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Just thought I'd write this, please ignore the typos!!

(Edwards POV)

"No," Alice gasped, and I saw it all, only a fraction before it happened. Tylers van, skidding across the ice, taking a too sharp turn. And then I saw it, coming into realtiy, the وین turning, Bella gasping and pinning herself on the truck, paralysed سے طرف کی fear. It would of been easy to know the trajectory of the van, even without Alices visions. I ran to save her, but Alice held me back.
"Don't آپ dare expose us," she hissed, just as Japser was coming out of the buliding.
The وین hit her then, and I پگھلانا, سودھنا her blood leaving her body. Even Alice coudn't hold me back now. I leapt across the parking lot, and threw the وین across, before biting Bella on teh neck, and drinking her blood, the taste so satisfying, like nothing I've ever had. All the humans were watching us now, and I knew that the only way to keep us unexposed was to kill them all. I took a break from feeding and yelled out to Alice.
"Alice, snap their necks"
She immdiatley understood, and started snapping necks as fast as she could. "Emment, Rose, " he yelled out, and they came to her as fast as they could, Roaslie with a smug expression on her face. All four of them were helping now, and I fisihed with Bella, with the sweetest blood I had ever tasted.

We left their bodys strewn across the lot, went to get Carlisle and Esme, and ran.
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