TV Couples my absolute favourite ships of all time; your favourite? (NO ORDER)

Pick one:
jake & amy (brooklyn nine nine)
angela & hodgins (bones)
chuck & sarah (chuck)
niles & daphne (frasier)
peter & olivia (fringe)
toby & happy (scorpion)
jack & sam (stargate sg1)
mulder & scully (the x files)
fitz & simmons (agents of shield)
xander & anya (buffy the vampire slayer)
lloyd & julianne (breakout kings)
roslin & adama (battlestar galactica)
piper & leo (charmed)
sharon & andy (major crimes)
emma & killian (once upon a time)
shawn & juliet (psych)
tony & ziva (ncis)
 tonyziva1234 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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