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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Seven
    I heard something, but I didn't know what. All I knew, was that whatever I heard, had awoken me at 11:56 a.m. I lightly pushed Jerek's arm off of me, wanting to wake him up, but knowing that he couldn't protect me, I had to protect myself. I walked out of the room quietly, tip-toeing to the weapons room, wanting to grab something for a defense mechanism besides my fists and feet. I grabbed a gun, knowing that this would do the best damage. I then started my way towards to the stairs, slowly going up, hesitating before going up each step. I got to the top, and looked at the crack under the door, seeing a light was on, and saw a shadow waft passed it. I sucked in a quick gasp of air, slapping a hand over my mouth to make sure the noise didn't get to whoever was past that door. I put a hand on the door knob, slowly tightening my hand around it, and slowly turning, holding the gun at correct height in case I had to آگ کے, آگ quickly. My hand stopped turning, and I knew the door was ready to be pushed open, but the problem was, what if they were ready for me?
    'Cyd.' I told myself. 'You have killed big bad before, this is one person. آپ have a gun that is loaded. It is loaded right?'
    I checked the pistol's bullet chamber, and nodded to myself.
    'Alright good,' I continued. 'Now, go out there and see what woke آپ up!'
    I pushed back the fear, pushed back to paranoia, and pushed open the door slowly, turning around the corner and pushing the door to the frame to where it was open just a thin crack. I looked to my right and saw nothing, looked straight ahead down the hall, nothing, and when I looked to my left, I saw a shadow moving around in the kitchen. I had my back against the wall, gun held securely in my palm, my other hand wrapping around my fingers so I'd hold on to it better. I looked around the corner and saw a tall male figure looking down at something. But as I looked closer, I saw that the man was kissing a girl who he held against the wall. Then, as they turned around, I realized it was Tabra. I sighed, putting the gun to my side, and cleared my throat. I watched them stop, and they broke their lips apart and looked at me, both of them blushing.
    "Hello...Cyd..." Tabra said, and grabbed the girl's hand, holding hers in his.
    "Hello, Tabra." I looked at the female, and realized it was Olivia. "This is Olivia?"
    "Y-yes." He said, and I smiled, putting the gun on the میز, جدول to my left, and went to shake her hand.
    "Ohmigod," I couldn't help but smile. "She's really pretty." I turned my attention to her. "Hi, I'm Cyd, I've heard so much about you."
    "Dito." She said, and smiled back.
    "Well, I'm sorry to interrupt, I heard a bump یا something, and I came up to investigate."
    "With a gun?" Olivia asked, looking at the table.
    I laughed. "Well, yea, this whole dangerous دکھائیں number we got to perform soon is really making us antsy here. There should be watch guards outside."
    "Oh yea, I saw them. But they were smoking, so I thought they were just getting fresh air and letting the smoke travel outside." Olivia replied, and I looked at Tabra, then back at her.
    "Well, I'll just head back downstairs." They nodded as if saying okay, and I turned on my heel, snatching the gun, and heading back downstairs.
    "Where were we?" I heard Tabra say, and I closed the basement door behind me, and went back to Jerek's room, where I'd fall asleep سے طرف کی his side, returning the gun to the weapons room.
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