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posted by xroylex
a beautiful death

chapter 1

it was the middle of the night i know a good place to start the story right? midnight seams beautiful and romantic and all the things آپ wont life to be. well thats were your wrong this is were the worst thing and the best thing in my life happened.

this is were i fell in love

he seamed like my everything my one and only and this is were my story begins

"make sure آپ call me when your get there tell charlie i کہا hey" my mum tried to make me stay with her we have been traverling for years now and grandad charlie hasnt seen me so they think its محفوظ to let me see him. pluss i needed something to do on my holidays well mum and dad try and fined and set up our new place in folks.

i loved folks i mean i truly loved it. thats were i get it from my dad my mum is a whole new story. she hated it i mean really hated it.

"be محفوظ nessie make sure"-
"i know i know make sure i call آپ if anything bad happenes and if i dont you`ll get alice on me" i smiled at that thought alice my پسندیدہ aunty "i get it dad آپ need to stop worring nothing is going to go wrong" i tried to prosrade him but his face کہا مزید then he ment " ok ok i will call آپ i promise"
"thats my girl" and he pulled me into one of him bone crushing hugs.
"ill miss you"
"safe journey`s my love" they blew me a kiss and i was on my way for something i had a feeling i would never forget.

the plane ride seamed endless i mean i just stared out of the window thinking of the last time i was here.

"so i get to stay with you?" i asked my mum and dad who were staring longengly into each others eyes.
"you get to stay with us forever"
"forever" my dad mimiked.

that was the last time i saw him and this time i was going to make sure i saw him again. i mean i loved my mum i loved my dad i love alice emmett rose carlislie esme and jasper but the thing is i wonted a human life and the only way i could have that is if i spent مزید time with charlie as i can. i wonder how long i will be able to stay.

"CHARLIE!" i shouted as he came flying out of the door to see me . i laughed as he srung me in his arms and srung me around
"ness i have a surpise for you" he called back into the house
"come on come and meet her"

thanx for reading please تبصرہ and i am sorry bout the spellings :)
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