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Renesmee Cullen’s Story, Chapter 9


Renesmee was outside, waiting to surprise me for a reason I don’t know. I watched tv to kill the time, not really paying attention to the flashing colors that should be The Simpsons. I wish she was still in my arms, right now. Hard to believe she was yelling at me last night. She was excited this morning, which made me a little suspicious. But all she did was kiss me with a lot of force, as though she will cease to exist if she didn’t, and whisper, “Not now. Later.” When I asked. Now I’m just sitting here.
“Oh, Jacob!” came Renesmee’s sweet voice, singing. “Come out here, coward.” What? I was so not a coward! I realized she would never say anything like that. I ran to the door immediately, knowing something was up. The last thing I saw was the shady spot near the درخت had a picnic blanket down, with a basket and everything, and Renesmee sitting on it, wrists behind her back and legs bound down. I heard a gunshot and Renesmee screaming, “JACOB!!! NO!!!” Then everything went black.


The picnic was almost ready, a real work of art, if I do say so myself. Jacob will love this. I think of it as a “Sorry” breakfast. I feel so bad for yelling at him last night. Just as I finished up the last sandwich, I heard a husky voice behind me. “Hello, sweetie,” Jacob leered. I turned to find, not Jacob, but Mark, a boy who had powers. He thinks of it as witchcraft, and once tried to use it to win me over. I was about to scream, when he put his hand on my mouth and raised the side of his jacket. He had a gun. “Shh… We wouldn’t want Jakey to be hurt, would we, Angelface?” he murmured. He turned me around and bound my wrists and ankles with plastic ties. Then he propped me up on the blanket, and called out with a voice that sounded exactly like mine.
“Oh, Jacob!” he sang. “Come out here, coward.”
“Don’t do it, Jacob. Don’t come out. It’s not me.” I whispered, wishing he could hear me without becoming endangered. The door opened. The screen door opened. Jacob surveyed the scene for one second, staring at me with wide eyes. Mark took out his gun and fired once, hitting Jacob in the shoulder. Jacob fell. “JACOB!!! NO!!!” I screamed bloody murder, as Jacob fell to the grass. Mark laughed at me. He lifted Jacob’s body. “DON’T TOUCH HIM!” I screamed at him.
“Don’t touch him,” Mark mimicked, and proceeded to lift Jacob. My sweet Jacob. “Not to worry, my love, Jacob is unconsious. He will wake up in time for our wedding.” At that, my body filled with all the hatred I felt towards him, plus more. I struggled against the plastic ties, trying to rip them apart. It was no use. Mark lifted me in his other arm. “Look at me,” he ordered. I shut my eyes tight, knowing what he was capable of. “LOOK AT ME!!!” He yelled, and my eyelids, like magnets of the same polarity, flew open. I was staring into his blue eyes. His gorgeous, pale blue eyes, that sparkled and glistened like the calm rivers in the tropics. I couldn’t get enough of them. He was the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen. Suddenly, I felt the craving to kiss him. “Do آپ love me?” he asked. What a stupid question.
“Yes,” I answered.
Mark took us to his house in my Mustang, Jacob lying still in the backseat. As soon as we got there, he bound Jacob to a درخت with heavy chains. And he prepared the yard in front of Jacob for our wedding. When he finished, he came to me. “I’m sorry, Darling, I was so caught up with the wedding, I forgot to free your fragile wrists. I’m glad I freed your ankles, though.” As soon as he freed my arms they were around his neck, and I was kissing him passionately, excited for our wedding.
If I still had my senses, I would have heard Jacob stir behind me.
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As I walked down the hallway I heard my name in everyone,s conversation. I hate being the center of attention just like my mom.
"That's Renesmee Cullen. Do آپ remember Edward Cullen,that's his niece." I heard someone say.
"I know who she is and she is so hot!" I heard some one reply. I rolled my eyes.
I walked into my 11th grade science class and I smiled thinking back to when my parents told me about the first time they saw each other.I sat down in the middle row waiting for this stupid school to start. I didn't...
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