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no i did not write this, its from entertainment weekly @, when i read this i was SO EXCIDED can't wait till saturday!!!!!

With the understanding that this spoiler will send the blogosphere into either a tizzy of celebration یا outrage, hereby reveals a major plot point from Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final installment to her Twilight series. And no, the forthcoming information is not from a fever dream یا a filched copy of the book found in the dusty stock room of a Barnes & Noble. This exclusive spoiler comes straight from Meyer herself, with her explicit...
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posted by NeeNee14
This is my first مضمون please تبصرہ and tell me what آپ think. Thanks
- NeeNee14

As I walked down the hallway I heard my name in everyone,s conversation. I hate being the center of attention just like my mom.
"That's Renesmee Cullen. Do آپ remember Edward Cullen,that's his niece." I heard someone say.
"I know who she is and she is so hot!" I heard some one reply. I rolled my eyes.
I walked into my 11th grade science class and I smiled thinking back to when my parents told me about the first time they saw each other.I sat down in the middle row waiting for this stupid school to start. I didn't...
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Chapter 5:
Honey POV:

I woke snuggled into Alec’s chest.
“Morning.” He کہا with a smile.
“Morning.” I replied sleepy, I stretched before getting out of bed. I heard Alec gasp, I turned round face him, his eyes were wide as he looked me up and down. I looked down, I realised I was wearing a pair of my new sexy night outfits.
“I take it from your expression that آپ like.” I laughed.
“When did آپ get that?” He asked, still looking me up and down.
“Yesterday, when I went shopping.” I jogged his memory.
“Oh.” Was all he said. I walked into the bathroom. I got changed into...
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posted by runlikeawolf
I was running.Pounding through the trees of Forks that I knew so well.I had only one objective in my mind right now,and that was to kill the bloodthirsty monster streaking through the trees ahead of me.The plan was to drive her to Quil and Paul who were waiting about a mile off.
As she streaked through the trees,I thought about the دن that we all found out what she wanted.Bella.She would never touch her!Nothing could touch Bella.I couldn't let that happen!
The truth was,I loved Bella.She was the only thing worth living for.Without her,I would be just your normal,depressed,teenage werewolf!The...
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posted by LexisFaith
Bella POV

I was fastening the back of my diamond studded ear rings when a knock on the door brougt me away from the bathroom mirror.

"Mason. Put your shoes on. We will be leaving soon." I put his shoes down on the cusion اگلے to him.

"Momma." He groand.

"Now." I pointed at his shoes. He sighed in defet and brought his foot up اگلے to him.

Without looking through the peep hole I opened the door and my breath hitched in my throat.

Edward was standing on the other side of the threshold in a black unbuttoned suit, white شرٹ, قمیض and a deep purple tie. I couldn't believe the odds that we would be matching....
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ارے everyone and anyone! I'm a new writer at and have tried my hand at writing some Rated M (Mature) material of a odd I guess آپ could say couple. I've been writing short drabbles of their love together. If آپ not into that stuff آپ don't have to read it. Just putting this out there for the curious people. The link is below and I do accept reviews from people not from the website. So آپ can still review my chapters anonymously. Hope آپ do like it!

Tanya & Rosalie

posted by moolah
Chapter Seven:
Lexy’s P.O.V:
I looked over at Nessie who was giving me the ‘answer the phone look’. “I don’t know who it is!” I confessed. She rolled her eyes at me and took my phone. “Then I’ll answer it.” She pressed the ‘speaker’ button and then pushed ‘answer’
“Hello, Renesmee Cullen, may I help you?” “This is Alexis Cullen’s phone.” Renesmee rolled eyes. “So? I’m her twin sister. Who are you?” The man sounded guilty of something. “I’m Carlos Penne; the house service. I was told to stop سے طرف کی the Cullen household for a service? I called to make...
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posted by lauracullen66
Here are just a few interesting things I picked up from the books- some of it may sound familiar but there are some new stuff that I hadnt read before I researched this- enjoy :)

Name analysis:
Isabella - Most of us know that this mean beautiful in Italian which, along with her surname Swan, makes beautiful swan. This has connotations of the Ugly duckling سے, دکلانگ story in which the “ugly duck” who was unimportant and ignored because the most beautiful and most important of all

Jacob - His name makes “Supplanter” which when defined brings up the definition- “one who wrongfully takes the...
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posted by sh0rtiinedward
We sat on in the living room waiting for everyone else, and plan how are we goinq to save Julius from Jane, and find the way to destroy the Voltury.
“Carlisle, Nessi is back but we have problems, we need to act as soon is possible”My dad tOld grandpa as everyone froze
“Edward do آپ really think, we can kill the whole voltury?. With jane on their side?, they are مزید powerfull they can destroy all of us” Uncle Jasper yelled.
“Look listen carefully, I was thinnking, if we talk to the werewolfs, we can fight with them, and besides that Julius is a very powerfull crature, if he can controll...
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posted by sh0rtiinedward
i didn't know what to do when i saw Jacob in front of my house, so as soon the car stop i got out but as soon he saw me he took off running to the woods, i follow him for 2 منٹ until he stop.

"I came to fix everything, Bella call me to come and talk to you, but now آپ have things مزید important" he کہا very angry and with tears in his eyes, i never saw him like this.
"Jacob I'm sorry, mom never told me anything, and nothing is مزید important than get all thing straight up with you" i کہا to him as i try to hug him but he اقدام right away.
"You know what Rennesme, i have to go, go and have...
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posted by rubytuesday101
Only 2 مزید months till we have our baby girl,we were sitting in the front room on the sofa my head on edwards sholders and his hands on my stomack.Then edward said"what do آپ think we should call her?","Well i was thinking Renesmee what do آپ think".He said"I love it it's perfect,our little Renesmee"."Her middle name should be Carlie but with a "C" for carlisle and charlie"."Our little Renesmee Carlie Cullen"edward said.Then the baby kicked where edwards hand was but the there was another kick on the other side of my stomack where edwards other hand was.I looked at edwards...
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I'm sure most of آپ have heard, Stephenie Meyer is publishing a new book, یا as she says, novella. آپ guys are probably asking yourselves why I would want to write an مضمون about this and share the same information. However, the news has caused so much of a hype, not everyone is reading what Stephenie Meyer had کہا and the complaints from alot of شائقین encouraged me to write this مضمون and I would like to address some of those issues. So, another semi-rant. Haha

Since 2008, us Twilight شائقین thought the door to the Twilight world would be sealed, یا at least be shut for a very long time,...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
Chapter 2:
Previously on chapter 1:
Edward and Carlisle went to Ireland to help the Irish coven and the rest of the Cullen's are going too in two weeks and Bella’s ex boyfriend moved to forks after his parents died in a car crash and lives with his grandma.
I miss edward so much even though he calls me every night since he’s left, that is 4 days پہلے the rest of them are going too, in two weeks and I'm going to be alone for god knows how long, till the stupid Irish’s coven problem ends.
-earth to Bella, earth to Bella!
Austin was waving his hand in front of me and I hadn’t noticed but...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
Chapter 13
6 months later
Edwards pov (from what happens in the last chapter)
I was so dipresed its been 6 months scince bellas missing I am sitting on the coutch watching nothing. my family was dipresed too so jaspered went out a lot not wanting to be in the same room as us he tried to cheer us up but it didn’t work rose was less concerned and acted like nothing had happen Emmett and Alice were mostly like me they loved Bella as their sister Emmett alwas made fun of her and made her blus, Alice was so dipressed مزید like me ,now she hated me less and tried...
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A meeting about Bella and Edward between the cullens.

"You dont have to leave your darling bella, just to come with us" Esme cooed softly, trying to convince me to
stay in Forks.
"Im not going to tell آپ whst to do and what not to do, Edward," Carlisle sternly told me, it irritated me,
"Come with us when the time is right if آپ need, stay here as long as آپ want, when آپ feel آپ have come
to the time to come back to us, we are always here for you, we WILL take آپ back".
Calisle spoke words of wisdom, but this irritated me even further. A calm woosh of air blew towards my granite skin,
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Edward's point of view when he leaves Bella.

I cant believe im being this, this....idiotic!! I now own the perfect life, all due to my love, whom i am now leaving.
What kind f boyfriend am i?? How can i leave her, her scent, her rosy cheeks, all i will have will be memories.
But, im immortal, memories will fade, jut not as pain free as mortals......
There she was, stood in front of a fallen tree, looking just as tense as i am. Let me brace myself to do this term of
"Bella, we're leaving," I tried to hide the emotions that now break through my normally strong, rock-like voice, "We need
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posted by twilightfantic1
hope آپ like it.This is long.

Me and edward went to go answer the door.You wouldn't believe who was at the door.It was aro,marcus,caius,and jane.what the hell? This is to freakin much.How many vampires is coming here? If the denalis come اگلے im going to go insane.

"what are آپ doing here?" edward asked.
Before aro could speak emmett کہا "what the hell?"

"well we came to see if nahuel was here is he?" aro asked

"no he left alittle while ago,what are آپ looking for him for?" carlisle

"Came come in?" aro asked

"sure" carlisle said

They came in and sat on the سوفی, لٹانا while carlisle and esme sat in...
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posted by twilightfantic1
Breaking dawn continuation-

Hey I hope آپ like it pplz تبصرہ

    Today I have to go to school with Jacob,Seth ,Rose ,Emmett ,Edward ,Alice ,Jasper ,Renesmee ,and Vanessa.
Vanessa is my adopted child. She was wandering around our house and her parent(s) abandon her. And Nessie and Nessa had some kind of connection.

The y could read each others mind. Only them to. But Nessa was just a little bit darker then her. So me and Edward decided to take her in. As آپ know Jacob imprinted and right when Seth met Nessa he imprinted to.
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posted by renesmeblack

Mark Sepia isn't your typical loud-rock-at-night-catching-z's-at-noon teen. He lives in the small town of Forks, Washington. And he has a crush on a girl who goes out with a tall, muscular, and older boy, who happens to be a part of the Quileute tribe. But that's not what makes him different. What makes him different is the powers he recieved three hundred years پہلے on his sixteenth birthday. When an experiment of powers went wrong, he was forced to be seventeen forever. Now he must try to win the دل of the beautiful half-vampire of his same age, who goes سے طرف کی the name of Renesmee.

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posted by just_bella
ارے I know I am still not around very much but I thought I could get one up for now...if I have time after my sand والی بال game (In the rain) I will put it up otherwise I will write tomorrow


End of Chapter 14

Bella took a deep breath and looked down at her hands as she nodded.

"How long has this been going on?" I asked.

"Not long." She کہا defensively. "He's only been a werewolf for a few weeks."

A werewolf for a few weeks? Oh my gosh what was she thinking?? I sat on the سوفی, لٹانا staring at her, unable to make a sentence.

"A YOUNG werewolf? Even worse!! Edward was are a...
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