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posted by alicia386
This is a continuation of The Dying Ashes. I am Katherine Adams and I have received this manuscript my aunt had sent me weeks ago. She has gone missing. I fear for her life and I wish not to speak of her. I must continur this tale.

I knew Dylon very well. He was like a سیکنڈ father to me so his death took a great toll on me. To continue my aunt's research I have had to follow those four demigods very closely. I have learned so much about them. I think that maybe it is better to اقدام from city to city so they can't get a good lead on where I am. So far it has worked.

Gabriel and Maycen were the sons of Zeus so they are the most dangerous. Their powers are not like any other demigod powers. They control not only the weather but sometimes they control your mood. Yes, shocking, I know. I have come up with the theory that since weather can sometimes have an effect on your mood, they have learned how to کنٹرول, جوتنا weather and change it into something completely different. i feel angry sometimes when I am following them.

Elysia is the son of Hades as آپ probably already know. He mostly controls the dead. There are some cases that he could control the living and make them murder themselves but I wish not to see any of that.

Lastly, Arthur who I belive is the most dangerous. He is a son of Posiedon. The sea god. Arthur controls water mainly. It is extraordinary to watch him اقدام the water in such a way that he could have created tsumani on the spot. Luckly I have not been around ot see him do that.

They meet every thursday at their cave. That is where they were today. They all wore black.

"Has anyone noticed Dylon's disappearance yet?" asked Maycen.

"His wife," Arthur replied. "She moved to Europe though. I felt her crossing the ocean on the boat."

"Should we follow her? She most likely knows whatever Dylon told her. What if she knew . . . the secret?" Gabriel looked to one person after the other. No one murmured a word.

Jade came in through the door. She refuses to wear any colors that aren't red یا black. She is the twin sister of Elysia. He would never mention that though. "Hello boys," she greeted. "Did آپ honestly think آپ could avoid me forever?"

This is where I must stop. Too much information at one time can harm me. They know now. I can sense that they know what I am doing. If anything is to happen to me. I will make sure to hand this down to someone in the family. I only wish you, the reader, luck. If they know I am writing this then they probably know that آپ are reading this. I fear for the both of us. I wish آپ the best of luck.
posted by hgfan5602
I am
Seeing how amazing she is,
Seeing how she can truly
Change my life.

She is a very inspiring person.
By دکھانا me how perseverance
Can take آپ so far,
And how determination and tolerance
Are the keys to success.

You may laugh all آپ want at me,
As others do.
But nothing will shake my feeling
Of this particular friend.

Up to this point,
You have been lied to.
Well, partly.
Your brain has been mistaken.

The "inspiring person" I am referring to
Is not a girlfriend of mine
And it never will be,
Because I am a girl, آپ see.

This person
I call an influential person
Is my teacher.
Shocked yet?

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posted by hgfan5602
Get your hands up in the air
Like آپ just don't care
We're rockin tonight
So I'm not givin anything else a think

Cause we're rockin the floor
Bust out your dance moves man
The DJ's got the موسیقی
All the way up

So everybody say yeah
C'mon get it louder
Can't hear ya!

C'mon we gonna get the crowd
Wild tonight
Right here at the dance floor
So bring your hands up
In the air
Cause this is the only thing
We're carin about tonight bro

Get the crowd wild
Get your feet up
Break it down man.
Cause the DJ کہا so.
posted by hgfan5602
There is strength in my heart.
I have looked for it
For decades now.
Yet I have not found it before.

Now I have.
It will get me over every obstacle,
Every region,
Every country.

It makes me proud
To see this.
To see my strength
Laying there,
Waiting for me.
And me only.

This type of strength
Is called courage.

Perseverance is the best type
Of strength possible.
And I have it.
Yes, me.
Never before,
Will آپ see me cower within the shadows
Again, like before.

I have changed.
And I am sure آپ will see that.
I have strength in my heart.
posted by hgfan5602
Nobody understands me,
So what's the use?
One day
I say I am busy
And they misunderstand me.

Life is not all about
Breaking up,
Dumping each other
Across the cold cement floor,
Is it?

I don't believe so.
And the fog is never getting out.
Each day,
There is just مزید and more

Oh, happy day.
No one understands.
What's the use being alive
When آپ feel like آپ are away
From the world,
Like we were when we were little kids?

Life is not about any of that.
Life is about forgiveness,
Learning how to tolerate one another.
Nobody understands
What I feel
یا what I think everyday.
posted by sawfan13
Dear Mother,

Yes I know what آپ did to me

You threw me down the well

All because I made your life a living hell

Mommy, Mommy can't آپ see?

I'm your little adopted baby girl

If آپ didn't want me, why did آپ adopt me

Yes Mommy, I know

I, Samarra مورگن knows.

The tape that is cursed

Is nothing worse

Than what I had experienced

Why didn't I ever sleep?

Because the horses kept me up at night

Because آپ let Daddy keep me in the barn.

I have hurt others

I have killed others

I may have even sickened your horses

I bet آپ loved them مزید than آپ loved me

Yes, I know I am a freak

Because I am afraid of water, so...
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Chapter 2

Warren was fine after resting from his accident in the شاور that morning. He grabbed his trusty baseball bat, his protective shelter of a black blanket and walked downstairs to help out Eliza. Eliza was in the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ washing dishes, as
Warren silently walked in there. She didn't notice him beside of her, as she went along humming "I'll Fly Away". He smiled and said,"Good song! I loved how they sang it on O' Brother Where Art Thou." Eliza jumped, as a plate broke on the floor.
"Oh shit, I mean shoot!" Warren laughed, as he knelt down, feeling the floor, trying to help out the scared...
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posted by Knowitall123
Do آپ know those dogs kept on a chain,
and the people throwing them bones just out of their reach,
laughing and finding satisfaction in it ?

Do آپ know the dog who still wags his tail when ever they pet him
and the people who think him stupid for it '
not seeing the kindness and good in him.

Do آپ know the dog who only wanted love
and the people who named him ingrateful for it ?
Telling him to look for it himself.

And do آپ know the dog that broke the chain
and the people he attacked ?
They punished him for it.

But I will no longer be that dog.
I will no longer let آپ abuse me.
I will not give آپ my love.
I will fight back

This is about my "friend" and the way she`s been treating me.
posted by Insight357
“Get out of my house!” my mother shrieked at me from the other side of the kitchen.
    I watched her with wide, blue eyes as she pointed at me with the tip of her butcher’s knife. My cheeks flamed red with embarrassment, shame, and a tinge of anger. “Mom, I-”
    “Mrs. Shortts, you’re overreacting about this. Landon has no control over who he is attracted to,” Bane, my best friend Skylar’s father, said.
    “Butt out,” I hissed glancing over at him.
    Bane gave me an icy glare, but کہا nothing....
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Chapter 1

Warren poked his head slightly above the covers, noticing
the blinds were up, دکھانا a bright and sunny day. He slowly peaked at the clock, trying not to look at the walls around him. 11:03am. Crap. He closed his eyes, using his senses to go downstairs for what was left of breakfast. He grabbed his old baseball bat that Sam had دیا him in a chance to try to get his little brother to become "normal" and used it as a walking cane. He had tapped into his hearing, smelling, and feeling senses to the point where if he did loose his eye sight, he could live. If only I could loose my eye...
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added by alicia386
Source: Google
*Please go to the فورم page and check out this contest. This HAS to be a short story about a monkey, a clam, a balloon, and some cake. The most creative writer wins. This is my entry. The rest of you, enjoy this one and good luck.*

Bubble Soap

سے طرف کی Sawfan13

He looked out from his big huge cage in the zoo. Human beings annoyed him, especially during birthday parties for whiny little bratty kids. He was a chimpanzee, he didn't have to deal with snot nosed, bratty disrespectful humans. Yet, he did and it bothered him to no end. He wanted freedom. He wanted respect. He no longer wanted to be some...
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posted by Knowitall123
 cover of the original Vamp out
cover of the original Vamp out
part 2

****2 Weeks Ago*****
I woke up thinking how this was just another usual دن
"Sweetie, we need to talk." my mom کہا seriously while her dragon Vinictus flew around her head
"I didn't do anything wrong, آپ don't have any proves."
My dad stopped me and put a hand on my shoulder.
"We kn..what proves?" He asked with a serious face.
"Nothing. What did آپ need me?" I tried to change the subject, Dia who just stopped chasing Emmas dragon looked at me.
"Well..we got a latter this morning.." My mom started.
"And it's an Invitation." My dad continued.
"An Invitation?" I was getting interested in it,...
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just the other دن i saw آپ kiss another girl i thought i was seeing things kept on thinking that couldnt be آپ till i got the call and now i know i was so wrong

baby آپ got me heart-broken im here lying on the ground crying oh how آپ got me heart-broken my دل is in pieces can someone come and patch it up im layin here with a broken-heart

i havent drank a thing since that دن everything i see reminds me of the things we used to do i see آپ with her at the places we use to go i kept my kool but i dont think i can hold it in any longer

baby آپ got me heart-broken im here...
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posted by SweetHoneyBunny
I pulled into the driveway with all the windows and doors locked. Mom's Corvette was parked in my spot, so I parked اگلے to it. Unlocking the door, I slowly stepped onto the gravel in my beat up sneakers; grabbing my bag before I shut and locked the door. I walked into the front entrance of my house to find my mom and Dylan on the couch. “Mom, I'm home.” I کہا loud enough for both of them to hear.
“Oh, uh hi dear. How was your day?” My mom asked be as she got up from the couch, patting her frizzy hair down and straightening her shirt. “Dylan was going to stay for dinner. We brought...
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posted by SweetHoneyBunny
سے طرف کی the time I got to the small shopping center in my ever smaller town, my Jeep had stalled twice, the window was stuck half way and the little light on the dash was flashing. Could it get any worst? Better not say that in case something did happen.
I grabbed my keys, stuffed them in my bag and slammed the door.

“Julie! Over here! Juuuuulie!” Sophie was almost standing on her chair in the food court waving her hands in the air like a lunatic. “What took so long? I've been waiting for like 3 hours!” she کہا when I finally managed to weave my way through the other people there. “I...
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posted by Knowitall123
half a سال پہلے my friend wrote a story called Vamp out ,but after receiving some mean تبصرے she gave up on it and when I asked to do a revamp she agreed.

I have,a pretty much normal life, well not quite as normal as آپ think.
You see I'm a Vampire. All of آپ who just started running in panic آپ can relax. I don't kill people, I'm Vegeterian. I almost never drink blood. When I need to drink blood I drink animal blood. I live in the UK, to be مزید precise in London. Maybe آپ want to know how I look like. I'm a normal girl, who's a Vampire. I have long curly brown-blond hair and blue eyes...
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added by alicia386
Okay, i thought this was a really cool poem so like it یا not, im posin it.
puffy hair girls
ill wait
for آپ
poem lounge
She may be ancient but she knows what she is talking about.
free vers
creating poetry
added by alicia386
Okay some weird girls decided to make this extremely weird video. And the award for weirdest video today goes to . . . . Sims in Real Life. (aplause)
in real life
virutal characters
posted by alicia386
Mary Taylor Julian was the daughter of a preacher. Her father کرن, رے Charles Julian commited his whole life to God. Mary wasn't so sure about the whole christianity idea. She was not postive if there was a God یا if she beiieved in that crap either. Her father pressured her into joining the choir and teaching the daily bible lesson.

Mary wanted to become atheist but she was too scared of what would happen to her. She lived in a community of christians. Her life is about serving God and doing the right thing. What would her father say. He is a stern man. He could kick her out and ship her to mexico....
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