سے طرف کی how I guessed Bulkhead must have کہا so--------

The data inhabits a fraction of Bulkhead’s brain, infant tesmile سے طرف کی standard neuro net densities

Inner section of the atomic warlets indicate convergent tursiary structures irreversible, results in Vector L-1 norm squared

Energon temperatures involve irregular proportions to the triangular construction