This is just going to be a فہرست of my پسندیدہ girls. Sadly I haven't seen enough of Game of thrones, The Walking dead, Teen بھیڑیا یا American Horror Story to add a character from them. I'd like to add Danaerys, I probably spelled her name wrong but I am just so fasinated سے طرف کی her from GOT, but I can't say she is a پسندیدہ as I've only seen 1 episode so far of the show, which is just really sad. I hope آپ enjoy.

1.Hanna Marin - Pretty Little Liars - Seasons 1 - 7

Hanna Marin

I love Hanna. She's very sarcastic which I think is what drew me to her. She can stand up for herself, she's very confident and stands up for her friends. I think she was a true friend. I know if Hanna were a real person, I would want her to be my friend. Plus she has awesome fashion sense.

2. Rachel Green - دوستوں - Seasons 1 - 10

Rachel Green

Rachel has always been my favorite, ever since I first watched the show, which was in like 2002. I know I was really late at watching Friends. I just think she is awesome with an awesome sense of humor, however she has terrible taste in men. Yeah, I am not a Ross and Rachel fan. I do not like them together. I found Ross to be clingy, controlling, whiney and so many مزید things. But this is supposed to be about Rachel. I just think she is amazing and an amazing friend.

3. Lily Aldrin - How I met your Mother - Seasons 1 - 9

Lily Aldrin

Now there are only 2 women who are the main characters on HIMYM but I just prefer Lily. Besides I love Alyson Hannigan, I loved her as Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the vampire slayer, so of course I would choose Lily. She is so funny and also has great taste in fashion. And I just love how she supports her دوستوں and is there for them.

4. Brooke Davis - One درخت ہل, لندن - Seasons 1 - 9

Brooke Davis

Oh, Brooke, what could I possibly say about her? She's pretty awesome. I'll admit, when I first started watching Oth, I thought that Peyton was going to be a پسندیدہ of mine, don't get me wrong, I like Peyton, I just like Brooke more. Though she can be very stubborn and hold a grudge, especially towards P when she had kissed Lucas, not once but twice, when Lucas and Brooke had been in a relationship. Anyways, at first I thought Brooke was just going to be a popular, rich, stuck up snob but she proved me wrong. Especially when she told her team at the magazine in the 5th season to change the cover of the magazine as it gave a bad message to young girls. I just really liked her, she was a great friend. In some way I wish she and Lucas had ended up together but sadly they didn't and I realized that I really prefered Leyton over them. And just to say, I haven't seen past season 6 yet. I'm unsure if I will see the last 3 seasons of Oth as Lucas and Peyton leave the show, which really bumbs me out.

5. Caroline Forbes - The Vampire Diaries - Seasons 1 - 8

Caroline Forbes

I love, love Caroline. Though I admit that when I saw the first few episodes of season 1, I didn't really like her. I found her to be kind of annoying and, well, shallow. But she got better, especially when she was turned. I think her becoming a vampire was the best thing for her character. And just so آپ know I am not a Klaroline fan, I haven't seen past season 3 yet, but I didn't get a good impression of Klaus, especially when he was going around killing people and killing Jenna. To me, the only reason why he wanted to be with Caroline was because she was immune to the mind control. But that is just my opinion. I loved her with Tyler until he started letting Klaus, again, control him. I am curious about her relationship with Stefan though. Sounds interesting.

6. Buffy Summers - Buffy the vampire slayer - Seasons 1 - 7

Buffy Summers

She has been a پسندیدہ of mine since دن 1. I love her, she's such an inspiration. She can stand up for herself, she has confidence and doesn't let anyone push her around یا at least tries not too. She can also take care of herself, which is obvious since she fights and kills the Supernatural.

7. Emily Fields - Pretty Little Liars Seasons 1 - 7

Emily Fields

I thought of posting Spencer, who is another پسندیدہ of mine but she's done a lot of things on the دکھائیں that makes me want to pull her hair out because of the bad decisions she made like with Wren and mostly with Wren. I don't like Wren. Anyways, I've always liked Emily. Emily is the sweet but tough girl. She can stand up for herself, tries to stand up to her mother, like in Season 1, her mother was very against her sexuality and her friendship with Toby. Emily was a great friend to the girls, Alison and Toby. Anyways, I just really liked her.

8. Dana Scully - The X Files Seasons 1 - 10

Dana Scully

She is one of my پسندیدہ characters, one of the oldest. She says the wittiest things and I just love her relationship with Mulder. Her and Mulder are my پسندیدہ couple, I just wish they had got together sooner. I wasn't a پرستار of the later seasons, mostly when Mulder left, I stopped watching it after Season 8 I think as it the دکھائیں got مزید cheesy and just wasn't the same after Mulder left.

9. DJ Tanner - Full House Seasons 1 - 8

DJ Tanner

She's one of the best. While I'll admit as a child, Michelle had been my favorite, but I grew up and realized how irritating she was. Anyways, DJ is such a funny character and is such a friendly person, it sucked that she was always scolded سے طرف کی her dad, I always thought he was a little too[/u] protective which got worse when he had involved Joey and Uncle Jesse, epspecially Uncle Jesse. He wasn't even her parent. Anyways, I just really like her and liked that she was such a good friend to Kimmy.

10. Ziva David [i] - NCIS Seasons 3 - 11

Ziva David

I love her. She's so awesome. As she's from Israel, she could be a little clueless to the American ways. But she got better as the seasons went on. Anyways, I really liked her because she could be funny, stand up and take care of herself. She's like Buffy from Buffy the vampire slayer except she doesn't fight vampires یا demons. I really don't get why people have a problem with her, she is awesome. She's one of the best characters on the show. I liked Kate but she died after 2 seasons, so, why stop watching the دکھائیں just because someone new appears on the show. Ziva is an amazing character and it really sucked when she left, then they decided to kill her off. That made me mad. I am really, really hoping that she wasn't killed for sure.