TV Couples My Opinions // Which do آپ agree most with?

Pick one:
My OTP // Buffy and Angel
Least favourite couple // Dawson and Joey
Couple I used to love but now don't care about // Tyler and Caroline
Couple I used to love but now hate // Chuck and Blair
Couple I ship that many hate // Nate and Serena
Favourite couple currently on tv // Damon and Elena
Newest favourite couple // Logan and Veronica
Most adorable couple I ship // Seth and Summer
Favourite AU couple // Stefan and Caroline
Favourite couple with a tragic ending // Freddie and Effy
Favourite couple with a happy ending // Pacey and Joey
Couple that should have ended up together // Brooke and Lucas
Couple with the best build up // Clark and Lois
Couple I could have shipped but something ruined it // Spencer and Toby
Couple with the funniest scenes // Monica and Chandler
Couple that were ruined سے طرف کی the writers // Dan and Blair
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