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posted by bella01
then suddenly earth started to float on midair creating a very big ball of rock,then it flew very fast toward darius.darius caught it and threw it back to bella,but when its about to hit bella it turns into dust.then bella turned her attention to us.darius took advantage of the time while she is looking at us.hushed her to the ground.

"no"we shouted at the same time.

darius hand is on her neck.i know what he is planning to do and i will not let him.he is even smiling.hesitantly i turned my full attention to emmett.

"i am sorry emmett"i whispered before i pushed him.i look at my family they are also winning their battle with the red eyed vampires.

"i am sorry rose"i whispered.i know she heard me.

'go ahead edward but don't kill him' she thought sadly

then i look at bella.she look like she is having a vision like alice.her face have a blank expression.darius is just staring at her.i look at emmett again he is already standing.but before he even had a chance to attack me i pushed him with all the power i can give that cause him to fly a few miles from where he is before.

then i heard bella took a deep breath that made all of us turned to look at her.darius mouth was just centimeters from her neck.but before i even time to move and realize what is going to happen,a bright light started to grow from bella that glue me from where i am standing because of shock.then the light exploded with a thunderous sound.the light is very bright and beautiful.i saw darius burned to ash.the light slowly to grow bigger and bigger.everything on its path turned to ash.emmett is back to normal and he doesn't remember anything.if it wasn't for jasper and emmett i would have been ash like darius because i can't get myself to move to where the light will not reach me.the light reach about i kilometer radius from bella before it suck itself back to bella.

everything that was on the path of the light is gone.the i km radius from bella is like a dessert.when i found the control to my body i run as fast as i could towards bella.she looks so lifeless ,she is even paler than will mistaken her as dead if you don't have a super hearing.her heart beat is so faint and she barely breath, that will cause me a heart attack will if a vampire can even have a heart attack.

then she opened her mouth as if to scream but nothing came out.carlisle and alice are at the other side of bella now ,while the others is beside me.

bella's breathing got even slower .

"this is bad"carlisle muttered

"she will die at this rate"carlisle said panicking

"her future is disappearing"alice said sadly

"there is only one thing we can do"alice said

"yes just one,we have to do it"carlisle said

disclaimer;i dont own anything
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