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The دن was December 13,1929.I was walking ہوم from school late at night,and 2 of my دوستوں Jessica and Lauren came up to me.
"Hey guys what are آپ doing out here late at night?"I said
"Well we were waiting for you."Jessica said
"Really,why?"I said.They never waited for me this long before.I don't know why I feel uneven around them.
"Oh just to do this,Lauren now!"But before i had a time to react i suddenly felt a sharp pain in my back then later my arm.When i looked down blood drip on the hard,cold sidewalk.Then i was on the ground as Jessica and Lauren ran away leaving me to bleed to death.Darkness was around me,but then another sharp pain came to me.Not like a stab but like biting.When I woke up I felt a lot مزید different.Free,bu when i looked on one of the store's windows I saw not only was my skin much مزید paler,but my eyes were bloody red.
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The Newborn War had just started in the clearing.If Alice was correct.Only half an گھنٹہ to go,to declare Bella was safe,in my arms.And not jacob's. Then i heard the yelling,screaching,and tearing,of the war.Going on just in the clearing.The newborn's thoughts going through my head,my mind.Of how,what angle they would choose to attack my love ones,and then the pack.Emmett's thoughts going through my head.He was pleased with himself.Jasper was being a little too protective of Alice,takeing on every newborn that lauched after her.One of the newborn's i had to admit,very clever.Went to hide for...
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