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So Bella passes out after seeing Edward and Eward is really shaken cos' he really wasn't expecting this. So Alice takes Bella upstairs and stays with her in her room. Bella is recovers and this is what happens.

"Alice, he's, what's he doing here? When I get my hands on him...uh! I dont care if I break my hand سے طرف کی trying to knock him out I just...Argh!"
"C'mon Bella, I get how angry آپ are but then he'll know I told you,"
"Sorry Alice, but I really don't care right now anyway how could آپ do that to me, there must be a reason other than a Porsche'!"
They rambled on and Edward was under the stairs listening when POP!
It finally slipped out of Alice's mouth that she told then Edward got really angry.
Finally the two girls came down the stairs one slightly مزید graceful than the other who was stumbling down the stairs.
"Alice, how could آپ say that, آپ promised, I trusted you," Edward yelled.
"Stop blaming Alice how could آپ do that, do آپ realize that آپ ruined my life? آپ fought against my destiny, my reason for being."
SO Bella was yelling at Edward and Edward was yelling at Alice and Alice was in the middle with her eyes closed and both hands on her eyes shouting for them to stop. Then Jasper walked into the room of arguing people and everyone just took a loud, deep breath at the same time almost like a sigh.
"Edward, آپ can't blame your mistakes on Alice it was your mistake not her's." he calmly کہا as he pulled Alice out the Cullens front door.
"He's right, I'm sorry but what are آپ doing here Bella?" Edward asked confused.
"You know what, don't even bother." Bella whispered as she stormed out the door hurt and annoyance flashed through her face as Edward's sight locked with her's.
She drove her Chevy back ہوم she had a tear running down her cheek but quickly wiped it with her sleeve as she entered the empty house that belonged to Jacob and herself. She went to sleep quite easily that night and Jacob hadn't come until she was fast asleep. When Jacob was getting ready for بستر he heard Bella talking in her sleep.
"oh Edward,my Edward آپ came back for me!"
Jacob got angry and threw a fit in the morning.
"Bella, how could آپ do this to me, how could آپ lie!"
"What are آپ talking about I didn't lie to آپ ever." Bella answered confused at what her husband was saying.
"Sure sure, that's why last night آپ were saying something along the lines of "Oh my Edward, آپ came back for me!" Jacob coldly immitated what Bella had کہا the گزشتہ night.
"What are آپ talking about?" Bella questioned still confused.
"I knew the reason for this new business with Esme was because آپ wanted to run off with your stupid bloodsucker boyfriend!" Jacob shouted as if he was a werewolf there in front of her.
"I can't believe you'd accuse me of that," Bella gasped but it was too late Jacob had already left for Sam's place.
Bella was sad. Jacob didn't eat greedily like he used to and was frequently at Sam's, she had to give him some breakfast she couldn't برداشت, ریچھ to see him starve. So Bella took a plate with some روٹی into her truck and stopped it in front of Sam and Emily's little house. She walked onto the driveway and stopped. Jacob and the boys were having some sort of wierd discussion and so Bella decided to be a little cheeky and eavesdrop a little on their conversation thinking it would give a reason to Jacob's strange behaviour.
"Jacob just cos she کہا his name in her sleep doesn't mean she's sneaking out on you, she was partly unconscious and remember آپ were the one sneaking out on her with Christy and making imprinting your whole excuse thing, Bella deserves better than that man," a voice from inside said.
Bella dropped the glass plate and ran into the truck and was gone.
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