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"hey! nessie!" blake greeted me in the car park he must of been waiting for me.
"heya blake whatssup?"
"well i was just wondering did آپ want to do something tonight?" he sounded nervous but he wanted to be confident and i needed a night out and pluss i didnt want to go back there. not tonight anyway.
"sure what did آپ have in mind?" i smiled as his eyes widened.
"erm well my mum and dad are going out tonight so we could have a film? i mean i can get other people around? if آپ want?"
"no thats fine i would love to come and watch a film with you. see آپ tonight then"
i didnt really know most...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume One
Okay, so around a half گھنٹہ later, my friend Tabra finally got here. I'm feeling a little bit مزید at ease, but I'm still holding the gun when he entered.
"Are آپ okay, Cydnee?" He asked me, sitting down on the سوفی, لٹانا سے طرف کی my feet.
"Yea, I'm fine. Just feeling the aftershock of almost getting a چھری impaled to my face." I کہا and looked at him. "How are you?"
"I'm doing good actually. But, I'm really worried for you, Cyd." He saw the gun and his eyes widened. "What are آپ gonna do with that gun?"
"Use it."...
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"so آپ whole name is renesme? and nothing els?"
i smiled. " my name is renesmee carly cullen black but most people just call me nessie for short"
"so آپ single?" جے asked.i thought he was ment to be shy?
"jay آپ just carnt go asking random people if there single یا not" sam mock punched his arm "but are you?"
"guys leave her alone if she dont wonna answer she doesnt have to" i gave a nervouis chuckle
"thats allright and yeah i am" i admitted as i tried to supress a sigh.
"wow really? i mea no offence but that shocks me cause your fiiiiiiine" جے spaced the word out placing his hands on the...
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posted by Cullens4eva
I LOVE MY SISTER SOOOOOOO MUCH! We all screamed till our throats hurt, this is just amazing. As we stopped mom walked in and started to tidy up the lounge. To be honest I'd forgotten she was actually here.

"Girls that's enough. Now what's all this screaming about hey? There's no need for it." She finished doing some light dusting and sat down with a book. Probably some romance knowing mom, she was so predictable. Her life is a romance novel, her meeting my dad after nearly jumping off a cliff, falling helplessly in love, having 3 beautiful girls, living in a house to die for...

We all sat down...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume One
This was like no other Monday. Why آپ ask? Well, maybe if a چھری flew at your head, آپ would agree with me. And it wasn't like magic flying, it was like an assassain threw a چھری at my head and tried to kill me! At first, all I could think of was RUN, but later on I knew why he was after me. Here is exactly what happened...
I was driving to the store, and I got out of my car and went inside. I was almost done, I just needed دودھ and cookie dough, and they were in the same isle, so I picked up...
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posted by Tatti
When the battle finally started I tried to concentrate and keep an eye on everyone but soon I realized there is one big problem - everyone has تقسیم, الگ کریں up and there was huge distances (at least for me) between them. The bigger area they occupied the bigger amount of my strength it'll require. If this battle is going to be long I might end up losing consciousness and becoming completely useless which would be, considering how many soldiers Volturi have, really really bad.
"Help Emmett" Nessie whispered and took my hand. Since they are fighting too fast for me to follow it was decided that she will...
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posted by Summer_Leanne
Hi again everyone! Thank آپ so much for commenting on my last post, and being شائقین of it, too!! I appreciate every thing آپ all have to say, and I'm so so SO excited to know that آپ guys are enjoying it. Ultimately, it all boils down to the happiness of the readers ^.^ Here's an update! Enjoy! Much love from me to all of you!
“Watched? سے طرف کی who?” Rosalie placed her hands on her tiny waist and grimaced, “Are آپ positive about that, Summer?” Summer used her excellent vision to تلاش the dense forest that encompassed them, “Yes Rose,”...
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posted by jacob_lover5253
A little heads up for اگلے will be in Jacob's POV but it has nothing to do with Bella and Edwards situation. - Kayla

End of Chapter 1. (Bella)

"I'm sorry about last night. I didn't mean to upset you." He apologised as if I he thinks I'll forgive him. I won't. Sigh.

My mind took over. "You are forgiven. But that wasn't right what آپ did last night."

"I know." He sighed.
Chapter 2. (Edward)

I knew she would've forgiven me. I leaned over and kissed her. Her hands tangled in my hair as I in hers. I was lost in her eyes. Butterflies flooded...
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posted by jacob_lover5253
This is my first پرستار fiction...if آپ seem to like it I will post more. I can't think of a عنوان right now so if any of آپ have a suggestion please let me know. This is right after Eclipse months before Edward and Bella get married. I was thinking what if Bella and Edward get into a serious fight and she just takes off and Edward makes a truce to Jacob saying Jacob can help find Bella. My story will go back and forth between Bella, Jacob, and apologies if it will be confusing. -Kayla :)

Chapter 1. (Bella)

Edward wanting to protect me all the time is insane. I may just go bulistics....
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the morrning passed quickly so when i started to walk towards the dining hall i was thinking about what had happened the two leasons i was in.
i sat at the back with my ڈاکو, ہڈ still up when they asked me to take it down i just looked at them and they just کہا oh no matter keep it up. this was teachers. the students looked like they hated me allready so i kept it up.
but i guessed i could go round with my ڈاکو, ہڈ up all دن so as i grabbed my lunch and caught sight of ڈریک staring at me smiling patting the chair oppersit him. i started to walk over listerning to him and his mates chatting.
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"nessie? ness? RENESMEE!!!" i hadnt realised someone was calling my name ontil the sound was right اگلے to me.
"oh sorry alice i still had my headphones in whats up?"
"well there is a little thing happerning tonight and yeah i guess its called SCHOOL!" oh crap she was right
"how long?" i asked allready gettin up.
"30 منٹ which gives me time to make آپ beautiful" she grinned and i smiled back.

she worked on every part of me from my hair which she left long and flowing curly down my back. and also i made sure she didnt die it again she left it chocolate brown just like mums. (who was my sister...
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"im sorry alice i ran into someone i met the last time i was here and we got talking no biggy" it was a huge biggy to me but i could tell alice that not now
"who was it? i know nearly everyone here" i sighed in defeat i was going to have t tell her
"paul who?" god it was liek 20 queastions
"one of jakes friends" i looked down waiting for the anger but instead i felt a hand around my stomch and then the other
alice was hugging me.
"i know آپ miss him nessie and i also know آپ love him but he`s gone now sweety and آپ need to اقدام on. i know its hard but sometimes life can be hard" she comforted...
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"wait stop" i pleaded
i felt the air shake as if something starang and out of the ordanary was happerning
"who are you? turn slowly we need to see something" this dark but some how fimiliar voice oreded so i did i turned very slowly not giving them reason to kill me.

there he was. paul.
"omg! paul! its been ages" i started to اقدام toward him but he stepped back and did what jake onse did. he shook.
"hey calm down paul geez if jake was here he would be laughing" i sighed as he tensed at the sound of his best دوستوں name.
"how do آپ know jake?" he asked he wasnt so violent anymore so that must...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
" Jacob, i know, and I;m sorry."
"you have a new baby?" He eyes winced as he glanced at edward.
A part of me half expected Jacob to start ranting on about the treaty. But EJ was still at an age where آپ couldn't tell, "what" he was.
my دل cringed as i started to see the pain in the eyes of my ex lover.
I part of me will always Love jacob, there is no getting out of that.
We have a child together. We were Married. And we loved. He was, he is my best friend.
And i hurt him , مزید then i dont think anyone could have.
Sometimes i think that what i done was just so bad that i wondered how even...
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 Nessie Black
Nessie Black
I sat at the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ counter, gazing at the ring on my finger. I'm not ready to take off the ring Jake gave me, not yet. I know if Will sees it that he will be frustrated with me, but my دل still can't let go of Jake.

It has been the hardest thing for me to make Will think I love him. Kisses with no meaning, words of love, that on the inside I am taking back. It is like Jake is stuck to me. Imprinting is really powerful, because it is sure causing me physical strain.

I look over and see Micah appear. He is wearing his cute blue feety pajamas. He also has his treasured blanky in his hand....
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posted by CarlislesLover
I'm realy sorry I haven't گیا کیا پوسٹ this in ages.
Hope آپ like this.

The اگلے دن we all decided to visit the grave yard where Bella was buried. I didn’t go to the funeral so I hadn’t seen her grave before. We walked past all the others, the graves stone were faded with age. Most of them went back to beyond fifty years ago. The most حالیہ one before Bella was over one hundred years ago. Bella’s grave stone was اگلے to it sparkling like a diamond. It was white marble and all kind of flowers were placed around it. I read the grave stone.

Isabella Marie Swan
Born 1987- Died 2005
Aged 18...
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posted by smileyfaceddude
When Renesmee is taken away once more, her kidnapper isn’t the person she thinks it is. Her enemy, Cynddylan, is now developing feelings for Renesmee he has never thought a heartless, soulless monster could feel. Renesmee goes on another epic journey and the Cullens race to save her. Who we she choose, who will be lonely forever more? Renesmee decides…

Please تبصرہ and read the story!!! Thanks

posted by a-jforever
“Who’s Alice and why did she send آپ for me?” I growled. I could fight them, of course not all together but I could get away easily enough. I crouched down my growl getting deeper.

“Peace young one.” The one that must be called Carlisle said.

I stuck the gun in the back of my black knee high boots, sticking my hands in the back pockets of my denim shorts and standing up straight.

“All we ask of آپ is to come back with us.” The blonde female said, sounding irritated.

“Where am I going to? What do آپ plan to do with me?” I had so many سوالات to ask, that would keep me safe....
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posted by Tatti
"Who?" I didn't know what expression I had, but I definitely couldn't feel my body. I stared at Alice without blinking, but she avoided my gaze.
"Everyone" she whispered.
"We will lose?!" I squeaked.
"No, not that" she still didn't look at me. What her words mean then? "With your help I saw مزید possible variants of the future than I ever could see. But in all visions we lost someone. Sometimes it was one of the wolves, sometimes one of us, sometimes it was..."
"Me?" I asked calmly and she nodded. I was surprised that her words about my possible death didn't scare me much. After all I already knew...
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posted by smileyfaceddude
I sighed with relief as the phone conversation was over and snapped it shut. God! Edward, is way too curious, and pushy, he asks too many questions, as if he was interrogating me; which he kind of was. I thought over tonight, and Renesmee's little adventure. I had to get rid of those bottles, so that would NEVER happen again, (and my new shoes, which i had just started to like). I'm not sure what would best for us right now, and Edward was asking what’s going on, and where precisely Renesmee was, I was glad he couldn’t read my mind from the phone.


What a throbbing headache!...
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