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posted by alicia386
This is a continuation of The Dying Ashes. I am Katherine Adams and I have received this manuscript my aunt had sent me weeks ago. She has gone missing. I fear for her life and I wish not to speak of her. I must continur this tale.

I knew Dylon very well. He was like a سیکنڈ father to me so his death took a great toll on me. To continue my aunt's research I have had to follow those four demigods very closely. I have learned so much about them. I think that maybe it is better to اقدام from city to city so they can't get a good lead on where I am. So far it has worked.

Gabriel and Maycen were the sons of Zeus so they are the most dangerous. Their powers are not like any other demigod powers. They control not only the weather but sometimes they control your mood. Yes, shocking, I know. I have come up with the theory that since weather can sometimes have an effect on your mood, they have learned how to کنٹرول, جوتنا weather and change it into something completely different. i feel angry sometimes when I am following them.

Elysia is the son of Hades as آپ probably already know. He mostly controls the dead. There are some cases that he could control the living and make them murder themselves but I wish not to see any of that.

Lastly, Arthur who I belive is the most dangerous. He is a son of Posiedon. The sea god. Arthur controls water mainly. It is extraordinary to watch him اقدام the water in such a way that he could have created tsumani on the spot. Luckly I have not been around ot see him do that.

They meet every thursday at their cave. That is where they were today. They all wore black.

"Has anyone noticed Dylon's disappearance yet?" asked Maycen.

"His wife," Arthur replied. "She moved to Europe though. I felt her crossing the ocean on the boat."

"Should we follow her? She most likely knows whatever Dylon told her. What if she knew . . . the secret?" Gabriel looked to one person after the other. No one murmured a word.

Jade came in through the door. She refuses to wear any colors that aren't red یا black. She is the twin sister of Elysia. He would never mention that though. "Hello boys," she greeted. "Did آپ honestly think آپ could avoid me forever?"

This is where I must stop. Too much information at one time can harm me. They know now. I can sense that they know what I am doing. If anything is to happen to me. I will make sure to hand this down to someone in the family. I only wish you, the reader, luck. If they know I am writing this then they probably know that آپ are reading this. I fear for the both of us. I wish آپ the best of luck.
posted by hgfan5602
It's time to take the dance floor
As we hold our hands
We jump up and down
And we swish across the dance floor
Like never before.

Oh it's time to take the dance floor
And it's gonna be now یا never
Cuz a kiss isn't gonna wait forever
We're just gonna kiss right now and dance

Get the DJ goin' now
Turn it up a bit
Get the disco ball out

No, no
My boyfriend and I don't want Celine Dion
So hurry up now and change the song
Yeah, yeah

Katy Perry's on right now
So we're gonna glide across the dance floor
And we're revvin' it up

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I barely got any sleep last night. What can I say, my mind was awake. I passed a message using Morse Code to her this morning saying that I would be over at her house سے طرف کی 6. I climbed through my bedroom window and tapped on her bedroom window four times, signaling that I had to get in. Matna was sitting on the the floor, and she was staring into space. I asked her, "What's wrong?" She said, "The...well, آپ won't believe this. I mean...I think that Jew who killed that poor man yesterday night...I think he works for the Fuhrer." I stared at her for a منٹ یا so. "Are آپ serious? How in the...
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Yeah Uhuh
Yeah Uhuh
Yeah Uhuh

(Verse 1)
I am in love
with the guy who is sweet
till we meet it isn't possible

We need to meet
before we go Undercover
for each other
We need to meet
before we go Undercover
for each other

(Verse 2)
We haven't met yet
Still Single hearted
thinkin' 'bout each other


Now & Then
Everyday, going separate
paths and ways
thinkin' we need to meet
in the middle before we go Undercover

We never stopped goin'
separate paths and ways
passing broken hearts and scars
I'm gone, gone, gone, gone



I can't stand it any longer
goin' all crazy
when I get really lazy

(Verse 1)

We need to meet before we go Undercover
posted by Problematic129
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Chapter 19
    A messed up version of a family reunion
    The woman smiled, “Zyanna.” She held out her hand. I stood up, brushed off my jeans,and took her hand.
    Now, it may not have been the smartest idea, but she was my mother. She came for me, and after having years of her out of my life, I wasn’t going to let an opportunity like this pass up.
     She had this lithe grace, like I knew she would, and maneuvered her way through the forest. When we left it, the...
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posted by Problematic129
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Chapter 18
    Father literally freezed and glared it me with such intensity.
    “Don’t give me that look, I didn’t even know they’d be here.” I said, putting my hands up.
    Father suddenly smirked. “Then they’ll find the killer, enjoy jail angel.”
    My mouth dropped open, and father smirked cruelly at me, he turned to Azerien. “Come Junior, we must go.”
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posted by Dhampires
"I never thought I could kill another person." I کہا clenching the blood stained dagger in my right hand as I starred at the pavement. Lifeless bodies lay surrounded in blood not only did the whole park stench with blood.

I held the dagger tighter so tight my knuckles turned white. I couldn't remeber how I kiled these people I thought hard and long but nothing came all I knew was that I'd killed thses peopel and why I had no idea. That's when hazy flashes of تصاویر swirled in my head of how I'd slit one woman's neck, stabbed a man in the back to his heart—seeing a small inch of the blade...
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posted by hgfan5602
I hold tears back...
The thought of such a close friend
Leaving you
Is horrible.

It feels like life is over,
Like...there's no point in living anymore,
If your best friend is gone,
There's no one to keep the warmth
With آپ anymore.

What's the point of life
If آپ don't have any friends
To share it with?
It's all over,
All of it.

No one's coming to calm me down,
And I'm not going to let them either.
I want to remember my closest friend...
But it's not easy,
If آپ have to leave them.

She will always be in my heart
She was an amazing friend to me,
She brought me so much joy
And happiness,
Even in the darkest of nights,...
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Chapter 4

Young prodigy, آپ are now fading. آپ are dying in your human world, but being reborn in ours. We will soon fill آپ up with our nectar and energy. Follow our voices and ignore your reality. Come into ours. Come into ours.

Warren had flat lined, as nurses and doctors were reviving him. "Clear!" ZAP "Not working!" We'll try again! Clear!" Zap "We're losing him! We're losing him!" "We won't lose him! He's a fifteen سال old boy and I won't have him die on us! Clear!" ZAP The machine started دکھانا a healthy دل rate once again. "Yes! He's alive!" Everyone sighed of relief, as one...
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added by h3rmioneg
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added by alicia386
Source: سیب, ایپل company
added by alicia386
Source: سیب, ایپل company
posted by hgfan5602
Tell me now,
Do آپ love me?
Whisper what آپ want to say
To me

Don't lie to me
Tell me the truth
I promise, I won't be mad

Just tell me, tell me, tell me the truth
And don't make me get the wrong guy
So don't lie, don't lie, don't lie when you
Tell me what آپ feel about me

And if آپ really, really, really, love me
Then come into my arms
And hug me, hug me, hug me,
Until we kiss, in pure happiness

There's no need to lie
Just take it easy now
There's no stressing it out
I just want to know the...
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posted by Dhampires
She waited at the doorstep nearly all night he never came.

She quietly made my way to our room his image was the only thing that flooded my head.

'Would he come home? Had something happened to him? If it had why hadn't someone called?' she was thought she knee on the inside she was being over dramatic.

She leaned over her balcony looking on to the woods beyond the night stares filled the sky shimmering like diamonds, she smiled as the northern lights appeared it was rare to see in such a place other han Alaska but they shown bright. And as quickly as they came they left.

She quickly washed up and...
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posted by Dhampires
The world is like a dome no?

A beautiful dome created with swirls of color and all sorts of living things such as آپ and me and the animals we see.

It was once created سے طرف کی a powerful God destroyed once سے طرف کی over coming waters and then buried under ice but now we've been دیا a سیکنڈ chance.

And now who tears this glorious dome down?

Why it is us. We cause this dome to break down with all the haterid and destruction that follows. Everyone wants power the mane sorce of this hurt.

The hurt of some many people young and old wise and senseless.

They say that death is peacefu. It is. It's where...
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posted by Problematic129
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Chapter 17
There is a huge difference between wrong and right
    “Did آپ really think,” Azerien paused. “That I wouldn’t notice? That everything would blow over? It’s why آپ were crying wasn’t it? I’m not stupid, Zy, آپ knew and didn’t tell.”
    “If father hadn’t killed anyone we wouldn’t be in this mess!”
    “Father did nothing wrong!”
    “Killing is wrong and so is...
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