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آپ guys got back to the house saw everyone sitting watching the news and heard Alice ask.
Alice: Can I plan the wedding? Please?
Everyone looked at آپ guys confused and آپ looked at Emmett and he nodded.
You: Of course.
Esme: Wait. آپ guys are engaged?
آپ smiled and nodded.
You: Yeah mom.
She got up and hugged آپ both.
You: Rose? آپ and Alice want to be my brides maids?
Rose/ Alice: Of course.
آپ smiled and hugged them.
Em: Jasper and Edward my grooms men?
They nodded and آپ asked.
You: Where are we moving now?
Carlisle: We are thinking about Alaska. How does that sound kids?
You: I like it there.
Em: Same here.
You: When are we moving?
Esme: Soon. Real Soon.
آپ nodded and looked at Emmett. آپ both went up and started packing. آپ got your room packed faster than usual. آپ packed your car and helped the others. When آپ guys got done. Here was the car riding issue.
Jeep: Jasper and Alice
Bmw: Carlisle and Esme
Volvo: Edward and Rose
Bug: آپ and Emmett.
آپ guys started driving. آپ drove past the school and saw Mike, Angela, Jess, Erik, and the gang. آپ laughed and Emmett looked at you.
Em: What is so funny?
You: I only went to that school like one day.
Em: Yeah that is true.
آپ guys drove for like 3 hours and made it to a house that آپ remembered from the last time آپ lived in Alaska.
When آپ were getting out. آپ felt Emmett put a hand on yours. آپ turned and he bent over and kissed آپ with so much passion. آپ broke with a smile on your face. آپ got out and Esme asked آپ and Emmett.
Esme: Do آپ both want the same room?
آپ looked at Emmett and he was smiling.
You: I think that we would like that.
Esme: Okay then.
آپ started walking and آپ froze. آپ saw something that was not what آپ saw before. آپ were having a vision.
آپ saw a little girl in a corner crying her eyes out. آپ felt her feelings of scared, sad, nervous, and anger. آپ felt someone slap her on the back of her head and she knocked got knocked out.
*End of Vision*
آپ shook your head and felt like crying. آپ saw Emmett, Alice, Esme, and Edward staring at you. آپ were shaking. آپ turned around and ran. آپ got to a forest and sat on the گھاس and pulled your knees to your chest. آپ sat there like that because آپ were so scared. آپ heard someone coming. آپ turned around seeing that it was Alice and Emmett.
Alice: Hey. Why did آپ run like that?
آپ looked away.
Em: What is it babe?
آپ stayed quiet. آپ froze again.
*Vision 2*
The same little girl with a rope around her. She was hit in the face سے طرف کی a man.
Man: If آپ dare talk یا even make a noise I will kill you.
He slapped her again and walked out of the room. آپ see a room with little girls things like clothes and toys. She started to cry. There was a loud noise and آپ see Jasper, Edward, Emmett, and Carlisle entering the room.
*End of Vision*
آپ gasped and whispered.
You: Why me?
Alice: Why what?
You: I am seeing a little girl and she is being kidnapped on the first one and then she was hit and then Emmett, Jasper, Edward, and Dad saves her.
Alice: آپ had a vision?
You: 2.
Em: We have to tell the others.
You: I am scared.
Alice: Why?
You: Because it is like I was the little girl. But, the guy looked like a guy I saw in the papers.
Alice: Wait. آپ mean this guy?
She handed آپ a picture of the guy and آپ nodded.
Em: He is a rapist and murderer. So, we have to go tell the others then.
آپ guys darted for the house and آپ saw something آپ never thought آپ would.
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