TV Couples My favourite episode for my favourite couples; which is the best episode?

Pick one:
Lucas/Peyton;6x17 "You And Me And The Bottle Makes Three Tonight"
Damon/Elena;1x19 "Miss Mystic Falls"
Stefan/Katherine;2x04 "Memory Lane"
Monica/Chandler;6x25 "TOW The Proposal part 2"
Ross/Rachel;2x15 "TOW Ross and Rachel... آپ Know"
Phoebe/Cole;3x08 "Sleeping With The Enemy"
Piper/Leo;8x10 "Vaya Con Leos!"
Alex/Izzie;5x22 "What A Difference A دن Makes"
 KathyHalliwell posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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