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 Trish Stratus Photoshoot Flashback
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This Trish Stratus تصویر might contain hip boot, thigh boot, کاک کپڑے, میان, کوکٹیل, and لباس.

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Trish Stratus might be the greatest Diva to ever set foot inside a WWE ring.

Gorgeous, powerful and talented, the Canadian beauty was easy on the eyes, but tough on opponents. This rare mix of good looks and skill helped Trish nab a record seven Women’s Championships during her run with WWE.

Stratus’s reputation as one of the greatest females in sports-entertainment history did not come easily though. First achieving success as a fitness model, she entered WWE in March of 2000 as a manager, leading the careers of Test, Albert and Val Venis. Immediately, the WWE Universe could tell she was...
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