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The دن was December 13,1929.I was walking ہوم from school late at night,and 2 of my دوستوں Jessica and Lauren came up to me.
"Hey guys what are آپ doing out here late at night?"I said
"Well we were waiting for you."Jessica said
"Really,why?"I said.They never waited for me this long before.I don't know why I feel uneven around them.
"Oh just to do this,Lauren now!"But before i had a time to react i suddenly felt a sharp pain in my back then later my arm.When i looked down blood drip on the hard,cold sidewalk.Then i was on the ground as Jessica and Lauren ran away leaving me to bleed to death.Darkness was around me,but then another sharp pain came to me.Not like a stab but like biting.When I woke up I felt a lot مزید different.Free,bu when i looked on one of the store's windows I saw not only was my skin much مزید paler,but my eyes were bloody red.
سیکنڈ chapeter...enjoy!

I could hear people talking outside in the hallway. The voices sounded confused and angry. I strained to hear harder. “Mr. Cullen, I don’t care whether Ms. سوان, ہنس is your girlfriend یا not,” Mr. Greene was saying in a stern voice. “You don’t start fights with anyone at this school. Especially the new ones who don’t know the rules yet!” he کہا fuming. I heard Mr. Blair across the other side of the tiny office saying similar things to someone else, I tried to hear, but in my attempts, my eyes opened, and I saw Charlie sitting سے طرف کی the door with an upset look...
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Okay, so your parents can't understand why آپ want to اقدام to Forks, just give them these reasons and I'm sure you'll be packing your bags in no time lol.

12 reasons why آپ should اقدام to Forks

1. Obvious can become Edwards personal stalker.

2.They have the best parties...thanks to Alice :)

3.So what if it rains? It just means there's مزید chance of spotting the Cullens.

4.Jacob is only 15 منٹ away.

5.You didn't get your letter to Hogwarts -surely آپ deserve to be part of at least one fantasy secret.

6.Silver volvo's will be easier to spot. Plus آپ can get a truck like Bella's....
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So these are, سے طرف کی far, my پسندیدہ quotes from the first 3 books. (I haven't read breaking dawn yet :P)

1.If seth didn't cut it out, I was going to throw a pinecone at him.-Bella (I just think that's hilarious.)
2.Your hair looks like a haystack. But I like it. -Edward
3.I love you. I want you. Right now. -Edward.
4.Marry me first. -Edward
5.I'll never forgive myself for leaving you.-Edward
6.Does my being half naked bother you? -Jacob

I can't think of any more... But feel free to add on XD
Don't get mad at me! I just post the spoilers!! Okay Read This::

well, my sister called me today while i was at work and i left everything to my coworker so i could take notes for ya'll. ida, my sister, started on page 84, which is the chapter the ISLE OF ESME which is apparently a tropical beachy place where edward and bella are honeymooning. idk exactly where it is bc we wanted to get straight to the secks lol

edward and bella are on a beach. bella talks about how the water is warm, almost like bathwater, so warm that edward's touch isn't frozen. she asks him something like "isn't the moon...
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So...this is for Twilight and Maximum Ride fans. and it is a little weird. آپ see, me and my friend decided we were actually going to use good writing, but then we decided the story needed مزید spice and so then it started getting interesting. okay, here it is.

BY: FAST FARMS (aka, Flora and Shawna Teams)

Fang was wondering around in the cold dark forest. Just twenty منٹ ago, Max had dramatically ran away from him, after he had kissed her. Stupid Max. Stupid, dramatic Max. Couldn't she see that they were meant to be?? He sighed, walking deeper into the woods.
Suddenly he...
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Okay, I understand that people might hate me for this... But I'll say it anyway. Just before I start my فہرست of predictions for the اگلے book in the Twilight series, though, I'm first going to say that I have absolutely no evidence suggesting that any of the stuff I'm about to say is going to happen. In fact, it probably won't.

Here goes... I, as a پرستار of both 'Bedward' and 'Jella' would like to believe I'm not biased towards either couple (though that's not completely true...Shh) in my predictions, and I'm going to stay as neutral as possible. I've been rereading bits of the کتابیں and I've...
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