This is the same story just a different عنوان read تبصرے to read why i had to change it.
So please تبصرہ to tell me if i should continue.

150 years ago.

It has been 1 سال since Edward the love of my life left me.I am not as bad as i was when he first left me but i dont know why but i still love him with all my دل and if he ever came back and he still loved me i would go anywhere with him.I have been hanging around with Jacob he has been a really good friend since Edward left.

I was in my back garden near the wood when i hear someone say "bella nice to see آپ again." I turned around and saw Victoria."What do آپ want" i کہا "well Edward took my love so i will take his but i am not going to kill آپ i am going to make آپ live forever,and Edward does not know this so he will not come back so آپ will have to live forever without the one آپ love just like me!".
I didnt even have a chance to say anything before she jumped on me then bit me.I crawled away into the forest then everything went black.When i woke up it was bright and everythung was so clear.I only hunted animals because i dont like human blood but no matter what i did i always thought of Edward my love my life my everything what would he do if he found me کدال, hoe would he react what if someone told him i died.

I اقدام around every time i finish a new school it makes me so sad going to school i always remember Edward i dont know why but it does.I started frorks high school again i like being back here but today is 13th of September my 169 birthday my only wish is to get my Edward back and i prayed to God but of corse it would not happen he probley has a wife maybe Tanya that thought my me hiss.But my love for him has never changed i still love him with all my heart.I went into my closet and got a pair of gray skinny jeans,a گلابی long سب, سب سے اوپر with a بیلٹ, پٹی to go around it and a pair of black high heels over the years i found a likeing to going shopping so i now have fashoin scense.I crabed my keys and goy in my new black mercedes benz i also now about cars now to.I got to school it was raining so i took out my red umbrella and walked into school.I could hear everyone whispering about how beautiful about me but i could also could hear what they were saying ing theur heads just like Edwards power but i had a choice to hear them یا not i choose not to hear them.I also ha the power to sheild powers that use your mind and i can make people do the things i want them to do but i cant use that because i dont know how to.I went to English first and everyone was talking about the new kids the Cullens great they had to be called that but it is nnot the Cullens i want there are over 750 familys that have Cullen as their name so after i heard that i shut out the voices and just did my work.I was on my way to the cafatiria and all the halls were busy i was talking to my friend Amy when i hit into someone but it was hard and i was falling backwards ten the person i hit into crabed me before i fell they were so strong but the scent coming off the person was so nice it smelled just the way Edward did.The person i hit into still had their arms around me so i looked up at the person,it was Edward i could see his golden eyes his perfect beautiful face i could feel his strong arms around me i stared reading his thought then in his mind he said"Its Bella my beautiful Bella the my love my life my everything shes alive she is so beautiful and a vampire i love her i love her so much i cant live without her does she still feel the same i still love her forever".I could not find the words to say to him that i love him as much as he loves me then i remembered he always wanted to read my mind to i will tell him in my mind i said"Edward my love my life my everything i love آپ with everything i have and مزید i love آپ so much".The look on Edward face was shook disbaleaf and love.Then he pulled me tight up against his chest his face just an inch away from mine when he said"Bella I Love You"then i کہا "I Love آپ Too"then he pulles my face to his and started kissing me with so much passion and love the school could have been on آگ کے, آگ and i would not have noticed.Edward has never kissed me like this before but i like it i kissed him back while i heard Amy say"Bella what the hell what are آپ doing this is the new boy and your kissing him like آپ havent seen him in 100 years آپ dont even know him"I ignored her then she started to pull me but Edward just crabed me closer if that is possible.My hand were in his hair and his were in mine we probley were not going to stop but then Mrs Cope کہا "Isabell i think آپ should go to the cafatiria now"I had to pull away when she کہا that then i کہا to mrs cope"Sorry i will go now".i didnt notice but i was out of breath.Then mrs cope کہا "Ok then آپ should go to Edward".then Edward said"Will do mrs cope"when he کہا that his voice was beautiful but it was out of breath too.We both turned around to go to the cafatiria when i saw Edwards family all their face's were in shock but Alice wasnt then she came and gave me a big hug"Bella i have missed آپ so much i cant belive its you"."Ya same here i have missed آپ too"i کہا back to herthen Emmett کہا "Hey i missed آپ too dont i get a hug"then he came and gave me a big hug"I missed آپ to i missed all of you".Then Amy said"Bella how do آپ know these people they just moved here an your making out with one of them are آپ stupid".Then edward said"No she is not stupid and i am her boyfriend from her old school and so we are together here and if it is ok with bella she might sit beside us today"all Amy کہا was"Ok"then she walked off. We got to the cafatiria and edward still had his arm around my waist so i was pressed up to his side.As we walked to the lunch میز, جدول everyone started talking about me and edward they were like "omg they must be going out"and others were like of corse they are the two most beautiful people in the school that boy edward can do so much مزید than that slag bella"as soon as someone کہا that edward hiss and started looking for who کہا it but i just کہا "It's okay calm down i dont care what they say as long as i have you".when i کہا that he gave me a quick kiss then we heard a boy say"Damit that Cullen boy has bella i will keep trying though"I started laughing when i heard that and so did edward.I sat on a نشست and so did edward but then he pulled my chair right beside him my leg was touching his.He put his arm around my waist again then he said"I am so sorry bella i only left because i thought it was the only way to keep آپ محفوظ but i was wrong like alwaysi only hurt آپ so badly im so sorry can آپ forgive ?".then i said"I know آپ were only trying to help me and of corse i can forgive آپ i love you.""thank آپ bella and i love آپ too."Then the گھنٹی, بیل rang but then edward said"We are going to go ہوم to esme she would love to see آپ and carlisle will be ہوم later so come on lets go"."Ok"i کہا .We got out to the parkig lot when we stoped and i said"Who's car are we takeing""we are going to take mine rosaile can bring yours ہوم after school ok""Ya thats fine"We got in his car and started driving then he held my hand and کہا "Esme is going to freak when see shes you" then i said" she is not going to freak as much as i did""Ya me either i was thinking i was dreaming یا i was dead right up until i heard your thoughts oh ya how did آپ do that"."Well i have some powers i have a sheild against mental powers i can make people do what i want them to do but i still cant use that power its too hard and i can read people's minds if i want to thats how i heard آپ say that آپ loved me and i lowered my sheild so آپ could read my mind"."That is so cool آپ are really power full and thank آپ for letting me in your mind i have always wanted to know what آپ think about".we finally got ہوم and we parked outside the front of the house he got out first and opened the door for me then closediy i کہا "thank آپ for everything"."you are welcome i just want one مزید thing""okay what do آپ want""This"he saidthen he pushed me against the car then put his hands on my cheecks and started kissing me with the same amount of passion as earlier his hands were in my hair and ny hands were in his then i had to stop because i wanted to see esme i did but it was so hard to stop kissing him."We have to see esme remember"."Yes we do but this is to be continued later".Then we both walked into the house his arm around my hip then he کہا "Esme can آپ come her a منٹ i think آپ are going to want to see what i have here".Then esme came down the stairs and looked uo and saw me her face lit up with love and joy"Oh my gosh its آپ bella your alive your here with edward again everything is better again finally".She came over and gave me a hug then looked at me and کہا "you look beautiful bella"."thanks آپ look beautiful too"she just smiled.we were talking about how i became a vampire when everyone came in rosalie came in first with joy on her face and she کہا "your car is so cool i never thought آپ would like a car like that".i just smiled then alice came in then she کہا "bella can آپ please stand up"so i dtood ip then she started looking at me after a couple of سیکنڈ she said"Bella i am so happy آپ learned کدال, hoe to dress your self right and i see آپ like to shop"."Ya its ok and i could dress my self before just not like this"."Well now that آپ dresslike that آپ look really hot""um thanks i think"and i sat downthen carlisle came in and کہا "Hello everyone"then i stood up he looked shocked "hi carlisle""Bella your alive your here oh my that goodness for that".A couple of hours past and me and alice are in the shopping mall we spent 2 hours there.We got back to the house at around 10:00 i کہا i must go ہوم now they all کہا goodnight and edward drove me homewe got out of the car he came into my house then he said"this is a very nice house can i have a tour""yes آپ can"i showed him all the house then the last room my bedroom i کہا as we went in"this is my room"it was big with a big white bed."its very nice and big"then i looked at him and he looked at me then he started kissing me again but he was even مزید eager he pulles me over to the بستر then he laid me on my back then he crawled on سب, سب سے اوپر of me i knew what he was doing but i did not know if he wanted to so i read his mind and he was saying"i want to do this i want her completly mine but does she want to ?"then i کہا "yes i do want to "when i کہا that he started kissing me again then he said"Happy Birthday Bella"then started kissing me again then he ripped my سب, سب سے اوپر of then ripped my jeans off so i ripped his سب, سب سے اوپر and trousers off.The way he felt my whole body sent tingels down my spine the way he kissed me was so passionate then we were one at last we were equal together.When the sun started coming in the windows i knew we had to get up.I was lying on edward chest we were both naked when i kissed him then he کہا "good morning beautiful"i said"good morning to آپ too.

to be continued......