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posted by Edward_Bella234
So this is a story about Jane and Alec. I am not sure if I will make it an actual story یا just this chapter but I hope آپ enjoy this anyway :D

It seemed out lives were crumbling around us. First, the town was calling us ‘freaks’ and ‘the witch twins’. Second, our parents left us. Third, we were being burnt alive. And it was all my fault…
    The town discovered our gifts because one دن I got mad at our neighbour. Her name was Sheryl and she was just a spoiled brat, but I pretended to like her because they weren’t any other girls my age to play with in our neighbourhood.
    I freaked out at her one دن and she started to cry saying that “It hurt”. I had no clue what she was talking about. When I calmed down, she stopped crying, stared at me with wide eyes then ran away.
    Her mother came to our house the اگلے دن telling my parents about what had happened. Sheryl was such a squealer. I denied everything and my parents believed me until I used my gift again.
    Alec and I were at school and three of his old دوستوں starting beating him. I was infuriated and one of them burst into tears as I stared him down. While I was making him cry, the two others snuck up behind me and tackled me to the ground. Then Alec got mad.     
    Both the boys loosened their grips on me after a few short seconds. I got away and ran to Alec’s side. He was still staring at the two boys with an angry version of a smirk on his face. They were sitting on the ground, eyelids drooping.
    This event was worse than the first because the whole school was aware of what was going on. The principal took Alec and I to his office while two teachers dealt with the other boys.
    Our parents were told and they believed what happened this time.
    For a week, we heard them argue every night. Then eventually our parents abandoned us. That same day, two police officers came to our ہوم and took Alec and I. Now we are going to be burnt alive because of our freaky abilities.
    We were being held in a dirty, smelly dungeon. گھاس, ہے on the floor, tiny window to high to see out of, and a wooden door with a small window that had bars over it. We had been here for two weeks and I was starting to get claustrophobic.
    The تاریخ of our death was creeping up. We had two days.
    “Jane?” A voice interrupted my thoughts.
    “Hmm?” I asked turning to Alec.
    “Are آپ ok? I was saying your name but آپ weren’t responding.” He asked, concerned.
    “Sorry. Just lost in thought,” I replied. “Alec…I’m scared.”
    “Me too, Jane. Me too…” He muttered putting his hand on سب, سب سے اوپر of mine.
    I smiled at him. He was my brother. My best friend. I loved him so much and he was going to die. I was going to die. We only had two مزید days left together.
    “I’m going to miss you” I said.
    “Don’t worry. We will always be together. We‘re inseparable” Alec said, smiling at me.
    All of a sudden there was a banging on the cell door.
    “Hey! آپ kids! آپ have a visitor.” The voice shouted. The door swung open and the first thing we saw was a huge man in black. He was the guard assigned to us.     
    Then a smaller man stepped into view. He was absolutely beautiful. He had an odd complexion. زیتون but chalky. His black hair went to his shoulders.
    “Hello Jane, Alec.” he کہا nodding to us. His voice was like music. So beautiful. From his beautiful face to beautiful voice, he had enchanted me.
    “Hello” I replied. Trying to be polite.
    “My name is Demetri.” he said.
    “Knock when آپ want out” the guard interrupted, closing the door.
    “Hello Demetri. How do آپ know our names?” I asked, curious.
    “I know you. آپ don’t know me though. Some دوستوں of mine and myself have had our eye on آپ and we find آپ absolutely fascinating.” he replied.
    He had his eye on us? He’d been watching us?
    “What do آپ mean?” Alec asked. Finally speaking.
    “Well, it is a frightfully long story.” He کہا coming closer. He crouched down to our level. We were still sitting on the floor. “I know about your gifts. These دوستوں of mine are powerful. They think it would be a terrible waste for آپ to be killed. After all, your only thirteen.”
    Okay. Now things are getting creepy. He knows how old we are?
    “So these دوستوں of mine,” he continued “Are determined to save آپ and آپ can شامل میں us. The difficult part is when we will get آپ out of here because I heard the guard talking and he کہا your lives are going to get cut short and آپ will be burned a دن earlier than planned”
    Alec and I exchanged I horrified glance. We only had a day. We were getting killed tomorrow!
    “No…” I choked
    “You don’t want to be saved?” Demetri questioned.
    “No. Not that. We’re getting killed a دن early?” I asked.
    “Yes. I’m sorry, this must be terrible news for you.”
    “You don’t know how much I would love to live but there is no way آپ could get us out of here. We are high priority. One guard outside the door. Two in the hallway and who knows how many سے طرف کی the gates. We don’t have a hope.”
    “Don’t worry about that young one. As I کہا before, my دوستوں are powerful.” Suddenly he whipped he head towards the door. “I must leave.” he کہا as he got up. “Farwell young friends” Then he was gone. Our only hope for survival…gone.
    Alec and I just sat there for the longest time thinking about what Demetri had said. We were being burnt a دن early.
    That night, I slept even worse than usual. I tossed and turned not able to get the fact I was going to die the اگلے دن out of my head.
    I almost screamed when I woke up the اگلے morning. As is, I burst into tears. Alec rushed to my side.
    “Jane. Jane, it’ll be alright. We’ll always be together.” he کہا trying to comfort me. “Demetri will come through and we will survive.”
    “Ok” I muttered stopping the tears.
    Just then the door swung open. I looked up to see three giant men all standing there.
    “Chain ‘em” The first one said. The other two came from behind him and approached me and Alec. I didn’t even try to use my gift. No point in making it worse. They chained our wrists and ankles and led us out the door. We walked through the stone hallways, occasionally being pushed from behind. In about ten منٹ we were outside. All I could do now is pray that Demetri and his powerful دوستوں would some and save us.
    We were led to a giant pole in the middle of the square and tied to it with ropes. سے طرف کی now I was bawling.
    Wood was under our feet and مزید was being thrown onto the pile.
    The mayor came up to us. “By the power in me, I sentence آپ two to be burned at the stake due to the use of witchcraft.” he shouted. The crowd erupted in cheers and a man with a torch came forward.
    I strained my neck so I could see the side of Alec’s face. “Alec. I love you. You’re the best brother I could have ever asked for and I am so sorry” I کہا crying even harder.
    “Jane, this isn’t your fault. I love آپ to.”
    The man with the torch raised it and was about to throw. I closed my eyes.
    But no heat touched me. Instead I heard screams. Loud screams. I opened my eyes to see Demetri effortlessly breaking the ropes we were bound with. He lifted each of us and ran us down from the pile at the speed of light.
    “How did you…” I started.
    “I’ll explain later.” Then he bit Alec on the neck. I was about to scream but he bit me as well.
    I passed out.
    I felt burning. Intense burning for a long time. It burned through my veins, through my entire body. I could feel myself becoming stronger though.
    Eventually, the burning began to lessen. Clear from my body going straight to my دل and…stopped it. My دل stopped beating.
    I opened my eyes and everything was so clear. I sat up quickly and looked beside me.
    Alec had sat up at the exact same time as me.
    “Jane! Alec! Welcome” A voice shouted.
    We turned to see a man with pitch black hair in a چادر, فرغل just as black coming towards us. Demetri at his side in a چادر, فرغل a shade lighter.
    “You must be wondering what آپ are. Well, آپ have now become one of us. A vampire.” The man explained. “My name is Aro. I hope آپ will chose to شامل میں us?” he asked although there was something in his tone that made it seem like we really didn’t have that much of a choice.
    I looked at Alec. He nodded.
    “Alright. Since آپ saved our lives, we will شامل میں you” I stated to Aro. A vampire? Were we really truly a creature of the night? Could that be true?
    I had so many سوالات and I would make sure I got an opportunity to get he answers.

I hope آپ liked reading it as much as I liked writing it ;D Please comment.
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