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posted by KatiiCullen94
Chapter 7

Coming out the ladies room was the most embarrassing moment of my life. And I have a long record of humiliating moments. I would really hate for Edward to look at me and think I am weird after randomly vomiting at the cinema out the of blue. Not to mention, Alice was frantic all over me, checking my forehead for a temperature, and pulling the hair out of my face. I honestly felt like I was helpless and Alice had to look after me. When her skin touched my face it stung from the cold, just like Edward’s. My stomach pretty much hated me at this point. I felt like yelling after the fifth time I was dry reaching into the bowl of the toilet, I mean سے طرف کی this stage there was literally nothing left in my stomach, my muscles were beginning to ache from all the tensing.

When I finally made my way out, Alice was holding my hand in case I may keel over, I noticed as I passed a mirror cabinet that hung on the دیوار that I looked like I literally emerged from the toilet itself. My hair dripping of water with chucks of پینکیکس and my face was a bright scarlet. I would do anything right now for a brown paper bag to put over my head, on سیکنڈ thought, anything I could find to put over my head would do right now, as Edward was now striding over to شامل میں us.

I really didn’t want Edward to see me like this, not ever. However as Alice held one arm, Edward automatically joined سے طرف کی snatching my free arm at first sight. Both Alice and Edwards’s ice cold skin on my arm helped with my burning temperature. I felt like the room was so hot, humid and dry, I could feel beads of sweat forming on the back of my neck.

This made me feel even مزید embarrassed, been dragged out the toilets in a crowed cinema سے طرف کی two supermodels lookalikes.

'Alice, آپ go fetch the car, I will hold Bella here" He کہا sternly, but Alice didn’t reply.
She caressed my warm face. My body heat was still continuing to rise; beads of sweat now began to take shape on the tips of my face.
She paced three تیز رو, سوئفٹ steps then quickly turned to give me one final glance, wishful but grief ridden. I couldn’t make out her face; I could only come to the conclusion that she pities me for I was feeling suddenly ill.
His hand felt amazing on my skin, cooling it as it glided, fetching my inner knee.
It was like a step into him, I flung my arms around his neck, afraid to choke him too tightly but he made no protest..So far. He continued to then lift me up into his chest, honeymoon style. My blush glowed out like a lighthouse.
How embarrassing.
I felt like his baby, his daughter, this position reminded me of when I was little and when Charlie used to carry me up to بستر when I was four after visit to his دوستوں for parties. I used to get tired very easily back then, Charlie had to leave early for me and carry me like his with my long curly hair swaying over his elbow.

As Edward and I waited on the sidewalk for Alice, I could feel him pace back and forth, suggesting he was fidgeting, he would break the silence every few سیکنڈ with a painful cough, and although I could feel his chest rise and fall on my back I never heard his draw یا release a breath. I had a sense he was in pain holding me here, waiting. That یا he was extremely anxious.
I only felt sick, nauseas and felt very warm; it wasn’t having a fit یا something مزید serious. It was overly dramatic, I mean people get sick all the time, I could manage this just fine; I just need to go ہوم tis all. It shocked me that Edward and Alice took my spewing as a matter of carrying me and running for the car, اگلے منٹ they will propose to take me to emergency room.

“Edward I can stand, I’ll be okay to walk, seriously” I کہا trying to sound as polite as possible, the last thing I wanted was to humiliate him.

“It’s okay Bella, we can’t risk آپ passing where آپ stand and fall on that parking meter on your way down, آپ can relax in the car home.” Edward responded, his eyes glanced over to mine, his eyes were now a dark black beaming, سے طرف کی the sudden closeness of the eye contact I saw his eyes flicker over to the middle region of my neck. His eyes became fiercely focused, within a trance, staring. After the منٹ passed, Edward blinked his eyes and coughed once again, he turned his head side on, away from and refused to look at me.

It was so bizarre.

"What on earth is going on? Get your hands off my girlfriend” a familiar voice roared over the side of the street.
I knew that voice like the back of my hand, no mistake it was Jacob. And he was mad. Edward remained very still. Jacob stood on the sidewalk opposite to us.

“Jacob calm down, there is a reasonable explanation for all of this. Bella’s very sick; Alice is retrieving our car now so we can take her ہوم immediately.” Edward replied in a calm manner, obviously not trying to start any form of argument.

I could see Jacob accompanied سے طرف کی his two close دوستوں Quil and Embry. Embry appeared to have an expression on his face that yelled concern, but his face was focused on Jacob. Quil on the other hand flanked Jacob ready to take Edward on.

“I’ll take her back. I can look after her thank آپ very much Edward” He snarled quite rudely. I’ve never Jacob seen like this; he was the jealous type, was it because he was with his buddies?

“No Jacob, She will be fine, we have to get back, walk away, you’re getting all hot-blooded as it is” Embry interfered, grapping his arm pushing him backward. Embry looked scared, as in any moment Jacobs body may explode.
“Put me down Edward, I’ll sort this out” I protested against Edward’s tight grasp holding me up.

“No Bella, آپ are defiantly not going over there, آپ will get hurt. No way on this earth are آپ running after him while he is in that state, he is too close now”

“What are آپ talking about?! That is my boyfriend, now let me down!” I yelled squirming; I actually began to scratch at his skin to no prevail.

“Hold onto her Edward, don’t let her go. Quil get lost, go ہوم right now! I know this is strange but آپ need to go straight home.” Embry called over, tightening his grip on Jacob, he was almost his rage away from Edward and onto Embry himself for restraining him. I could see Jacob was trying to fight his way over to me, rescue me. His skin was steaming in night air.

What is going on? It was if Edward and Embry had their own private conversation that only could understand.

At the corner on my eye I saw Quil obeying, he had no idea what was happening like me. He stammered away unsure if Embry was being completely serious. It was hard to comprehend, out of the blue he being told to go ہوم سے طرف کی his friend?
Embry moved his tight grip on Jacob’s arm down to his wrist and began tugging him away from the scene, basically running. Jacob followed sulking, they disappeared down the road.

When I could no longer see them Alice came speeding from the opposite direction, breaking loudly in front of us, similar to a scene from fast and the furious.

“Geez آپ get held up یا something? Could have used your help back there” Edward hissed towards Alice.
“I saw everything, quick we will get her home” Alice snapped back.

“Can someone explain what just happened? Edward I cannot believe آپ right now” I exclaimed.
But the only reply I got back was silence with a little push into the back نشست and a door in my face. I feel like I’ve been kidnapped.
My stomach constricted so tightly I thought I was going to die. All I could do was curl up and scream.
“Ahh! “

This constriction was the biggest one I’ve had all night and probably the biggest I’ve ever had, I wriggled through the incredible pain.

“Edward I smell blood” Alice panicked.
“Pull over right now. Call Carlisle, we haven’t feed in two weeks” Edward replied, I saw his hand reach up for his passenger hand bar, and tighten. He persisted on start coughing.
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So I have a reallllly good feeling about this. I don't know why, but I do. I feel like I could take this pretty far. Hope آپ like it. I need feedback!!!

In all of my 200 years, I had never found another like her. She was just...different. She got me. She didn't care. She loved me and that was that. I would find her, and she would slip through my finges. Whether سے طرف کی accedent, illness, she was always taken. Always too soon.

Everytime she died, ten years later she would دکھائیں up. Her name alway different, but everything else was the same. As I waited...
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