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posted by CarlislesLover
This is my new fanfic.
I hope آپ like it.
Please comment.

Edwards POV

I’d just turned seventeen, so my whole life now was about getting a wife. I didn’t want to get married, I was happy single. All the girls adore me which I’m sick of. What was wrong with all the other men in this town? “Edward get up” My mother called from downstairs. I got out and got dressed and went downstairs. “Do آپ have any idea what time it is Edward?”

“Sorry father”

“Sorry isn’t good enough. We need to go find آپ a wife”

“I don’t want a wife”

“I don’t care you’re having one”

“You can’t make my choices for me”

“THAT IS ENOUGH. آپ SHALL BE GETTING MARRIED WHETHER آپ LIKE IT OF NOT” I’d had enough of all this. So I walked out the house leaving my mother and father speechless. I ran faster and faster. “GET BACK HERE NOW” My father shouted after me. I turned around to see him running towards me. So I ran faster. I ran into the woods, which everyone had been banned from lately because of murders. I didn’t care though. I would never see them again. I hated my father. He always makes decisions for me because he thinks he’s the choice master, but he’s not. My mother was ok, but she was always on my father’s side. My father made choices for her too. She couldn’t go anywhere without him. Even if she was going out with people he knew. He’s so irritating.

Elizabeth’s POV/ Edward’s mother

“He’ll be back I’m sure”


“Calm down”


“Yes I did. He’s only seventeen maybe آپ should lay off of him a bit”


“I know but just give him time”


“No he hasn’t we’ve only just told him that he needs a wife and it’s probably frightened him”

“Why would it frighten him?”

“Taking care of a woman is a big responsibility”


“You’re used to it”

“That’s not the point” He walked off to find Edward. I’m not surprised he doesn’t agree to this whole thing about getting married but he will eventually I’m sure. I cleaned up the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ and went to tidy Edward’s room which was always a mess.

Edward’s POV/ Edward’s farther

Damn child running away. He is going to get married and I shall choose his wife. He needs a good wife to control and look after. If he runs away again he will be punished worse than I am about to punish him when I find him. If he ran into the woods and gets murdered then that’s his fault not mine and I certainly am not risking my life for his. I knew Elizabeth would but I wouldn’t tell her that he ran into the woods anyway. I doubt he did, he’s a smart child. But if he was stupid like most children in this town then he would run into the woods.
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posted by twilight_fan_8
Jacob's POV

How can she be so stupid? Why is she risking her life? Why is she torturing me? Why won't she let me get her out of this place right now? Oh, that's right, she's Bella.
"Hello Isabella," I snapped my head up when Aro کہا this. I almost forgot where we were. Great. I can't lose my focus now.
"Hello Aro," Bella کہا in a very small voice. She doesn't need to دکھائیں him any respect. This is going to drive me insane. Why can't she just be a normal human? Any other normal human would have ran away if they saw him standing in front of their house. Bella would rather greet the leech. Bella...
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posted by twilight_fan_8
I'm sorry it's been so long! I think I forgot about my پرستار fiction..sorry! It will not happen again! Promise!!!

"Alice?" I کہا in a whisper, I know she heard me.

"Bella! I need to talk to you!" Alice said.

"Let's go to my room," I said.

"Perfect," Alice said, while rushing past Charlie.

"Do I have a say in this? Remember آپ are grounded Bella," Charlie کہا as Alice was trying to push me to my room.

"I'm sorry Charlie but this can not wait," Alice snapped at Charlie, then she pushed me into my room so Charlie could not further debate the subject....
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posted by twilight_fan_8
Before I start this chapter I must thank two people for commenting on all of the chapters of this story so far...

THANK آپ SO MUCH, princesspinkla and xXjakeloverXx !!!

Now... On with the story ;)


I walked slowly up to the door. I just did not want to be grounded. Not now. Not when everything seemed so perfect. But I did have it coming.

By this time I had gotten to the door. I opened it slowly. Charlie was standing across the room, staring me down. This is not going to go well.

"Isabella Marie Swan. Where have آپ been?" Charlie کہا in what seemed...
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posted by twilight_fan_8
I've got writers block. NO! And the world comes crashing down around me :(

No really I do have writers block. Writing this chapter was hard so, I hope it turned out good!

Rate & تبصرہ Please ;)


When we got into Alice's car she was about to burst. I could just tell that she wanted to know everything that had happened when she was gone. And knowing Alice, she wouldn't be happy until she knew every last detail.

"So tell me, how did it go?" Alice کہا while trying not to sound too anxious.

"AMAZING!" I blurted out before I could contain myself....
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posted by twilight_fan_8
"Alice, I'm so sorry that I just ran out like that," I کہا when I realized that it was her.

"Well I did go home, after آپ left. But I saw آپ in a vision and from what I saw, it did not go very well. Do آپ want to talk about it?" Alice said.

"I didn't even talk to him! I only saw Billy and he کہا that Jacob was out with some friends. Which I doubt. Did آپ happen to see where he was?" I asked hopefully.

"Well ,for some reason I couldn't see anything at the Blacks house. It was like I was blind. Normally I can see anything when I am looking for it. But I just couldn't," Alice said, obviously...
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posted by twilight_fan_8
"Alice, what did I do wrong?" I asked uneasily.

"Bella, آپ did nothing wrong. It is Jacob who is the idiot here. آپ have been going out with him for what, a سال now? And, now he just ignores آپ for a week. Unbelievable," Alice answered.

"Should I go to his house?" I asked.

Alice just answered with a shrug. With that I stood up from my بستر and sprinted down the stairs. I ran out of my house and to my truck. I just had to get some answers. The last time I saw him was on a تاریخ just a week ago. He seemed very normal then. I remember when he kissed me goodnight.

"Sweet dreams, Bella. I love...
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 Nessie's french twist
Nessie's french twist
"I think that's مزید than enough, Alice. She couldn't get any مزید beautiful than that. The guests have all arrived." My mom softly complained - looking divine in her deep blue silk tafetta gown.

I was subjected to what my mother considered as pure torture. Aunt Alice and Aunt Rose spent the entire morning fixing me up. Aunt Alice did my face. She even gave me a manicure and a pedicure. Aunt Rose did my hair - constantly changing it,constantly checking with Aunt Alice, until she got her approval. My hair is now styled into a delicate french twist - tiny swarovski crystals in گلابی and silver...
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I found this on youtube. I thought it was a funny parody. This users channel has some funny stuff it though. =D
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