TV Couples Five Favourite Scenes For My سب, سب سے اوپر Five Ships {Favourite?}

Pick one:
'You traded your ship for me?' // Kiss
'Until I met you.'
'If it can be broken, it means it still works.'
'I swear on Emma Swan.'
Emma calling Hook's name when Pan's Shadow gets him.
'Then I should catch her before she leaves, and thank her.'
'I want whatever آپ want, whatever آپ need.'
'I can change with you. [...] I just want آپ to come home.. with me.'
'Couldn't live without you.'
'Sir, just go!'
Time loop kiss.
'I care about her, a lot مزید than I'm supposed to.'
'I'm really glad you're okay.'
Andy trying to stop Sharon going after a suspect سے طرف کی herself.
'I like weddings.'
'You did great.'
'He better wake up!'
'You think I'm new at this?'
'When I let a دن go سے طرف کی without talking to you, that دن is just no good.'
'You're an idiot.'
'I love you.' // 'Exactly.'
'I'm forgetting something.'
' I could not stop loving her any مزید than I could stop breathing.'
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