TV Couples [copying] couples I respect/like even though I ship one of the characters with another character || your پسندیدہ ?

Pick one:
chandler & janice (friends)
monica & richard (friends)
ted & zoey (himym)
denny & izzie (grey's anatomy)
mark & addison (grey's anatomy)
alex & jo (grey's anatomy)
brooke & lucas (one درخت hill)
peyton & jake (one درخت hill)
puck & quinn (glee)
sam & mercedes (glee)
carrie & aidan (sex and the city)
dan & serena (gossip girl)
nate & vanessa (gossip girl)
stefan & elena (the vampire diaries)
matt & caroline (the vampire diaries)
tyler & caroline (the vampire diaries)
stefan & katherine (the vampire diaries)
 Nicolas97 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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