TV Couples My favourite 'It's because' reasons for Lucas & Peyton. Which reason do آپ like best?

Pick one:
Because she's not human, she's an angel. And she's his angel.
Because he could have fixed her car on sight,but he"just wanted to see her again"
Because her art matters.
Because he's always saving her.
Because the boy saw a comet and felt like his life had meaning.
Because he really sees her, right down to her soul.
Because she'll wait forever if she has to.
Because it's always going to be there, him and her.
Because Peyton's the greatest thing he has in his life.
Because he wants everything with her, he wants it all.
Because he would never cut her out of his life.
Because she's loved him since the moment they locked eyes.
Because he's loved her since the first time he saw her.
Because he's a mess. But he's her mess, and she loves him.
Because the rest of the world has been waiting on them since high school.
Because when he fixed her car, he fixed her heart.
 babe1492 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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