TV Couples Which TYPE of ship do آپ like best? (With random examples.) Feel free to add with شبیہ and examples, but not 'all of the above' یا equally annoying

Pick one:
مقبول girl/Unpopular guy... Seth/Summer, Dan/Serena, Xander/Cordelia
Doomed but forever love... Angel/Buffy, Rose/Doctor, Ned/Chuck
Bad boy/Good girl... Jess/Rory, Logan/Veronica, Blair/Chuck
Sort of geeky love... Angela/Hodgins, Willow/Oz, Seth/Anna
First love... Rachel/Ross, Rufus/Lily, Dean/Rory,
Evil love... Drusilla/Spike, Angelus/Darla, Eve/Lindsey
Married couples... Kirsten/Sandy, Monica/Chandler, Wash/Zoe
'Perfect' couple... Blair/Nate, Luke/Marissa, Tony/Michelle
Friendly banter UST ships... Booth/Bones, Lorelai/Luke, Jim/Pam(?)
forbidden love (spike and buffy, cole and pheobe)
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Insiders/Outsiders... Lucas/Peyton, Marissa/Ryan, Nate/Vanessa
Frowned-Upon Love[I-don't-care-I-love-him/her-anyway] Mer/Der, Burke/Cris...
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Didn't Notice... Taylor and Ryan, Brooke and Lucas
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I like different types, depending on the fandom
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