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This is my personal فہرست of all songs which reminds me of Mary Tudor: her life, her story, her pain, her hope, her nature and her duty.

Everything burns - Anastacia feat. Ben Moody
Because of آپ - Kelly Clarkson
Numb - Dubstep remix
Behind these hazel eyes - Kelly Clarkson
Here with me - Dido
Missing - Evanescence
If I were a boy - Beyoncè
Tears of an angel - Ryandan
My skin - Natalie Merchant
When you're gone - Avril Lavigne
Perfect - Simple Plan
Broken - Seether feat Amy Lee
Tomorrow - Avril Lavigne
Here without آپ - 3 Doors Down
Listen - Beyoncè
Innocence - Avril Lavigne
Jar of hearts - Christina Perri
Sir, Your Grace's Displeasure and my Imprisonment are Things so strange unto me, as what to Write, یا what to Excuse, I am altogether ignorant. Whereas آپ send unto me (willing me to confess a Truth, and to obtain your Favour) سے طرف کی such an one whom آپ know to be my ancient professed Enemy; I no sooner received this Message سے طرف کی him, than I rightly conceived your Meaning; and if, as آپ say, confessing a Truth indeed may procure my safety, I shall with all Willingness and Duty perform your Command.

But let not your Grace ever imagine that your poor Wife will ever be brought to acknowledge a Fault,...
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Written when the order came that she was to be sent to the Tower, on suspicion that she was implicated سے طرف کی Wyatt's rebellion. Wyatt's correspondence with Elizabeth was seized, and amongst the evidence produced was an alleged copy of a letter written سے طرف کی Elizabeth to Henri II; this was apparently a forgery.

March I6, I554.

If any ever did try this old saying, 'that a king's word was مزید than another man's oath,' I most humbly beseech your Majesty to verify it to me, and to remember your last promise and my last demand, that I be not not condemned without answer and due proof, which it seems that...
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October 27, [ ? ].

Good Sister, as to hear of your sickness is unpleasant to me, so is it nothing fearful; for that I understand it is your old guest that is wont oft to visit you, whose coming though it be oft, yet is it never welcome, but notwithstanding it is comfortable for that iacula præuisa minus feriunt. And as I do understand your need of Jane Russel's service, so am I sorry that it is سے طرف کی my man's occasion letted, which if I had known afore, I would have caused his will give place to need of her service. For as it is her duty to obey his commandment, so is it his part to attend your...
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Darling, I heartily recommend me to you, ascertaining آپ that I am not a little perplexed with such things as your brother shall on my part declare unto you, to whom I pray آپ give full credence, for it were too long to write. In my last letters I writ to آپ that I trusted shortly to see you, which is better known at London than with any that is about me, whereof I not a little marvel; but lack of discreet handling must needs be the cause
thereof. No مزید to آپ at this time, but that I trust shortly our meetings shall not depend upon other men’s light handlings, but upon our own.

Written with the hand of him that
longeth to be yours.
H. R.
The approach of the time for which I have so long waited rejoices me so much, that it seems almost to have come already. However, the entire accomplishment cannot be till the two persons meet, which meeting is مزید desired سے طرف کی me than anything in this world; for what joy can be greater upon earth than to have the company of her who is dearest to me, knowing likewise that she does the same on her part, the thought of which gives me the greatest pleasure. Judge wh at an effect the presence of that person must have on me, whose absence has grieved my دل مزید than either words یا writing can...
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posted by DeniseAnne
Since your last letters, mine own
darling, Walter Welshe, Master
Browne, Thos. Care, Grion of Brear-
ton, and John Coke, the apothecary,
be fallen of the sweat in this house,
and, thanked be God, all well recov-
ered, so that as yet the plague is not
fully ceased here, but I trust shortly
it shall. سے طرف کی the mercy of God, the rest
of us yet be well, and I trust shall
pass it, either not to have it, or, at the
least, as easily as the rest have done.
As touching the matter of Wilton,
my lord cardinal hath had the nuns
before him, and examined them, Mr.
Bell being present ; which hath certi-
fied me that, for a...
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posted by DeniseAnne
The cause of my writing at this time, good sweetheart, is only to understand of your good health and prosperity; whereof to know I would be as glad as in manner mine own, praying God that (an it be His pleasure) to send us shortly together, for I promise آپ I long for it. How be it, I trust it shall not be long to; and seeing my darling is absent, I can do no less than to send her some flesh, representing my name, which is hart flesh for Henry, prognosticating that hereafter, God willing, آپ may enjoy some of mine, which He pleased, I would were now. As touching your sister’s matter, I...
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posted by DeniseAnne
The uneasiness my doubts about your health gave me, disturbed and alarmed me exceedingly, and I should not have had any quiet without hearing certain tidings. But now, since آپ have as yet felt nothing, I hope, and am assured that it will spare you, as I hope it is doing with us. For when we were at Walton, two ushers, two valets de chambres and your brother, master-treasurer, fell ill, but are now quite well ; and since we have returned to our house at Hunsdon, we have been perfedlly well, and have not, at present, one sick person, God be praised; and I think, if آپ would retire from Surrey,...
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posted by DeniseAnne
There came to me suddenly
in the night the most afflicting news that could have arrived. The first, to hear of the sickness of my mistress, whom I esteem مزید than all the world, and whose health I desire as I do my own, so that I would gladly برداشت, ریچھ half your illness to make آپ well. The second, from the fear that I have of being still longer harassed سے طرف کی my enemy. Absence, much longer, who has hitherto دیا me all possible uneasiness, and as far as I can judge is determined to spite me مزید because I pray God to rid me of this troublesome tormentor. The third, because the physician in whom...
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Darling, these shall be only to تشہیر آپ that this bearer and his fellow be despatched
with as many things to compass our matter, and to bring it to pass as our wits could imagine یا devise; which brought to pass, as I trust, سے طرف کی their diligence, it shall be shortly, آپ and I shall have our desired end, which should be مزید to my heart’s ease, and مزید quietness to my mind, than any other thing in the world ; as, with God’s grace, shortly I trust shall be proved, but not so soon as I would it were; yet I will ensure آپ that there shall be no time lost that may be won, and further can...
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posted by DeniseAnne
To my mistress. Because
the time seems very long since
I heard concerning your health and
you, the great afFeftion I have for
you has induced me to send آپ this
bearer, to be better informed of your
health and pleasure, and because,
since my parting from you, I have
been told that the opinion in which
I left آپ is totally changed, and that
you would not come to court either
with your mother, if آپ could, یا in
any other manner; which report, if
true, I cannot sufficiently marvel at,
because I am sure that I have since
never done any thing to offend you,
and it seems a very poor return for the
great love...
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posted by DeniseAnne
Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn:

For a present so beautiful that
nothing could be مزید so (con-
sidering the whole of it), I thank you
most cordially, not only on account
of the fine diamond and the ship in
which the solitary damsel is tossed
about, but chiefly for the fine inter-
pretation and the too humble sub-
mission which your goodness hath
used towards me in this case; for I
think it would be very difficult for
me to find an occasion to deserve it,
if I were not assisted سے طرف کی your great
humanity and favour, which I have
always sought to seek, and will seek
to preserve سے طرف کی all the kindness in my
power, in which...
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Here آپ are an extract from queen Mary I of England's last will and testament: she speaks about her dearest jewels, her lords, the Emperador and her husband, king Philip II. I really hope you'll enjoy this!

And I do humbly beseech my کہا most dearest lord and husband to accept of my bequest and to keep for a memory of me one jewel, being a میز, جدول diamond, which the emperor’s majesty, his and my most honourable father, sent unto me سے طرف کی the Count d’Egmont, at the insurance of my کہا lord and husband, and also one other میز, جدول diamond which his majesty sent unto me سے طرف کی the Marquis de les Nanes, and the کالر of سونا set with nine diamonds, the which his majesty gave me the Epiphany after our marriage, also the ruby now set in a سونا ring, which his highness sent me سے طرف کی the Count of Feria, all which things I require his majesty to dispose of at his pleasure, and, if his highness think meet, to the issue between us.
posted by DeniseAnne
Henry VIII: Hurricane - 30 سیکنڈ to Mars

Elizabeth Tudor: 1)Sober - Pink
2)Titanium - David Guetta feat. Sia
3)The Queen - Velvet

Mary Tudor: 1)Everythings burns - Anastacia feat. Ben Moody
2)Because of آپ - Kelly Clarkson

Edward VI: Perfect - Simple Plan

Anne Boleyn: 1)See who I am - Within' temptation
2)Gravity of love - Enigma
3)Hallelujah - Alexandra Burke
4)Everybody's fool - Evanescence
5)My happy ending - Avril Lavigne

Katherine of Aragon: Because of آپ - Kelly Clarkson

Jane Seymour: Heaven (slow version)

Anne of Cleves: Hello - Evanescence

Kathryn Howard: 1)My happy ending - Avril Lavigne
2) In the air tonight - ہولی McNarland
3) Naughty girl - Beyoncè

Catherine Parr: What it's like to be me - Britney Spears