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posted by aMMazing14
I ran and ran, away from my problems away from my life, away from my Dad. I reached a grassy area in the woods that was surrounded سے طرف کی trees,
right now I could escape the reality of my life and just be at peace. I could enjoy the darkness and the cool breeze that crept past the trees. But
seeing that I'm me, something bad always has to happen, and as usual it does. So why am I so surprised? Woud anyone really care If I died right
here? یا would anyone even know?

I kept asking these سوالات to no one but myself as I saw the the large black بھیڑیا sourounded سے طرف کی a silhouette of silver moon light. Large chocolaty
brown eyes were staring at me, it's mouth was open and panting دکھانا off long sharp teeth. Except I wasn't scared I sould've bin I should have
ran یا screamed یا something like that but I didn't. And that's when I knew that my life would never be the same, but was it for the best یا the worst?
Many other things were running threw my mind right now, Run, Hide, Scream, Fight.

But all I could do was stare like I was in a strange trance. There was a small crunch somewhere behind the trees, the بھیڑیا craned it's head breaking
my apparent trance. It was atleast twice my height yet I still wasn't afraid. A loud angry howl echoed off the trees but it wasn't the black بھیڑیا so there
must be a whole pack. I was fascinated, without any warning the بھیڑیا took a step closer to me. But I held my ground, another howl sounded through
the trees.

The بھیڑیا glanced toward the trees and toward me again. Suddenly and with مزید speed than I expected the بھیڑیا ran toward the trees. I stood there
a few مزید سیکنڈ until moving, and when I did I slipped that was gonna leave a bruise. سے طرف کی the time I got ہوم it was past midnight, my Dad was
sitting in our new باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ his eyes bloodshot. He glanced at me and then took a large sip of the whiskey in his cup.

He kept on drinking in silence so I just went upstairs to my room. I practically collapsed on the بستر not even bothering to chnge into my pajamas.
My body had a feeling of numbness, and even though I was tired I still couldn't fall to sleep. Things are going to change and I knew it was true.
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