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i'm gonna put three parts of my مضامین (PART 42,43,44) up, because i have to baby-sit till very late and otherwise the stories won't be up till Friday and that would probably suck :D So enjoy reading

Bella's POV

I don’t know how long we were in the woods یا that we were back at the Cullen’s house. I just didn’t let go of Edward. I was still so scared and I couldn’t shake it out of my system.
“Bella, I’m going to give آپ something that would calm آپ down” I heard Carlisle say
But I was so exhausted to answer him so I just gave him my arm. I can’t look at needles they make me sick, so I looked at Edward instead. I felt a little pain that must be the needle.
“It’s done, آپ should lay her in you’re bed, she needs to rest” Carlisle کہا doctorly to Edward.
He didn’t answer him back, I just noticed we were moving again towards his room and he laid me on the bed.
“Please, don’t leave me” I کہا begging and with still little snobs
“I wasn’t planning to Bella, just rest and I’ll stay سے طرف کی you’re side, promise” he کہا back and crawled اگلے to me so I could feel him and I closed my eyes.

I don’t know what Carlisle gave me, but I was totally out this time, I could still hear the noise around me but it was very fade so I had no idea about what they were talking and I guess I was just so tired to open my eyes.
So long I felt Edward’s arm around me I felt safe

I don’t know how long I been laying on the بستر with Edward still اگلے to me, but I could hear the noises harder this time. I heard Alice and Edward arguing.
“Mason been crying for the last 20 منٹ and non of us can calm him down, he wants Bella” I heard Alice say
“He’s probably hungry” Edward کہا he sounded mad
“We tried that too” Alice کہا and she sounded مزید angry and annoyed
“Well it’s getting dark outside, he probably wants to sleep” Edward کہا again
“Do آپ think it’s easy to put a crying baby to sleep” Alice still کہا annoyed.
“you can’t bring him here, he would wake Bella up, she needs to rest” I heard Edward کہا angry this time too
I heard crying, it was Mason, the crying was in the room now. But then it just stopped and then I heard Alice again
“See, he just wanted to sense that she was okay” I heard Alice say but she wasn’t mad anymore
“Fine, just put him in his crib” I heard Edward say now
But then I heard him crying again and then my thought started to wonder off. I saw Dorian in Charlie’s house and Charlie was there. Then I saw Dorian killing Charlie. I opened my eyes and jumped in a سیکنڈ of the bed.

“Bella, it’s just Mason” Edward کہا worried trying to get to me but again I walked away from him, so he stopped walking towards me.
“She’s probably still upset” I heard Rosalie say and I saw Carlisle, Jasper and Emmett entering the room.
“The witches” I asked
“There death” Emmett کہا amused
“No, Dorian isn’t death“ I کہا back and they all starred at me
“Which one is Dorian” Emmett said
“The leader that got away” I کہا annoyed and afraid again
“Bella, we will find him” Edward کہا worried
“it’s doesn’t matter, he found me یا even worse he found Charlie” I کہا painful and as fast as I could, I ran towards the window, jumped in the forest and start running to Charlie.
I had this feeling I was followed, it would be probably Edward trying to stop me, but I was almost at Charlie’s house, so I tried not to slow down otherwise Edward would stop me before I walked in the house.

There I saw Charlie’s house, the lights were still up, I stopped at the front door, door around me but didn’t see anything and I walked in the house.
“Ch… Dad” I yelled
I saw him coming from the living room
“Hey Bella, you’re friend already arrived, he کہا آپ were on you’re way” Charlie کہا friendly
Dorian was here and Charlie doesn’t even know in what danger he is.
“Yes, were is he” I کہا with a friendly tone, not to scare Charlie too much
“In the living room” Charlie just answered back
“Oh dad I ran into Emily on my way and she کہا something was stolen from her house and she would love to, if آپ see her, she’s scared to stay at her house, because of buglers” I کہا regular.
I was trying to get Charlie out of the house and Emily’s place would be perfect.
“Oh, at this our, it’s getting pretty dark” Charlie کہا “Maybe I should call her first
“No, she knew it was getting dark, dad, but she’s really scared and Sam isn’t home, please, can آپ just check it out” I almost begged him now
“Alright, I go check it out” he said. He grabbed his things from the rack and walked towards his police کروزر and drove off.

I walked into the living room and saw Dorian sitting in the couch, starring at me with a smile. I knew آپ would come. Family is important to all of us. Dorian کہا with a smile and than got up. I was defensive and took a step back words.
“What do آپ want” I کہا angry but my voice sounded afraid too and I knew he heard that.
“You know what I want and why I’m not leaving” he کہا and walked towards me.
I kept walking back but then I couldn’t there was a دیوار behind me, that stopped me from getting further away from him and he smiled, he knew I wasn’t going anywhere this time.
“Bella, if forgive آپ for biting Marco, he was such a burden, I’m glad he’s gone” He کہا still walking towards me till he was right in front of me.
Now I was afraid and I did something vampires never really do and that’s breathing. I couldn’t اقدام یا scream, I was so afraid, but why, he would be such an easy target. I saw him raise his hand and he touched my cheek, I would collapse on the ground but I couldn’t.
“What are آپ doing to me” I said
“I’m making آپ want me” Dorian کہا strong
“What… Why…” I کہا back without having to finish my sentence
“I want آپ to be mine, forever, we could be great together” He کہا again and he still touched my cheeks.
I was praying that someone would come in and get him away from me, but nothing happened. Where is Edward when I need him.
I saw Dorian’s face coming closer to mine
“Don’t, get away from me” I begged
But he didn’t listen and he kissed me with such strength. I wanted him to stop but my body starting to react different on his kiss. Then I realize I was kissing him back, my hands were around his neck. ‘Why am I doing this, why can’t I stop’ I started thinking to myself.
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