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This Transformers تصویر contains سینہ, تتواودان, egis, سینہ بند, زیر سرپرستی, and ایگاس. There might also be بحریہ مہر, مہر, بحری مہر, رائفل مین, رائفل, گرین beret, خصوصی افواج, اشرافیہ سپاہی, گرین باریٹ, سپیشل فورسز, and ایلیٹ سپاہی.

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Name: Scattershot
Original Figure: Movie Deluxe Landmine

Name: Mirage
Original Figure: ROTF Deluxe Sideswipe

Name: Prowl
Original Figure: ROTF Deluxe Bumblebee

Name: Bumblebee
Original Figure: Movie Bumblebee (1976 Camaro)

Name: Inferno
Original Figure: BH Smokescreen

Name: Sunstreaker
Original Figure: Prime Knock Out


Name: Duststorm
Original Figure: Movie Voyager Incinerator

Name: Knock Out
Original Figure: Movie Deluxe Barricade

Name: Quickstrike
Original Figure: DOTM Deluxe Darksteel

Name: Swindle
Original Figure: Universe 2008 Hound

Name: Wildrider
Original Figure: Universe 2008...
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*Autobot Neptune Base*

Jazz: *sparing with Prowl*

Prowl: *Knocks Jazz out of the Autobot Ring*

Jazz: Nice job Prowl! I have taught آپ well.

Blowpipe: *building a new Weapon with Hoist*

Brawn: *shadow boxing*

Hound: *decoding a signal*

Sunstreaker: *playing monkey in the middle with Sideswipe, with Trailcutter in the middle*

Trailcutter: Hey! *tries to get it, but is too slow*

Sunstreaker: آپ gotta be faster than that! Your moving too slow!

Ultra Magnus: *Walks in* Attention Troops!

*Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Hound, Prowl, Jazz, Trailcutter, Hoist, Blowpipe, and Brawn رپورٹ for duty*

Ultra Magnus:...
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