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Heyy guys, so I've got مزید awesome quotes/ funny things that are associated with the Twilight Saga کتابیں یا movies!

* Can I just say before آپ read them, these are for the purpose of everyone, they aren't my opinion so please don't shout at me :(

Here goes...

Some people say 'You're obsessed with Twilight!' like it's a bad thing!

Whoever says they don't have an imaginary vampire/werewolf boyfriend obviously hasn't read Twilight!

I’m just wondering... If choosing between vampires and werewolves is like choosing between sparkles and fleas... Can آپ have sparkly fleas?

Team Emmett... because every girl needs a teddy برداشت, ریچھ ;)

Team Jacob... because we’d all love a space heater ;)

Team Alice... because she can predict the shuffle on her Ipod! ;)

98% of teenage girls would die if Stephenie Meyer کہا that breathing wasn’t cool.

The world is made up of two types of people... Twilighters and Non-Twilighters. I think آپ know which are the most widely spread ;)

I have been and bought a Volvo, Porshe, Mercedes and a Ferrari just to see if they came with a Cullen ;)

Boys in کتابیں are just better!

Isn’t scared of thunder anymore... I know it’s just Edward playing baseball!

Is going to get the wolves to help me steal Jasper... That way Alice won’t see ;)

You’re pale white and ice cold. I know what آپ are. Say it. Out loud. Ice cream!

Because of Twilight I know that when a hot boy ignores me it’s only because he’s being polite and resisting my blood ;)

آپ think you’re life sucks? Well I’m in love with a 110 سال old, non-existent vampire!

I want to know Team Edward یا Team Jacob... یا Team Gimme Both?

اقدام over Harry Potter, the Cullens are here! No I’m serious. Move, I can’t see Edward sparkling!

Pillows fear Edward Cullen ;)

Is looking in holiday brochures for 2010... first stop Forks ;)

Team Jasper... Every girl needs a chill pill.

I’ve just been bitten سے طرف کی _____, BRB in 3 days when I’m a beautiful, indestructible, sparkly vampire.

I would be happy to keep Jacob occupied until Renesmee gets older...

I need Cedric Diggory’s magical skills to get Edward Cullen out of the book and into my room...

Jasper Hale... Screwing with your emotions since 1863

Edward Cullen... Bringing sexyback since 1901

I’m heading off to بستر early... Edward might come and watch me sleep...

Pfft... Who wants a knight in shining armour? I bet they’re armour doesn’t SPARKLE.....

I’m so addicted to the Twilight Saga that I can’t even listen to a song without thinking which part the lyrics fit in with ;)

I’ve found that generally it’s only people who HAVEN’T seen Twilight who reckon they hate it...

Is searching on Ebay for a perfect man... Why isn’t Edward/Jacob/Jasper/Emmett on sale?

New Moon was unconditionally and irrevocably smazing!

Things not to say to a Twilight fan: Twilight’s the one with the wizard’s right?

I’m on Team Edward in the کتابیں but can’t help being on Team Jacob for the فلمیں ;)

Your flirting skills are terrible. Read Twilight, learn from Edward Cullen and THEN آپ can ask me out!

Twilight haters should be shot... Survivors will be fed to the Volturi for lunch ;)

When آپ taste the Twilight Saga a kind of frenzy begins and it’s almost impossible to stop reading! Not many of us have the restraint to do that!

I’ve been kidnapped! I’d prefer no help, it’s Edward ;)

I’ve tried kidnapping Edward... but Alice is always there. She won’t know if I kidnap Jacob though....

If Jacob tried to kiss me I wouldn’t مککا, عجیب الخلقت him in the face.

Hmm... I seem to have a *cough* *cough*, time to go to the Doctor’s! On سیکنڈ thoughts, I’m that ill, Dr Cullen might have to come here...

If Jake imprints on آپ then he’ll outlive you. Which is why آپ get Edward to fall in love with آپ and bite you, then run off to Jacob to live with him forever.

I just don’t understand the whole debate about who’s hotter, Edward یا Jacob. It’s time to face the facts, vampires are cold and werewolves are hot. Even Stephenie Meyer کہا it herself ;)

Hope آپ enjoyed them ;) They'll be مزید to come I assure you!

If آپ haven't read the first ones I گیا کیا پوسٹ then go onto my مضامین and there's one called 'Random Twilight Sayings I Thought You'd Enjoy!'

Please rate and تبصرہ if آپ liked ;)

Thank آپ so much guys, your all so awesome! :D

xxx AliceRoxx xxx
 New Moon پیپر وال
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