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posted by anna0789
ارے guys well i was reading another fanfiction that a twilight پرستار gets into the twilight world سے طرف کی some miracle so i just thought "what would happened if a twilight hater enter سے طرف کی mistake the twilight world in bella's body???
if the girl یا boy lol that wrote the other مضمون about the twi-fan is angry with me for writing this tell me and i will stop :D

so here it goes...

my name is lily tucker and i hate twilight i don't get all the hype
i will never read the کتابیں i order to myself and went to sleep.

"bella ,bella آپ are going to be late for your first دن of school" someone told me

i open my eyes quickly and i jump when i saw a man at the side of my بستر he had a mustach and was wearing a police uniform was he calling me bella??? what the ... is this man doing in my room

i look frighten at him

"isabella marie سوان, ہنس what are آپ doing don't pull pranks on your old father am not the same charlie i was some years ago. .. i don't want آپ to be late so cmon and get dress"
the man order

"ok" i ask not sure i trusted him
"are آپ ok Bells یا did Forks already got to you" he ask teasingly

and then it hit me
bella سوان, ہنس ... charlie cop.... FORKS ( i had made fun of this name too much to forget about it)
i was in twilight!!!!! no no no no this has to be a silly and sick joke

"ok ok i don't know who آپ are یا who pay آپ to do this but this little prank is over ok?"
i کہا a bit rudley

the man look at me with concern and confusion but then he laugh
"ok bells just hurry up and don't be late" he hug me akwardly

i look at my room well at the room becuase it wasn't my room i walk to the bathroom and gasp on what i saw at the mirror
that wasn't my face it was another face
really pale دل shape and with 2 big brown eyes the girl in the mirror was pretty i had to admit but it wasn't me

i look at my body i must lost 15 pounds because this body was way too slender to be me but it also look so breakable.I love to do sports i guess that was imposible in this body.

i took a deep breath
well this is obiously a nightmare so i'll just play along i thought
i took a شاور and put on a blue t شرٹ, قمیض a جیکٹ , jeans i let my hair loose i like this hair.

when i was downstairs the man-charlie- wasn't there so i just went outside the house hop in the truck and follow the directions to the forks high school

i hadn't read the کتابیں but with all the hype around the کتابیں i knew most of how the story works

i girls falls in love with a vampire . vampire wants to kill her mmmm i think some wolfs are involve and ..
o yeah vampires SPARKLE i chucled and they are BEATIFUL so pathethic i could feel anne چاول anger.

all my classes went well i was in the launch میز, جدول with some دوستوں they were nice
they were asking me سوالات but i was not sure how to answer i didnt knew anything about bella سوان, ہنس
but then i saw 5 kids sitting in a launch میز, جدول they were pale and.. EXTREAMLY BEAUTIFUL
they are vampires i guess

an idea پار, صلیب my mind
well lets see how this 5 vampires react to this i thought as i get up and yelled

"hey everybody those 5 over there are ...."

before i could finish someone grab me hand and pull me it was soo fast in 10 سیکنڈ we were in the parking lot 5 furious and yes beautiful faces were looking at me

well at least it got a bit مزید intresting i thought but then i got scare
can someone kill آپ in your dreams??? what if this wasn't a dream
i took a big step back
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