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posted by alicia386
This is a continuation of The Dying Ashes. I am Katherine Adams and I have received this manuscript my aunt had sent me weeks ago. She has gone missing. I fear for her life and I wish not to speak of her. I must continur this tale.

I knew Dylon very well. He was like a سیکنڈ father to me so his death took a great toll on me. To continue my aunt's research I have had to follow those four demigods very closely. I have learned so much about them. I think that maybe it is better to اقدام from city to city so they can't get a good lead on where I am. So far it has worked.

Gabriel and Maycen were the sons of Zeus so they are the most dangerous. Their powers are not like any other demigod powers. They control not only the weather but sometimes they control your mood. Yes, shocking, I know. I have come up with the theory that since weather can sometimes have an effect on your mood, they have learned how to کنٹرول, جوتنا weather and change it into something completely different. i feel angry sometimes when I am following them.

Elysia is the son of Hades as آپ probably already know. He mostly controls the dead. There are some cases that he could control the living and make them murder themselves but I wish not to see any of that.

Lastly, Arthur who I belive is the most dangerous. He is a son of Posiedon. The sea god. Arthur controls water mainly. It is extraordinary to watch him اقدام the water in such a way that he could have created tsumani on the spot. Luckly I have not been around ot see him do that.

They meet every thursday at their cave. That is where they were today. They all wore black.

"Has anyone noticed Dylon's disappearance yet?" asked Maycen.

"His wife," Arthur replied. "She moved to Europe though. I felt her crossing the ocean on the boat."

"Should we follow her? She most likely knows whatever Dylon told her. What if she knew . . . the secret?" Gabriel looked to one person after the other. No one murmured a word.

Jade came in through the door. She refuses to wear any colors that aren't red یا black. She is the twin sister of Elysia. He would never mention that though. "Hello boys," she greeted. "Did آپ honestly think آپ could avoid me forever?"

This is where I must stop. Too much information at one time can harm me. They know now. I can sense that they know what I am doing. If anything is to happen to me. I will make sure to hand this down to someone in the family. I only wish you, the reader, luck. If they know I am writing this then they probably know that آپ are reading this. I fear for the both of us. I wish آپ the best of luck.
posted by IlovePatch97
I look down at the snow below
Thinking of its familiar glow

I remember the trees that tore at my wet clothes
And the horrid wind that stung my nose

I tripped and had fell to weak to move
Thinking I had nothing to lose

My eyes began to close and I started to drift away
My mind refusing to disobey

It took me سے طرف کی the hand and I felt warm
Almost glad to be taken سے طرف کی the storm

Now I watch from up above wondering what I did wrong
And why I was one chosen to sing the angels song
posted by hgfan5602
Tonight's the night...
Today's the day
We دکھائیں all our strength

Tonight's the night...
No one's ever gonna keep me down
And I'm gonna go on,
And on.

Tonight's the night
We're gonna be determined
Have hope in our eyes
آپ can see it inside
As we rev it across tonight

Tonight's the night
Tonight I'm gonna give it my best shot
And no one's gonna control me
Not tonight,
Oh not now,
And maybe not ever again.

Cause I have the feeling
That I'm powerful
That I'm givin it my all
And it's gonna be a shocker
When I power the stage tonight

Tonight's the night
And no one's gonna shove me down again,
Cuz tonight's my night.
posted by alicia386
Chapter Eight

Mason was a wreck this morning. He was embarrassed and ashamed. He had acted like an idiot especially when he confessed his love for Olivia. What was he thinking? Be had embarrassed himself, Olivia, and Cassidy. Couldn't he do anything right? Staying in بستر was the only way for him to keep his emotions in control. If he was lucky, no one would remember that night let alone what he said. He کہا some pretty awful and truly disturbing things. He wanted to apologize to Olivia that night but when she came downstairs she ran out the door and down the block.

He slumped in his بستر thinking...
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posted by rory2011
she's hiding beyond the rainbow
that had never disappeared
sometimes she's angry
sometimes she's shy
when she's big
she's empty
when she's small
she's happy

you can see her
If آپ open your mind
very wide
you can hear her at night
under the moon

her hair is white
she's old sometimes
and young in other times
she hugging us
with all her arms
protect us
from that cruel world outside

I spend my spring in you
with all your games
hearing the laughs and lullabies
picking the flowers
chasing the butterflies
it's hard to accept
that I'm old to not going to you
play and laugh
and forgot all the concerns

I hate this world...
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posted by IlovePatch97
The clap of thunder, آپ remember that?
The shriek of fear
The crumbling تخت in which آپ sat
Despite all, there's still مزید to آپ than can pray tell
So I stayed silent as آپ fell

Tell me something, was it worth it?
Now all آپ can do is برداشت, ریچھ it
As your teeth آپ do grit
It was a burst of exertion on your part
I hope آپ are capable of repairing your heart

I am afraid Hell has no مزید room for you
I remember it all from start to finish
Here is a clue
Wish for fear and hate on others
And the results
Scoff and misery will be your end
You’re ending insults

In the end I will wish آپ only the best
And dear God may your soul find happiness in rest
posted by SweetHoneyBunny
I woke up cold, tired and sore. I moved a little and got a face full of sunshine, I reached for the curtains and for my quilt. I opened one eye a bit to find them, but when I looked I wasn't in my bed, یا even in my house. I was in the forest on the cold, hard ground. “What happened?” I کہا out loud. I stretched. “Ouch.” My back and shoulders were killing me, I touched my shoulder blade and winced. It was scratched and the skin was torn. I heaved myself off the ground and nearly fell back down. “What is going on?” I stood there for what felt like eternity, when I heard something....
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posted by sawfan13
Chapter 2

The اگلے morning, Ginny and Promise were making breakfast, as Shawna was smoking a cigarette, dressed in
her usual phony Goth get up, trying to look as bad پچھواڑے, گدا as possible (she didn't. Of course it could never work. She was a spoiled brat from Philadelphia who won a ton of beauty contests from age one to about age eighteen.) Though, years of smoking and losing weight had made her not very beautiful at all. She always looked like she was starving and never wanted to eat. Her teeth were stained and rarely brushed. She had a hateful attitude and would hurt people without consequence. Ginny...
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posted by hgfan5602
Run now. Run fast. We all have a place that we desire to be, and that place is not ہوم for me, unlike most people. My parents have started to torture me since last December, and I have had enough of it. My دل is racing, and I know I have to get away now. I can't take any مزید of this. My parents have been holding me in my room, locking me under chain and key, beating my head against the wall. Not your normal kid, the kid who thinks doing homework is torture. This is what I call real torture. Yesterday past midnight, I was thinking, "Why do my parents do this to me? Why? Why? I'm definitely...
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posted by rory2011
chapter (3)

"ok where are we ? " Jeremy کہا ,"I don't know ,it looks like we're in china "
"yea but there's nobody here ,the streets are empty"
I heard a weird scary voice ,"what was that sound ? " I کہا ,"it's my stomach ,I'm so hungry" Sofia کہا ,"ok let's try to find a restaurant یا a place that we could eat there "I کہا
we were walking around the city ,trying to find the restaurant ,I looked all over the thing that can give me a clue for the place that we're in but I couldn't understand anything ,it's like we're in everywhere ,there were houses took the shape...
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posted by Problematic129
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Chapter 9
    The Seven Deadly Sins
    Greed, gluttony, envy, lust, sloth, pride, and wrath. The seven deadly sins, we all know what they are. Commit one and آپ are sinner, commit all, آپ are very bad sinner.
    If I have ever believed I committed one it would be wrath, I have a good temper, believe me, but when it is broken. When I’ve met my breaking point, that is when I am at my most unpleasant.
    In the bible, it tells us about...
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added by sawfan13
I own everything in this video, except for the Mattel and Simpson corporation. Other than that, the music, dolls, and editing are all mine.
posted by sawfan13
Chapter 1

"Excuse me?" He کہا quietly, staring at this woman with confusion. She got on all fours, crawled to him, and said,"I
wanna keep آپ forever." He furrowed his eyebrows and asked,"What? What آپ mean? What the hell is going on here?" She leaned down to his ear and whispered seductively,
"This can go either way, Criss. Promise and I can be your slaves, or," she continued, even quieter and scarier than before,"you can become ours." Criss shuddered in a bad way. No human being on this earth had ever been this way before. Sure, his پرستار base was pretty insane and he's met a few less than sane...
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posted by alicia386
These tears of mine
bleed through me
creating an invisble ling
that only i can see

seperating me from us
get a key
unlock me thus
making it easy

trees grow tall
people grow apart
the world will fall
so does your heart

soliders die
their families left behind
people cry
over what's left behind

how would آپ feel
if it happend to you
instead of sitting there
what would آپ do

i know how آپ think
آپ thinking that
it isnt important
so how about that

time goes by
nothing change yet
thats how i think
dont worry of fret

these tears of mine
they dry up fast
but the scars left behind
are there to last
posted by alicia386
So here i am
stuck inside this house
im wondering if i
will ever make it out
now point wondering
if there isnt an answer
just try to belive

here we are
stuck in this house
back where we started
we wont ever make it out
just here to ask
even if there is no reply
if آپ believe

آپ turn to me
آپ say it slow
your voice is deep
"how do we know,"
i shrugg my shoulders
آپ reply
"I believe in آپ and i"

then i know
without a doubt
that these four walls
can keep up trapped
but آپ will always
love me
even if آپ are
a stuffed monkey
This girl knows how to sing. If آپ dont like it then آپ are obviously deaf. No offense.
posted by alicia386
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Chapter Seven

It was Friday night and Mason Montgomery was hosting the biggest party of the سال maybe of the century. Everyone who helped with his movie was invited so of course the paparazzi just had to be there to see it. Mason was excited to see be hosting it. This is could most likely help with his movie and maybe even boast his career if that was even possible. There was something a little depressing about the party. Through the entire thing he would be able to see Olivia and he just didn't think he could handle seeing here especially with...
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posted by Problematic129
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Chapter 8
Are آپ a daredevil یا a murderer?
    After taking as many pictures as I could, from my trusty phone, I went back up stairs and walked out the door.
    My دوستوں were busy with their families, and my one had abandoned me, so I decided to go out. I went to the mall we visited recently, and went to the movie theater’s we sabotaged, thankfully it was still open and I paid for a movie (what movie I don’t know I just kind of zoned out at that part) and it didn’t matter what movie it was anyways...
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 Katniss and Peeta
Katniss and Peeta
We share it everyday,
Oh yes we do.
They are the treasures of the world
That we use.

It's not gold,
Zinc, copper, یا silver.
Oil, not even close.

They are
Courage, determination
How women could have their rights

The treasures of the world
The one and only place
Where آپ can find people
Of different color and sex

Where آپ can find blacks,
Asian, Syrian, and Australian
Oh the people of the world
The treasures of the world

The treasures of the world
Use them wisely
Do not leave them in chains
For the people آپ break
They will break آپ back.

Oh the treasures of the world
(All the colors, all the people)
The treasures of the world
(All the colors, all the people)
The treasures of the world
 Different sexes and colors come together to walk the Relay
Different sexes and colors come together to walk the Relay
Chapter 3

Young prodigy, do not wake into the universe آپ were born in. آپ belong with us, so do not wake. Let our fangs drain out your humanity and fill آپ up with our sweet nectar. It will be your new blood.

Warren woke up in a hospital بستر breathing heavily. He woke up alone, looking around feeling the I.V needles in him. He even felt the catheter, and it felt UNCOMFORTABLE! He felt weary, but didn't want to go back to sleep. Two beautiful women came in, one was a doctor and one was a nurse. The doctor came in, as Warren had kept his eyes open because of the small room. He still had the...
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posted by alicia386
Your expression when آپ see me
drives me over the edge.
آپ are the only reason
why my دل still functions
We are the formula of love

I am certain
that آپ love me too.
No one
could ever make a difference
on how i feel towards you
We are the formula of love

Promise that we wont
ever break apart
We are the image
of a heart
the outcome of each other
and the formula of love

Although آپ think clockwise
and i think counterclockwise
we always meet up in the end
آپ are 100% mine
and my formula of love

آپ are the center of my world
My feeling towards you
shows on my face
I can estimate that you
will always have a spot in my heart

now can آپ believe
that, that was only a sample
of how i feel about you