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posted by alicia386
This is a continuation of The Dying Ashes. I am Katherine Adams and I have received this manuscript my aunt had sent me weeks ago. She has gone missing. I fear for her life and I wish not to speak of her. I must continur this tale.

I knew Dylon very well. He was like a سیکنڈ father to me so his death took a great toll on me. To continue my aunt's research I have had to follow those four demigods very closely. I have learned so much about them. I think that maybe it is better to اقدام from city to city so they can't get a good lead on where I am. So far it has worked.

Gabriel and Maycen were the sons of Zeus so they are the most dangerous. Their powers are not like any other demigod powers. They control not only the weather but sometimes they control your mood. Yes, shocking, I know. I have come up with the theory that since weather can sometimes have an effect on your mood, they have learned how to کنٹرول, جوتنا weather and change it into something completely different. i feel angry sometimes when I am following them.

Elysia is the son of Hades as آپ probably already know. He mostly controls the dead. There are some cases that he could control the living and make them murder themselves but I wish not to see any of that.

Lastly, Arthur who I belive is the most dangerous. He is a son of Posiedon. The sea god. Arthur controls water mainly. It is extraordinary to watch him اقدام the water in such a way that he could have created tsumani on the spot. Luckly I have not been around ot see him do that.

They meet every thursday at their cave. That is where they were today. They all wore black.

"Has anyone noticed Dylon's disappearance yet?" asked Maycen.

"His wife," Arthur replied. "She moved to Europe though. I felt her crossing the ocean on the boat."

"Should we follow her? She most likely knows whatever Dylon told her. What if she knew . . . the secret?" Gabriel looked to one person after the other. No one murmured a word.

Jade came in through the door. She refuses to wear any colors that aren't red یا black. She is the twin sister of Elysia. He would never mention that though. "Hello boys," she greeted. "Did آپ honestly think آپ could avoid me forever?"

This is where I must stop. Too much information at one time can harm me. They know now. I can sense that they know what I am doing. If anything is to happen to me. I will make sure to hand this down to someone in the family. I only wish you, the reader, luck. If they know I am writing this then they probably know that آپ are reading this. I fear for the both of us. I wish آپ the best of luck.
posted by hgfan5602
All these years...
Are so memorable,
Every bit of it.
Even though they are not all
Good memories,
Bad memories are just as memorable
As good memories.

Looking back on the past,
Remembering my life before,
How everything was so amazing,
How all my دوستوں changed my life,
Giving me memories that will last
My whole life long.

Do not worry,
I still remember all the good times
That we had.
Doing cannonballs into the cold water,
Laughing like we don't have a care
In the world.

I still remember
How آپ gave me all your courage
How آپ allowed me to دکھائیں myself,
To be content to share all my knowledge
With the world.

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posted by hgfan5602
Fly, fly, fly
Mighty eagle
Soar through the skies
دکھائیں your power
Like never before.

Fly, fly, fly
Mighty eagle
Roam the world
دکھائیں everyone that آپ are
Adventurous, free.

Fly, fly, fly
Mighty eagle
Break free of your shackles
And fly free,
Before they come back
To lock آپ back in prison.

Fly, fly, fly
Mighty eagle
دکھائیں the country
Your determination,
Your courage.

Not only that,
But you, mighty eagle,
Have the power
To motivate the whole world
To inspire them,
To دکھائیں them that no one,
No one,
Can keep anyone
Under chains.

Fly, fly, fly
Mighty eagle
دکھائیں everyone
That slavery is no longer
An option.
Fly free, my beautiful eagle.
posted by hgfan5602
Ya know,
All these years
I've been standing here
In the darkness,
And I didn't know what to do
یا what to say

But when آپ came by
Boy, آپ gave me strength.
And آپ told me
Girl you're beautiful,
Now go on with your life

I've never met someone
Who has made me so strong,
But I told myself,
Oh you're amazing,
Oh آپ made me brave.

The story of my life
Is oh so sad to tell,
But sometimes that is why
Life is so memorable.

The way that he helped me out
Has made me carry on.
And all that gave me courage
Is my awesome little hero.

U R Beautiful,
And I know that I am too.
Well, now, maybe.
U R Beautiful
Boy آپ gave me strength.
posted by wantadog
Chapter 2!

Juliet retrieved the papers from the chicken pen, saying hi to a few of them while she was there, and made her way towards the road. She considered going back to ask her mother about dad again, but decided that it could wait. She would talk to her about it when she got back. Jessica reached the gate leading to the road and left, taking care to remember to close it. Her farm was about a mile away from the rest of the town, so it took her about 10 منٹ of walking to arrive. On the way, Juliet dropped a piece of paper. Her hands were pretty full, so she folded it and put it in her...
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(Verse 1)
I am in love with the guy whois sweet
till we meet It isn't possible

(Verse 1)

We need to meet before we go under cover for each other We need to meet before we go undercover for each other

(Verse 2)
We haven't met yet
Still single hearted
thinkin' 'bout each other

(Verse 2)

Now & then everyday we need to meet each other goin' separate paths and ways to meet each other and go undercover

We are going separate paths and ways sometime we need to meet in the middle and go undercover Now,

We need to meet before we go under cover for each other We need to meet before we go undercover for each other


We need to meet before we go undercover
posted by Problematic129
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Chapter 7
    Secrets unearthed
    By the time the flash drive was down, it was early in the afternoon and I took the device and plugged it on my computer so father wouldn’t suspect a thing.
    The file folder popped up, and I clicked on the first file in there. It was snippets of writing, all of father’s thoughts put down in there. After a few minutes, I clicked out of there, shaking my head. I clicked on the سیکنڈ file.
    This one...
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posted by SweetHoneyBunny
I stood frozen in the yard for what seemed like eternity, holding that piece of fabric. Could Brett have been taken سے طرف کی the wolves? I couldn't shake the image of Brett being dragged away سے طرف کی those beasts. I went back in the house and texted his cell. “Hey, u home? Where'd u go this morn?” I closed my phone and placed it on the table. The clock کہا it was only 7:00pm so I made a sandwich, mom had finally gone shopping, and sat in the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ listening to the wind howl. I was enjoying the peace, when my phone rang. I jumped off the chair I was seated on and ran to the living room. I scooped...
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posted by kitty190123
Dousing آپ with water
Oh, how graceful
Leaping out of the water
Playing underwater
Having a good time
In the great big ocean
Now I see one, two
So many playing together

This is the first in the World of Poems series. Tell me what آپ think in comments!

This is kitty190123, with another original article! Check out my profile! I'll پرستار آپ if آپ پرستار me!

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I am just writing this to get my مضمون گیا کیا پوسٹ because it says it is too short!
posted by IlovePatch97
Reality hurts, I have experience
It makes آپ feel free, and then drags آپ to the ground
It tells آپ that everything will be ok
Later it crushes all hope and faith
It makes آپ see what آپ want to see
Let’s آپ feel what آپ want to feel
It puts آپ in those “oh snap” positions
It laughs at آپ in the face for your mistakes
It can help آپ find love یا heartbreak
In the end reality gives آپ the same outcome
The very outcome آپ tried to avoid
Reality doesn’t control me, I refuse to be destroyed
posted by alicia386
Chapter Six

In the last week Olivia and Mason have been avoiding each other. She may be his assistant and he may be the boss but they didn't have to be in each other's company everyday. Mason stayed away because Olivia avoided him. Olivia avoided Mason because Cassidy tole her to. Olivia knew for sure that, that girl was dangerous but what did she possibly want from Mason. He has those amazing looks but Cassidy Golden wasn't the type to stay with one man for very long and the guys she usually dated were models.

Mason was literally in the middle of it all. He had numerous of things to do especially...
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posted by Problematic129
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Chapter 6
    Breaking news
    A few hours later, and آپ found all of us racing out of the movie theater to our car, which we thankfully parked far away from the scene. We jumped in and when we all finally stepped through Lara’s front door we burst out laughing, falling to the floor.
    “There faces!”
    “Their reactions!”
    “That was so fun!”
    “You should have seen that dude! The balloon...
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posted by Problematic129
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Chapter 5
        Daredevil’s plus mall equals disaster
    The end of the دن was finally over, and I was shaking with enthusiasm. At first we were going to Lara’s house, but then we decided to go a mall (that I didn’t know existed until now) that was close to my house.
    “First things first, were going to the arcade.”
    “Arcade? آپ guys always hog the games.” Corrie complained. “How about we eat first?”...
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posted by Marshally90
kayla........kayla.......KAYLA!!!! "Kayla wake up!" 'Not again' I was asleep dreaming of-of-of-"Kayla I can't believe you! How many times do I have to tell you, SHE'S NOT REAL!" " But mom! I say her! She was right there" I pointed to the black spot. It used to be a normal polished wood but now-now it was just a dark rottening wood.......'right after I saw her' " Look at the clock! It's two in the MORNING!" Crap, just what I needed! The exam was tomorow and I needed alot of sleep. She left while I was دن dreaming of how hard the exam will be. 'Well might as well chat' I opened my laptop and...
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posted by alicia386
Chapter Five

Mason met Olivia at his پسندیدہ restaurant. It was a perfect دن for a رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا date. The sun was shinny, the clouds were extra white, and the گھاس seemed greener then ever. If only she knew that this was a رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا date. He signed the last autograph for today as Olivia sat across from him at their round table. Her hair was curly and in a ponytail. Then she wore a red dress with a thick, black بیلٹ, پٹی in the middle. His سیکنڈ impression of her was still the same, gorgeous. This تاریخ was going pretty well but Cassidy dresses better. Mainly because Cassidy is rich but he didn't want to...
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posted by SweetHoneyBunny
I dropped the flashlight and slammed the window shut. “What on Earth was that!?” I didn't know I had کہا that out loud until my mom asked “What was what?”
“Mom! What are آپ doing in my room?” I spun around and leaned against the window sill. “I was just bringing up your laundry when I heard آپ talking to yourself.” She put down the pile of clothes she was carrying and sat on my bed. “You know آپ can talk to me about anything. Is it boy trouble?” I looked at her and walked to my door.
“Mom it's not boy trouble and I think I'm going to go to bed.” I yawned and stretched...
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posted by alicia386
 Olivia Meyers and Cassidy Golden (Doll Version)
Olivia Meyers and Cassidy Golden (Doll Version)
Chapter Four

Olivia was extra busy today. Today was the first دن of the movie shoot for Hourglass. Before they could even start recording the movie, the would have to check up on everything. The wardrobe had to perfect. The scenes had to be accurately planned out. Then they had to make sure that all of the camera crew was positioned. Olivia wouldn't be able to receive the permits until tomorrow. So they couldn't start filming until then. She followed closely behind Mason as he did the daily check up.

Mason went straight towards wardrobe and the outfit choices. The outfit for Charlotte's arrival...
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posted by IlovePatch97
I couldn’t remember how I had gotten there? Where was I anyway? My clothes were soaked and reeds clung to them, my lungs were burning, my eyes swollen as if I had been crying. Had I, But why? It was me and my brother; we were سے طرف کی the creek. I looked around, no he wasn’t there. I couldn’t see him anywhere. In fact I couldn’t see anything; the sky was oil with specs of light, and the lake in which I half laid In, was cold and thick like mud. A layer of late night fog drifted over the grass, surrounding every درخت in the forest. Why had we come here? I was 10, why would Samuel bring me...
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posted by IlovePatch97
My love so beautifully bound in robes of scarlet hue
With nails so black scraping away at rotting church pews
I tell آپ I love آپ مزید than myself
But to understand, from me آپ shall receive neither money nor wealth
What آپ تلاش for is not emotion یا passion, it’s much مزید precise
It’s the golden fortune which comes with a price
So آپ take the deal and strike my head
Your beating heart, now made of lead
Allow me the peace of mind to soften the last deadly blow
Perhaps this is how our story ends of آپ the Raven and I the Crow

(Crows and Ravens, in European legends are known to symbolize death)
posted by Problematic129
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Chapter 3
    Colorful styles and pictures to doom
    After that class I found out that Cali and I shared all the same classes. And hallelujah for that, because she’s been giving me advice and tips throughout the beginning of the day, and I stuck to her like glue.
    The مزید I got to know I realized that she wasn’t all that perky, it’s just in the morning because she has too much coffee. سے طرف کی the time lunch rolled around I was practically shaking....
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posted by alicia386
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Chapter Three

Mason stared off at the window. Was this new emotion joy یا sadness? He couldn't tell. When آپ think about it, his life isn't all that complicated. He could be in a worse situation like having to remodel the house after a natural disaster hit. Instead he was a millionaire with girl problems. His father offered to have "the talk" with him but he refused. Cassidy had came سے طرف کی this morning. She asked him out on a تاریخ and he کہا sure. He couldn't believe he کہا that. 

There was something interesting about Cassidy. She had long black...
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